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  1. I love this song; I can feel it in my fingers, I feel it in my toes: I wonder why; maybe because it's Wet Wet Wet..... 2127810514_LoveisallaroundWetWetWet.mp4
  2. Hard to mention the 80s without mentioning Irene Cara... The lady and the music...to me she is the Beyonce of the 80s, and she could song still 2039201625_videoplayback(3).mp4
  3. I remember this song quite fondly...well, it had quite a crossover influence this side of the Atlantic, like so many pop songs would have in the 1980's. We used to sing along; -"Everytime you go away...you take a piece of meat with you (instead of me with you)☺️ 1323393192_PaulYoung-Everytime........mp4
  4. I'm saying that because I was almost born in the 80's (I'm a Seventy Eighter)...but the 80's melodies do resonate deeper.
  5. I love "Forever Young".......also their heat...the 80's is when the Music stopped; agreed.
  6. I like JW talk...hands down....not saying that for likes, but for love😃

    1. Dismal_Bliss


      Well I just gave you a ❤️ then :D

  7. No I meant that as a joke my brother….it’s fine: all good.
  8. You recon my brother? I wonder why? Then I may have to resort to my Miranda rights! What do you think,….my brother?
  9. .......when they catch up with me, they'll see no evil.....
  10. How do you feel about them? A sister in my congregation finds them quite intimidating...I silently agreed with that, despite myself: In terms of the arrangement, I can give you 100 scriptural reasons why this arrangement is necessary, all of them summed up in Hebrews 10:24,25: But that personally does little to stop me from hiding from breakout rooms: my group overseer just calls me weird; he knows me, we are friends, but something inside me tells me I ought to be better than that-:... Are you also a breakout room weirdo! Side note: Please don't be angry with my overseer, he means absolutely well😀

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    Vuyani Eddie
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    South Africa
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    I was brought up by christian grandparents....made the truth my own at 15 years old.

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    Writing, reading and all things art ( if they include collecting vintage watches and wine ( although I don't drink)
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    The Bible and related literature published by JW
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    I have a very eclectic musical taste buds, I love the best of every genre of music
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    JW Broadcast
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    esta vida es tan hermosa que me hace llorar

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