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  1. It was Brother Anthony Morris in a talk entitled “This is it “ if my notes are correct.
  2. yes the OD book is in the downloaded WTLIB, and no there was no reminder or noticifcation when i clicked on the publication. hope this helps
  3. I had the privilege of staying at Warwick this past weekend and it is a beautiful facility. Truly a work of art. Everything from the depths of the boiler rooms to the grass and plant covered roofs. And a much needed scenery change from the city.
  4. I have family at the center now and I'm looking forward to hearing how things are going. The picture of the building looked like it was pretty well prepared.
  5. Sad, local story I saw on the news today. http://www.fox5dc.com/news/local-news/254132115-story But love reading about the faith of our brothers and sisters. "Mercy Musond said this incident will not deter her from coming to worship here."
  6. I wonder if this is a hint that note taking in the app is coming soon?? Hmmm
  7. My wife and I are looking to plan a trip to Lauterbrunnen, Switzerland. Any one here from there, or have been there before? Looking for rooming suggestions, kingdom halls, and things to do. Any help or input would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!
  8. I just watched this video and I love how clear and to the point Bro Morris is. Maybe he is hinting on some things coming down the line that may be a little hard to take for some. Who knows. But he shows us how the proper way to handle such things and and that is by means of prayer. Very nice work.
  9. Had the same problem with my iPhone this morning. Turn it sideways (to landscape view) text should appear. Then you can then it upright again. Hope his helps
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