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  1. http://www.jts.com.tw/english/products/detail.php?fid=1&subid=6&pid=598 Ours our the ones in the Link. JTS US 1000D. I often have to select and purchase most of the equipment we use in our hall and some others also. Although a privilege it’s a responsibility to spend the dedicated funds in the best way.
  2. We use JTS in the UK superb Mics. Been dropped and handled for many years with no problems or dropouts. They were supplied by a Brothers company. I’ll get the model no. If you are interested. rb
  3. Anybody else having the update issues with JW Library App on IOS. New iPad restored from backup. Won’t show anything for next year. Even the workbook isn’t available for this week. Tried doing the refresh from the homepage and going into the 2016 workbook tab.
  4. It’s correct pronunciation is darbysher . During the Miners Strike we had a big influx of ‘Southern’ police and they were issued with translation leaflets so they could understand the locals . Ey Up r u all rate youth (even if they are well past 60.) is a normal greeting. It’s hard not to lapse into too much of an accent while on the platform as I now live about 40 miles from where I grew up and it’s a much more neutral accent. Although I still say something like “We are now go in t sing a song” or “ Jesus whent T Temple” while on the platform. Richard
  5. The one that drives me scratty is Warick. We in the UK pronounce it Wa rik while our “friends” in the US pronounce in War-Wik . We basically ignore the r . It was even mentioned when we had a Branch Visit a couple of years ago much to our amusement. Richard
  6. Richard from Derbyshire and a Star Trek fan. I wonder if I know you... I know quite a few from Derbyshire being from Nottingham originally and helping to start the first Sign Language congregation there many moons ago.

    Are you a Forest supporter then? Ha ha ha ha J/K

    1. NCC1701


      From Shirebrook originally. Now in Burton on Trent.


      Richard Barnes

  7. OK, just checking that you all know that the MP4 files contain the same lyrics as the ones in the PDF and Epub of the new Songbook and that I'm sure that they all will be ready for the start of the new year. Not sure we need a running total. We have 22 Days until we NEED them after all.
  8. Totally agree about the centre speaker, often overlooked but really important. I've just upgraded mine, picked up a nice Cambridge one off eBay cost me about £45 cost about £225 new. Less risky getting these second hand as they are far less prone to being abused and overloaded. rb
  9. Try using Pocketcasts. It's a great Podcast manager and supports Chromecast to send the Audio to your Audio system. rb
  10. Thats the one I was referring to. Both issues were the Honesty one not a study and public.
  11. Noticed this in JW library app. Two watchtowers one January 2016 the other issue 1 2016. And you can download both if you want to. Richard
  12. It's the School for Kingdom Evangelisers. They have a residential facility for delegates while they are at the School as well as catering and education classrooms/halls. Rb
  13. Hi All, Just a heads up for all of you who may not live in the US but are now downloading the Kingdom Ministry's from the jw.org site. As mentioned in the letter to the congregations we can now download the Kingdom Ministry's form jw.org now much to the delight of many. I download the country specific one from the login section and send it out to friends and family and congregation members who have requested it via our elders and I started getting emails saying they don't need if any more as they now download the one from the site. You need to check your local country's Kingdom Ministry for country specific announcements as they may differ from the us edition on the website. The one that may cause the most confusion is the different Literature offer for the month so it may be worth checking out what the local country copy has for the months ahead. Also convention locations and various schools will be different in your country's copy of the kingdom ministry. Dont just rely on the jw.org us copy. Regards Richard For example the UK December edition has : Literature offer for December: WhatDoes the Bible Really Teach? or one of thefollowing tracts: (T-30) How Do You Viewthe Bible?, (T-31) How Do You View theFuture?, (T-32) What Is the Key to HappyFamily Life?, (T-33) Who Really Controlsthe World?, (T-34) Will Suffering EverEnd?, or (T-35) Can the Dead Really LiveAgain? January and February: Was LifeCreated? and The Origin of Life—Five QuestionsWorthAsking. March and April: TheWatchtower and Awake! magazines. Whereas the US Copy has:Literature offer for December: WhatDoes the Bible Really Teach? or Would YouLike to Know the Truth? January and February:Good News From God! or WasLife Created? March: The Watchtower andAwake! magazines.
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