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  1. Has 1 Cor intro video showed up JW library app for you guys? I'm scratching my head, having tried various ways to get it to download to the Bible. I've downloaded it separately as media. Even deleted app and re-downloaded everything. Turned tablet off/on. It's an ipad mini, so little on the old side now. Any ideas?
  2. https://www.sbs.com.au/news/morrison-pleads-for-end-to-mindless-tribalism-announces-55-million-safety-upgrades-for-places-of-worship In a speech to the Australia-Israel Chamber of Commerce in Melbourne, Mr Morrison announced $55 million for safety upgrades that will give priority to religious schools and places of worship. The grants will be available for CCTV cameras, lighting, fencing, bollards and alarms. Interesting.
  3. It was inevitable, Greg, you'd want to go there too. Living up to your name 🤣 Yep! On my list for sure.
  4. Wow, what a brave man. I guess I don’t know how I’d react in that situation personally. But going on historical records of Jehovah’s servants in the past, he gives his spirit to keep us calm. The brothers and sisters endured much in concentration camps, and if he helped them, he’ll help us too.
  5. Though of course we must keep our neutrality, I find Bro Nurzat's comments encouraging. Because it shows us a glimpse of how hard it must be for our brothers and sisters in such oppressed lands, and how they are faithfully enduring regardless. There are different types of people in satan's system. Some are definitely more blatantly influenced by his demeanor, and others, like in our Western lands, seems to project a veneer of civility. I wouldn't have a clue what it's like to be a witness in such a society that not only was formerly Soviet, but also is predominantly Muslim. It is the diametric opposite of ours. We, unfortunately, will see reprisals. The extremists at either end of the spectrum are goaded by these sorts of atrocities. For us, let's keep our unity and keep our peace. How good it is to know Jehovah and serve him in whatever hateful part of satan's world we find ourselves in.
  6. I don't think it is organised in the sense of a hierachy etc. But it was planned, and there is an ideology these ones all follow. It comes from the lowest ebb of human hatred with a direct link to satan. They have inspiration from every hateful leader from Hitler to KKK to those who set up the Islamic extremist organisations of Taliban and Isis etc. Satan's world is never organised, we know that. But they do follow the biddings of their leader, and as such there is quite a predictable, albeit shocking, pattern.
  7. This terrorist's modus operandi and message echo those of former white supremacists - pick a 'soft' target to make the world listen. NZ has been one country that has bent over backwards to accommodate many new migrants from Muslim countries. It was much easier for them to migrate there and then become NZ citizens. From there they can enter Australia legally without a visa, as Australia and NZ have an arrangement for freer movement between our citizens. This may be a factor too, this fear of being "swamped" by immigrants using NZ as a back door. Immigration is a very hot potato here with our conservative government , and has fanned the hatred against migrants from Middle East and Asia, some but not all who had been arriving illegally by boat into Australian waters (and the many others who enter on tourist visas by plane, then overstay their welcome). It's politicized by both major parties to score points - but all they do is foster more hatred against both camps. Our broadcast this month and recent WT studies on neutrality are sounding in my mind. May we be in a position to help those really looking for answers.
  8. And what an excellent magazine to feature too! Pls keep us updated on how you all are coping.
  9. Ah, this is sad. Because we know that this can (and unfortunately) will happen again and again. It's not possible to exist in peace anywhere.
  10. The news in Australia say the man who live streamed the shooting was from Grafton NSW Australia. He was an extremist, but the white supremacist extremist kind. One of the independent politicians here was saying he did this because of all the Muslim migrants coming into NZ and Australia and he was told by the PM of Australia that what he said was disgusting. They're saying it's Islamophobia. Boy, how wicked is this system. Neutral, neutral, neutral. https://www.perthnow.com.au/news/australia/brenton-tarrant-manifesto-the-delusions-of-a-white-supremacist-ng-4f3e8382dccbd975533f487d4a3be6f6 This man's "manifesto" wreaks of the same stuff as Hitler's writings. But now it's like Hitler has spawned. Satan's end is close.
  11. Yes it is just so unbelievable for it to happen in your part of the world. May Jehovah comfort our brothers and sisters there. We don’t know what’s around the corner (before the end I mean).
  12. Shooting in Christchurch NZ mosque. At this stage shooter still on the loose. Be careful friends. 🌹

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    2. Stormswift


      Yes she is safe. The whole City is on lockdown. Some reports are saying at many as 37 dead, four in custody and just recently another shooting in a Christchurch Hospital. This is all unconfirmed. I think it's time for a thread my dear. This is horrible.

    3. hatcheckgirl


      Yes, thread’s been started. 

    4. RichardPNZ


      The ministry this morning was sombre whole country is shell shocked. Will be using 2 Corinthians 3-4 for this week.

  13. I liked that comment from the Kingdom Rules book he quoted about any organisational structure that does not have peace as it's foundation, etc. Will have to have that on my wall too.
  14. It's officially on JW.org news now. https://www.jw.org/en/news/jw/region/ethiopia/Sister-Killed-in-Ethiopian-Airlines-Plane-Crash/ There is another thread started Prayers to Jehovah for the sister's family and her congregation.
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