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  1. I am sorry if I am displeased someone's mind,or i have been incorrect. I just thought that the discussion was require just  my style commentary.My intention was not to be rude.I apologize if you feel sorry for your mind. In that sense, I wrote my thoughts https://www.iltalehti.fi/viihdeuutiset/201808292201167440_vd.shtml

    1. hatcheckgirl


      Hello PGenius,

      The moderators thought that the discussion regarding the topic had run its course, and there wasn't any need to continue.  Thank you for your input.  It wasn't anything you or anyone had said.

  2. I think your all right.but we must be careful what we say. at some point in time life in David ,Manasse,Peter etc ,would you believe he trusted him? But what if a someone stumble because of the words and activities of the apostles? It would be very serious! Jesus points out, "Whoever stumbles one of these little ones who believe, it would be better if a millstone like a donkey twisted into his neck would have been thrown into the sea." I mean we must be careful.Jesus Christ commands his followers to be "cautious as the snakes" Hmm if you know what i mean?
  3. Satan fulfilled the Bible's words and at the same time demonstrated Jehovah's truth as God, even though it certainly was not Satan's purpose. For his wrath to truth and righteousness, and his proud, unpopular attitude led him to do exactly as God had foretold to do. Of all the opponents of truth, Satan himself, indeed holds true for the principle: "We can not do anything against the truth, but only for truth." (2 Corinthians 13: 8) W 97 1\6 8-9 So satan you must do what ,,
  4. Dear sis and bro what you crying? We can show if we support the sovereignty of God as individuals. Do you think of our life with the examples of the theology of the success in reality the satan arrived already a long time ago, moskova if they understand when does he arrive at our home area?
  5. I see this jokes one tv series: The man plays the doorbell and asks from the door opener will you become a Jehovah's witness? the door opener answers fast. I not can, I even did not see that crash
  6. Four best are Astro (brian bradley Melanio amaro stacey Francis How is fourth? exactly i'm not sure:headphones:
  7. I know this is not world better joke, but bec i have been public talk too next sunday. You can quest some peoples to hall "Are you jw? Ouh ok I'm in the same company and firm
  8. I think that he can do excellently Fact that he is publicly known there can be an easement or he can use it a little at least as an advantage also The danger is what Watchtower society says in a video "young people ask- what i will do with my life" in presented play In an affirmative mind, however, we see and other people also see That it will not be impossible to serve the god if there is a public person For example this is a good example and to read is worthwhile ( g 2012 january p24-26)
  9. It's like a prostitute preferring to be called an 'escort'. A spade is still a spade. The modern men are too sensitive and hurt everywhere.
  10. YaYa dear Sianrose! But what the slave is a mind? Perhaps it will be better to stop the reading when one hears the word apostate or Ex jw's? So bible say's: "but be babes as to badness" 1 Corinthias 14:20 So We do not want to know anything about the apostates?
  11. Wt teel me and you so: "We also refuse to read their litera- ture, watch TV programs that fea- ture them" It is heard here surely fact also that we do not read stories which tell of them So we neither know nothing about the matter because we have read nothing, heard nothing
  12. My pleasure! Orthodoxy of the Russian today: nationalism, violations of human rights and big money.the religious laws is tightened continuously, it is started from the assumption that the Russian is a Orthodox Church with Russian turns its own tobacco importing business at the same time when the homeless children sell themselves on the streets of towns. with the business the correction of real estates is financed and change impressive operation outwards. "I sit a queen, and I am no widow, and I shall never see mourning.” (Revelation 18:7)
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