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    widow- only interested in remarrying in Jehovah's New World
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    My mother was a pioneer and taught us the truth. I only had my mother for 17 years but she greatly impacted my life. There is no place I'd rather be. Look to welcoming Mother back in the New World and thanking her for her instructions!

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    Love to do Bible Research and welcome digital methods. When I can I like to quilt, machichine embroidery and crochet.
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    Kingdom are most enjoyable and encouraging to me. I love those songs! In 2011, I stopped breathing but I knew there is a little air left in the lungs. I play the Kingdom Songs all night. At the time, Song 60, He Will Make You Strong, was playing. Concentrating on that song kept we very calm, reserving breath until help arrived. If I was not listening to the songs, I probably would have panicked, used up the breath and died.

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  1. Thank you Brother Walker, your time was very well spent! This was so appreciated! During this time, it would be good to review Watch Nov 2018, Trust in Jehovah and Live! Some pointers: We must never stop praying to Jehovah, no matter what trials befall us. We need to listen to what Jehovah tells us through his Word and organization. We should patiently wait on Jehovah, fully trusting that he will relieve our pains in his own time. If we continue to talk intimately with Jehovah and listen to him with a waiting attitude, we will gain a calm heart, which will help us endure. We need to take the time now to prepare ourselves. Do you have a favorite Kingdom Song that gives you courage or boost your spirits or faith? Remember those brothers who were in concentration camps who sang to keep their faith up? What about a scripture or two? What scriptures can you recall from memory to strengthen you? What about reviewing examples of faithful ones in the Bible? We can learn a lot. We are in a war. Jehovah is putting us in battle formation in preparation for the New World! Let's take advantage of the tools he gives us to prepare for survival.
  2. It is so very heart breaking to hear about the torture of our dear brothers. We have been begging the Father for holy spirit for our brothers that they may have strength to maintain their faith! We are at war and Satan's weapon of choice is persecution. A brother at The Be Bold Assembly stated: "When we are persecuted by Satan, it's like kicking a dandelion, just spreads everywhere." That is so very true. How many people are responding to the publicity of this horror? Apparently, Russia forgot what happened when they persecuted Jehovah's Witnesses and deported them to Siberia. Seldom worked territory! Through persecutors, the Word of Jehovah is spread, schemes backfire and resulted in blessings from Jehovah! Let's continue to make supplication to Jehovah for our dear brothers!
  3. Thank you so very much Bro And_Ray for the transcript! It is so very helpful for me!
  4. Greetings! I have an Android tablet and have a wonderful time using the note feature in JW Library. I'm unable to delete tags. I will accidently add an extra tag that I don't want usually by pressing enter. I try backspacing, nothing. If I select the tag it doesn't give a delete option. Any suggestions? Thanks for any help!
  5. Greetings my dear brothers and sisters! I realize this may be to an older post. Does anyone have the transcript to Bobby Dunbar: In Their Own Tongue and Style of Writing. He did an excellent job on that! Thanks so much for any help and enjoy your day!
  6. Thank you both so very much for this picture! I'd seen it before but never knew the name was The Resurrection Balcony!! I was quite emotionally during that part of the broadcast also! Most of us are looking forward to welcoming our loved ones back and this makes it up front and personal - so real for us! What an awesome picture!!!!
  7. The February Broadcast was EXCEPTIONAL! It has a lot of things to put into practice and meditate on. Does anyone have a picture of the resurrection balcony and a transcript of The Power of Reason part?
  8. The July Broadcast is simply awesome! It shows us just how Jehovah provides information to educate and protect his people! What a loving Creator! I had no idea what a chicken or hawk referred to in that way. There are several articles in that June 22, 1982 Awake that parents could go over with their children and in my case, grandchildren. I know the articles are in the Watchtower Library but does anyone have this Awake in pdf form? Would be greatly appreciated. May all of us be appreciative and put to use all the information that is provided by our Heavenly Father!
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