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  1. Something positive and upbuilding! Article featured in an online construction magazine about the Branch relocation. Nice read. http://www.constructionmanagermagazine.com/onsite/witness-model-construction-project/
  2. We use a program called JWL Helper. As long as you have all the images/videos downloaded in JWLibrary, it pulls those files from the library media folders, including the song videos. You can also add external images for a public talk for example. When playing videos or showing images you only use JWL Helper and not JWLibray. So no fighting back and forth over what program is showing media. You can even shut down JWLibrary after opening Helper. It works really well.
  3. Anybody else noticed that the sentencing story has been removed from our website?? Maybe there has been a development?
  4. Does anybody know if this is the same Brother Cook who gave the awesome talk about Jesus, “Look! The Man.”?? A few of ‘this’ brother Cook’s talks can be found on the Central Prints site. If so he’s an amazing speaker!!
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