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  1. Your trip sounds wonderful. Perhaps consider a couple of things. One thing that Yosemite is known for is its thunderous waterfalls, which come from snow melt in Spring and Summer. In November there may be some trickle from seasonal precipitation, but there won’t be much. Also at that time of year, there may be winter storms, which may require chains. Toga road, 120, and Glacier Point road will probably be closed for winter. Yosemite is definitely a 4 season park which means different experiences in those seasons. I love Yosemite at any time of year, just do your research.
  2. This forum has been so beneficial for my spirituality.mit has offered comfort, encouragement, and great information. i really hope to give here as well as receive.
  3. I received an “access denied” message 😢 when changing the month
  4. I forgot to add the scripture Psalm 19 19 The heavens are declaring the glory of God;+ The skies above* proclaim the work of his hands.+ 2 Day after day their speech bubbles forth, And night after night they reveal knowledge. 3 There is no speech, and there are no words; Their voice is not heard. 4 But into all the earth their sound* has gone out, And to the ends of the inhabited earth* their message.+ In the heavens he has pitched a tent for the sun;
  5. Wonderful, thoughtful, encouragement. The universe has so much beauty and wonder. All these celestial bodies give testimony to our Grand Creator, Jehovah God. These wonders are enormous and wondrous. Their glory magnifies Jehovah through their existence, not through choice. Unlike these objects, puny humans, can choose to glorify Jehovah, in song and speech, our conduct, with everything. I hope to take advantage of this gift of free will and always choose to give glory to Jehovah.
  6. Wow! So delightful and upbuilding. Thank you for sharing. You are so appreciated and loved.
  7. From one Sandra to another, Jehovah IS the Hearer of Prayer, Amen to that. We know this to be true, but when we have those moments when we fully experience that from Jehovah, it is so faith strengthening and heart warming. If you are able to share the Rwanda tour details, I would appreciate it. Even if you just share your notes. 😁
  8. I have some tickets to the British Museum tours. In English along with their regular “Bible Highlights” tour, they have a new tour, “The Truth That Sets You Free”. Also now you get a ticket per connection instead of per person. The cost is 3 GBP per connection. Here is what I have available: October 10 at 3 PM ( Uk time) The truth will set you free October 5 at 4 PM ( UK time) Bible Highlights If you are interested please PM me.
  9. I have taken 6 of their 8 tours. They are excellent. There is a lot of content, the research quality is excellent, and they are very enthusiastic.
  10. I really appreciate when the text is posted. I love seeing from what material the brother started with and where his mind went.
  11. Hello. I am interested in the  sister’s WT study. Could you please share some details, the time, day, format, etc.?

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    2. bagwell1987


      No, you haven't missed. Its 9:45 Pacific time. It's only 7:20 right now. Please join us if you can.


      Oh and yes, I'd like to do this every Friday through August.

    3. JustLikeDorcas


      Hello Sister Cheryl, is this study group every Thursday at 9:45 PST? 
      I live on the east coast and work during the day. 

    4. bagwell1987


      Its Friday, during the time of the RC. At 9:45 am. Yes sorry, in the morning.

  12. Also, if anyone is having trouble getting tickets, I can usually get them on a weekly basis. They are released on Friday (UK time) for the following week. I would be happy to assist anyone.

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