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    Barrow-in-Furness, UK
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    Yes. 31 July 1970

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    My mother got the Truth in 1957 when she was called on in the door to door work. Though Dad opposed, she worked hard to bring up myself and two siblings in the way of the Truth. After a rebellious time in my teens, I finally buckled down to take the Truth seriouly and was baptized in July 1970 at a District Assembly.

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    Photography. I prefer using a good quality compact camera rather than a large DSLR. I take my camera with me every where I go and click the shutter every day. I also enjoy editing the shots and posting them on my Flickr pages. Occassonally I write poetry when the mood takes me.
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    Used to be an avid reader then stopped reading around the year 2000. However since getting a Kindle Fire HDR last year I'm getting back into reading. I read anything that takes my interest from Zane Grey to Hemmingway to Asimov to Dickens and Austen to new first time writers.
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    Gentle jazz, most mozart and Beethoven, some big band music in the style of Glenn Millar, Sinatra and Bille Holiday.

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  1. Back in the 1950s, to access our Kingdom Hall, situated in the town centre, we first climbed a flight of stairs from a high street shop to a landing that doubled as a waiting room for Mr Green the Dentist [scary memories of having a tooth extracted there], then up another flight of stairs to a small landing leading to the door to the KHall. Also there was a door to a small unlit toilet off the landing. That KHall was my first experience of being in a congregation. Although I have memories of the actual place, my fondest memories are for the lovely Brothers and Sisters, many of whom are now awaiting a resurrection. I enjoyed sitting near the front right hand side where I could watch sis Ma Makepeace playing the old creaky harmonium. Then in the late 1970s I moved towns for work and the KHall was situated above an ice-cream factory. We got used to the hum from the freezers. To access the KHall we climbed a double flight of stairs. A brother and myself carried a disabled brother up these stairs each meeting he could attend. The room we used had an uneven floor with a slope towards the windows. We always joked that an angel held up the floor. Many happy memories of old timers we are waiting to meet again soon. Like old photographs that spark reminiscences, remembering old KHalls trigger memories of those who made these places warm, inviting, safe places to grow your family to spiritual maturity.
  2. Error caused by my large finger on a small keypad. I wanted to type doily but it came out dolly. Also apology for my rather obtuse word choices. Played this game in the past we enjoyed looking for the unexpected associations. Guess this is a gentler version.
  3. Drinks can be spiked eg, putting brandy into coffee or a Micky Finn into a drink Also to lace a drink means to put in something extra such as alcohol.
  4. Good reply sister - a Padawan is a trainee (cadet) Jedi Knight from the Star Wars movies. I liked your previous word ‘cadet’ in reply to ‘leeway’. My word is: twinkle
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