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  1. There is much help online on how to go about indoor gardening..
  2. What does..tea or lemon water..I would suspect the lemon but tea is also acidic in it's own right so which one do you mean?
  3. What was being said was that the gunman himself said in his manifesto that he 'chose' NZ, because of it's remoteness, etc for what he did. It apparently wasn't his original choice. If you google it there are many instances where this was brought out. I tried to add a link. But if you google it you will find many.They are International and you may find one you believe. They're not publicizing the manifesto but it was quoted in some reports.
  4. Could you explain the difference in ‘decided that NZ were to be the target’ and ‘chosen’?
  5. I didn’t ‘choose’ the word ‘chosen’ I’m quoting the media, which we all know can’t be trusted to know what they’re talking about and shouldn’t be quoted on anything because we all know they are wrong and untrustworthy on what they say.. its the thought that counts and I was just picking up on what Stormswift said that NZ was an unexpected place for this to happen and I think that’s what the news was saying too..
  6. One National broadcast reported that NZ was chosen to prove that nowhere in the world is safe..
  7. Not meaning to trivialize what the brothers are going through; just helps one to understand the level of suffering..
  8. I had that same thought..2 hours of that kind of pain can seem like an eternity at times..
  9. Could you settle for one that has a fox’ s appearance or features that is more domesticated. A cat would not need to be walked like dogs are.
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