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  1. I am scheduled for cataract surgery in 12 days, and I am not vaccinated because of various health issues. So with the upsurge of the variant cases and deaths I am a little nervous and worried. I know the facilities say they are very careful to keep their places clean but I am still not very confident because it's such a close and personal contact with the doctor and nurses there, and my immune system and age.

    I'm trying to decide whether to take a chance with the vaccination or canceling the surgery, but I really need it to be done. 

    I have read everything possible about the pros and cons but it still seems to be as uncertain as it was in the beginning..the conclusion I always end up with is, it's my decision...🤔Has anyone in my same age group (elder) health issues and unvaccinated had this surgery during this pandemic that can give me some confidence in one direction or the other. . . .

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    2. Beyond the Sky

      Beyond the Sky

      This says only 3 people have died due to taking the vaccine because it caused blood clots. Out of 187 million. Have you talked to a doctor to get their opinion on you getting the vaccine? You should be able to talk to your doctor on zoom or on the phone if you don't want to go in person. Just call the office and explain to them.

    3. Dismal_Bliss


      Regarding "taking a chance", from my understanding, the vaccine either produces the desired immune response, or it doesn't. And that's not really the vaccines fault, but is determined by your own immune system. This is why the few "break through" cases that do happen are among the elderly and immunocompromised. 

      Odds are your doctor and medical team are vaccinated. Around here, all medical businesses are still requiring masks for staff and patients. The facility is probably sanitized regularly and they will keep you in contact with as few people as possible. While there is always a measure of risk, I would anticipate that it is slim. 


      But if it's too much of a risk and takes you out of your comfort zone too much, cancelling the surgery until things improve is an option. This depends on how you feel you can get by as you are now for a while longer.

    4. M.J.


      I feel for your predicament....it's a tough spot to be in....perhaps it depends on how bad your cataracts are? how fast/slow they are growing?  I believe doctors want them to be taken out within a certain time frame...


      Keep in mind that the medical personnel don't want to get sick either, so they will take measures to protect themselves from you, which ends up protecting you too...


      Catarct surgery is relatively quick, in and out in a few hours, so the time is very short that you will be there. 


      Hope all goes well ♥️



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