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  1. I’m in Australia and use Apple TV connected to a non-smart TV set. I like that you can just switch it on and the JW broadcasting is there as an app (after you download it). And that you can use your iPhone or iPad as the remote control. And that you can uses Siri to just navigate.
  2. Link is dead. Here's another one: https://thewest.com.au/news/coronavirus/hospital-numbers-key-to-easing-lockdowns-c-3965638
  3. Theses figures are telling: In Australia, since vaccinations started in February 2021, there have been 574 ICU admissions. Only 13 people, or two per cent, had received two doses, while 69 - the equivalent to 12 per cent - had a single shot. The remaining 492 patients were unvaccinated. Vast majority of ICU patients are unvaccinated https://www.sbs.com.au/news/vast-majority-of-icu-patients-unvaccinated?cid=newsapp:socialshare:copylink
  4. The Birthing Unit Director of Liverpool Hospital Sydney, and a new mum herself pleaded: I understand the concept of COVID vaccination can be concerning to some and it seems we have approved and implemented the vaccine very quickly, but the technology behind the development of the vaccine has been around for about 10 years. Many women are worried that the side effects of the vaccine in pregnancy have not been researched enough. I want to reassure everyone that the safety profile of the vaccines in pregnancy has been studied extensively. Over 100,000 women were included in studies from the US and the UK. These have not demonstrated any adverse outcomes for your baby. The vaccine does not increase the risk of miscarriage or structural abnormalities for your baby. It does not affect your fertility. What poses the greatest risk to women and their babies is not the vaccine — it is the COVID-19 infection itself. Having COVID-19 while you're pregnant means you're at double the risk of needing an ICU admission, you have an increased risk of needing invasive ventilation and you're at increased risk of requiring a pre-term delivery. It also doubles your risk of stillbirth. Most of the women who have been admitted at our hospital are unvaccinated and none of them have been fully vaccinated. Read full article here: https://www.abc.net.au/news/2021-09-15/sydney-doctor-makes-plea-for-mums-to-get-vaccinated/100463636
  5. Even if we take “selfishness” out of this, look at this from the perspective of the public being served by nurses and police. It’s not possible to have confidence in that service or feel protected if you don’t know that your midwife or policeman is vaccinated or not. One state governments in Australia has already mandated its police all be vaccinated for this reason - to assure the public. Other state governments are mandating all health workers must be vaccinated. Going into hospital is not a choice if you need an operation. But choosing your employment is a personal choice. Why are the governments wanting their frontline staff to be vaccinated? It’s mitigating the worst of the effects of the disease, which then reduces the number of people who can spread the virus because they have lower viral loads. In other words, it helps to protect these frontline workers, and that helps in slowing the spread to the rest of the community. The personal choice is still there, but that can’t override community health protections. For a Christian, that means that if we personally choose to not have the vax, then we choose to work elsewhere because of the rights of others to feel safe, and the right of superior governments imposing these health mandates (as they aren’t breaching God’s requirements). Personal choice comes with consequences.
  6. Civil Service Minister Renato Brunetta said Friday that the Green Pass COVID-19 vaccine passport will be obligatory for all workers in Italy eventually. "In the future it must be valid also for employment in the public and private sector". The green certificate, which shows that someone is vaccinated for the coronavirus, has recovered from it or has recently tested negative, is necessary to do many things in Italy, such travel abroad or on high-speed trains, attend certain events and to be able to sit at a table inside bars and restaurants. All school and higher education staff must have it, as well as university students. So anyone who does not want to be vaccinated for COVID-19 but wants to do a wide range of activities is forced to regularly fork out to have coronavirus tests to obtain the Green Pass. https://www.ansa.it/english/news/politics/2021/09/10/covid-19all-workers-will-need-green-pass-eventually-min_90ca7452-b9c0-4ee2-9f81-c1cafd975d57.html
  7. Some police in Queensland, Australia, are legally challenging the mandate to be fully vaccinated by next year. What they are saying: They believe the mandate is inconsistent with "workplace rights" and "infringes upon our rights to freedom and informed consent to a medical procedure". "It is a question of whether our employers, on behalf of the government, can authorise civil conscription and interfere with the relationship between a patient and their doctor by mandating a vaccine," the Gofundme page reads. Why the Queensland Police Service (QPS) is mandating it: "The QPS is mandating vaccinations for the entire workforce in all QPS workplaces within the next five months to protect employees, their families and the community from COVID-19," he said. "The dynamic nature of policing means frontline officers interact with large volumes of people and move around to all corners of the state. It is important the Queensland community has confidence and feel safe when interacting with their police." Whose rights are right? No wonder this world is cooked! https://www.abc.net.au/news/2021-09-11/police-crowdfund-legal-challenge-to-covid-19-vaccine-mandate/100454368
  8. An interesting article about salt and the industry in ancient Israel. From a marine archaeologist: https://www.asor.org/anetoday/2021/09/ancient-salt-industry
  9. It’s quite shocking to hear these reactions to mask wearing over there in the US. In Australia, we are definitely more compliant with masking as mandated by our state governments. Fines are quite steep, and it’s policed, so the few who like to defy are dealt with. It’s not up to business and schools to vote on how to handle this issue.
  10. Yes, our Pfizer shots have shown the Comirnaty name, so I knew that was what I was getting. But I hadn’t known about the meaning. Interesting.
  11. Thanks to all of you! You are a slice of what paradise with real friends will be. Love you all! Stay safe ❤️
  12. From the co-creator of the AZ vaccine: Professor Gilbert is confident we should not need regular booster shots to keep our immunity against COVID-19. "There may be a first booster program, but I wouldn't expect it to happen every single year," she said. "We're going to develop long-term immunity to this virus. "I think that the most vulnerable, the oldest members of society, those who are immuno-compromised are going to need regular boosters. But for younger people, we normally see good maintenance of immune responses." https://www.abc.net.au/news/2021-09-07/astrazeneca-sarah-gilbert-says-clots-more-likely-from-covid-than/100440904
  13. The report is inaccurate if you mean that some doctors are using it in Australia. They definitely are not.. The link I provided is quoting directly from what our chief medical officer has said - don’t go ordering it online and self-medicating. It is in fact toxic at the wrong dose. The original Australian research showed ivermectin killed covid in the petrie dish in the lab, but at high doses. So of course that needs to be explored further. But any doctor caught giving their patients ivermectin outside of a clinical trial in Australia would be in serious trouble. Please don’t believe inaccurate reports like this. What I wonder though, is why they don’t just fully investigate its value as a prophylactic and treatment properly. I too think it’s because there is more $$$ to be gained by pharmaceutical companies in vaccines rather than treatment. But I also personally see the need to get vaccinated along with using well researched treatments and doing what you can to help your immune system. Ultimately, we all know covid kills people - even “healthy” and young people, whether they’ve used ivermectin or had the vaccine. Only Jehovah can help us. I’m very sorry you’ve been personally affected by this ghastly disease. 🌹. We thank Jehovah for giving us the truth and a sure hope for getting out of this. * Just so you know, Australian ABC news is not the same as American ABC. It’s the equivalent of the BBC, the government run news agency.

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