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  1. And if, after all of their testing, they decide that the vaccine is safe, I will NOT take it. The flu vaccine in itself is good so next month I'll get my yearly flu vaccine (next month because my daughter, who works in the health field, says that October is the best time for the flu vaccine).
  2. Well what I understand is that the coronavirus vaccine has plasma in it, that is, is made with plasma, given permission from WHO (the World Health Organization). So, since plasma is a blood product itself, and not a factor it is not a conscience matter whether to accept the COVID19 vaccine.
  3. Oh wait I forgot. I would like to meet and speak with the "vast mixed company" that came out of Egypt with Moses by Jehovah's hand. Oh my, what thoughts must have went through their heads as they journeyed on. And also the Israelites who saw Pharaoh and company getting closer to them, then witnessing Jehovah, through Moses, parting the Red Sea thus saving his people. Oh the thoughts and feelings they must've experienced! And what conversations we all would have with them!! Oh my!!
  4. Oh so many, but on the top of my head, definitely David, and yes Goliath (hmm, I'm sure Goliath will probably talk to me and us with his head hung low since he bragged so much, lol). Also, Joseph since he was sold, and then lied on by Potiphar's wife, jailed, and then Jehovah blessed him. Also, by watching the video ("Not Alone") and seeing how Joseph held no grudges against his brothers. This taught me and is still teaching me that no matter what it is I've gone through, is going through and will go through Jehovah is VERY AWARE!! My job is simply to serve Jehovah faithfully! Period.
  5. Hi Luezette! Good to see you! 

    1. ivy


      Yes, me too... Missing you post

  6. I was thinking about just this morning, and thought about meeting Adam's children, especially Abel. Why? Because surely he and his siblings saw things happening that shouldn't have happened had their parents obeyed Jehovah. And as I understand it or maybe understood it, the tree of life continued to stand until after the flood? So surely Adam's children had questions or opinions. I wonder too if Abel and his siblings might've inwardly lost respect for their parents? Either way, it must've been very hard on the children and their children and so forth.
  7. And actually with the coronavirus virus around, when we do physically see each other again, we may not be able to hug even then, because Caesar may still require that we all put distance between each other. Oh well, the new world is just around the corner symbolically speaking of course as in real soon.
  8. Me too. I'm longing to see everyone in person again. Don't get me wrong for I'm thankful to Jehovah for giving us a means to attend meetings, and "go out" in the ministry through ZOOM, yet I so long to see everyone in person again, to hug and shake hands again. There are times, while "attending" meetings via ZOOM that I have tears in my eyes I so much miss everyone.
  9. I've thought of this some time ago, yet it's the first time posting it. What am I talking about? This: In the new world, children will never have to go through the agony of childhood diseases, with the accompanying fever, and parents staying up all night. In the new world, parents will never have to "screen" their childrens associates, because everyone will be good association.
  10. Hello all. 

    Yesterday I had my Rheumatology appointment and he ordered a blood test with twelve tubes of blood taken outta me! Twelve!! Even the nurse could hardly believe it! I know at least one is to rule out Lupus, and the other 11? Who knows? But since I trust Mount Sinai Beth Israel hospital I let them turn me into a zombie, lol. And I wont know the results until coming February, in addition to the sonogram of my stomach to rule out fatty liver. Oh well. At least he's thorough.

    1. kejedo


      Glad you're done, for now!


    2. Luezette


      Me too. Thanks!

    3. happiness IS

      happiness IS

      Beetroot juice is good for you after this substantial loss of blood.

      This 70+ year old sister had an operation to remove a small tumor from one of her kidneys and the wife of the then newly appointed CBOE prepared the drink for her but the problem is that she lived more than 25 km away from the hospital. She probably used a normal juicer. I would have prefered a cold-pressed beetroot juice from the juice bar in the  nearby mall. I don't think she used a chiller bag to transport the drink either.

      Well, at least better than nothing.

      Hope everything works out fine for you. Take care.

  11. Hi everyone! Just wanted to thank all of you for being with me during my illness whatever this illness was. I still have no idea what it was or still is somewhat but still feel it though not as much or as before. In other words, yes I'm beginning to feel a little better. 

    We're having a special talk today at 3pm by a Patterson Bethelite (y'all know I done forgot the name of it right? Good. So blame the bug whatever it's name was/is). 

    Yesterday after visiting my new psych doctor (I'm officially accepted) I went straight back to Brooklyn to the mall for service, met a few sisters and we had a grand time together! (With chocolate and all. LOL).

