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  1. Well it didn’t last; back to the bottom of the screen again only happens here so it’s not Windows or my browser or OS 🧐
  2. Yes, when I went to that setting it was already bulleted, but I clicked on it again anyway and then Save, and it seems to have solved the problem....thank you Yes, that is what I always saw when I opened the post, but I guess it was just a setting that needed to be changed...thanks. I hope it works for you too...
  3. Whenever I go to a post I would think it would open at the top of the screen to start reading it, but instead it opens at the bottom of the screen and I always have to scroll up to the beginning of the page at the top of the screen. This becomes tedious and doesn’t seem like it is right. Is it just a setting on my phone or is this something with JWTALK?
  4. Utensils can be made from many things, such as iron, copper, nickel, silver, tin, clay, earthenware, bamboo, aluminum, wood and plastic
  5. My daughter and family left Tucson this morning for San Diego, not aware of this storm. I fear they're heading right into it...😟
  6. I've used a laser Canon aio for many years and when it says it's out of ink, you can remove the cartridge and shake it 15-20 times and get another 20-30 pages out of it..what can happen is that the black powder gets lodged in there and needs to be jarred loose.
  7. I constantly remember them in my prayers, and always ask that Jehovah bless them for their LOYALTY...
  8. I did see mushrooms that glow in the dark, but not sure if it was this one or a trailer I watched for another documentary...
  9. I just watched a documentary called Fantastic Fungi, Netflix. The variety of mushrooms, how they grow, their nutritional properties, everything about them really is Fantastic....there's also one called The Truffle Hunters; how men use trained dogs to find these type underground..Prime
  10. Money is not the root of all evil but the love of it is; but us women need roots…. 😬

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    After praying to understand the Bible I was contacted in the door work. I received the Paradise Lost to Paradise Gained book, and after reading it all through the night I knew my prayer was answered.

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