    Another reason for our joy was a man sitting there and he was intently listening to us chatter about Jehovah. So a sister and I began talking to him, and boy oh boy did he listen more!! Of course, not missing a beat we turned to him and began talking to him, thus giving him our fill attention. The result? My goodness! He began asking questions, listened patiently, asked more questions. We were on a roll because Jehovah put us there. 

    It ended because the clock told us it was time to leave. But not before the man gave his information including his phone number and the best time for a brother to contact him including his main language (Spanish). He lives in another borough though still in New York (the Bronx). 

    Yes, I hopped on the train dead tired, but grinning. Walking up the steps to catch another train closer to my building I ran into a few friends from my hall with the cart, and we chatted. Once home I died in my bed. Oh wait. 

    Walking home from the second train I'm still in service because I dont stop my time until I'm directly in my apartment. 

    So I offered literature to a woman as we passed each other. She said no. No problem. Then I heard this voice calling out "I'll take it." She apologized for saying no the first time, but I simply said "no problem my love, here you go." (Now look. Dont you good people go and ask me why didn't I get her information because I really have no viable answer, lol, but I saw where she turned in indicating where she lives which is in our territory. Good. But she also had bags (kinda loaded actually), which means that she too was very tired). 

    Anyway, all in all it was a very good day thanks to a loving God Jehovah who never fails to give us what we need. 



    1. Luezette


      And people wonder why we're happy. Right. 

    2. Luezette


      Well I went to the talk today by a Patterson Bethelite. It was about friends and how to choose a friend. Tomorrow he's giving our public talk. 

      And guess what I had the nerve to do? C'mon guess! Ok give up? I fell asleep!! Seriously. Oh not the dead type of sleep where you cant and dont even hear anything and your head is bobbing, but nevertheless I fell asleep. I think the speaker saw me ("of course he did!" I'm hearing y'all say). Well, not as an excuse but I'm supposing those long days, nights, and hours with Bro. Virus Whatever He Was took a toll on me I guess. 

      On the bus on the way to the talk via the bus a sister said that she's sick too, so yeah I asked her why was she coming knowing that we have young children there with their weak or non existent immune systems. She took offense. Ok. Maybe my words weren't the best, but still. And then had the nerve to sit in her regular seat next to a sister who, would you know, had just got out of a rehab place dued to her own health issues (cancer in her legs), then later on the sick sister allowed another sister to hug and kiss her all the while looking over at me to see my reaction. So she got it alright.

      I don't get it. Why would you purposely infect people? And your spiritual brothers and sisters too. I know you don't want to miss your meetings, but while you're sick or at least in the contagious phrase...STAY HOME!!! I wanted to tell her "It's not about you at all!" And I just might tomorrow. 

  12. Physically I don't feel I'm getting better. I mean, is it even possible for a "cold" to get or feel worse? Maybe it's more than a cold? 


    Regardless I'm determined to visit RiteAid today to get something for whatever this is. I have an appt tomorrow to see my still "new" psych, and from there I'm coming back to Brooklyn to buy some Echinacea capsules at one of my favorite health food stores (actually Saturday for then I'll have the proper funds for that). Ummm, do I hear you good people saying "go to the doctor"? Ok maybe I will, yet to me going to a doctor for a cold is such a waste of time (ya'll stop yelling at me ok? Lol).

    Rev 21:4.


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    2. Luezette


      Thank you!!

      I just got back from RiteAid, and the pharmacist recommended DayQuil, so I swallowed my first liquid cap. The citrus fruit sure sounds good (I had forgotten about that due to the Vitamin C). I'm looking forward to swallowing my first Echinacea capsule too as soon as I get it coming Saturday.


      And this was interesting: en route to RiteAid on the bus, I'm standing and a woman and I started talking. She agreed that I look sick, lol. Anyway, she shared with me that what I need is God (which is true). 


      Sooo, agreeing with her while thinking to myself "I dont believe this is happening" I was able to share with her the promises of Jehovah's Kingdom government which included of course that sickness will be gone forever, not even allergies for does it make sense that God made trees, food and such that people are allergic to them? She agreed of course. 

      Was I in the "mood" to really talk to anyone about anything, especially something as serious as the kingdom hope? Of course not! I just wanted to do what I had to do, come home, swallow whatever it is that the pharmacist recommended, and be still. 

      Oh well. Evidently Jehovah had something for me to do. It shows to always be prepared to represent Jehovah. 

    3. ChocoBro


      Tell me about it... my wife has an allergy to her own joints. Every day there's a new set of aches and pains in another region.

    4. happiness IS

      happiness IS







      While in Europe this year I came across Cistus Incanus and what I will tell you about this amazing healing tea will blow you away!

      Yup, I'm going to buy myself one box. Thanks Brother Ruben for the invaluable tip. Take care everyone. 


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