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    Eugene, Oregon, USA
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    October 1983

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    I was raised in the truth since I was a child along with four Brothers by both my Parents. My Parents were found by a knock at the door. My Parents listened to what they said and came back with MANY questions. My Parents were looking for the a religion that followed the Bible and had been visiting several location and had not found one. It was very convenient that one should just walk up to our doorstep and Dad REALLY made sure that this was it by hounding them with question and doing MUCH personal study on his own. I grew up realizing just how bad the world is and NEVER wanted to be a part of how messed up it really is.

My Hobbies & Interests

  • My Interests
    • We like Nature, Sci-Fi, Space, Science.
    • I used to Camp, Hike, Ride bicycle (rode to coast 60 miles twice), Digger(pits, ditches, graves), Scuba dive, Weld, Handyman.
    • In the new system, I want to learn to play an instrument, Blow glass, Work with metal, Travel, Do whatever work that Jehovah commissions us to do.
    • I really look forward to when I can do all these things and more with my Family and Friends.
    • We look forward to the perfect language in the new system, and some horse and buggy rides.

    I have given up pursuing many hobbies due to cost, time and more recently health. I look forward to pursuing Ham radio again. I also tried my hand at diving but it proved to be a very expensive hobby. I also loved camping, hiking, riding bicycles. In the new system I look forward to MANY things that will take an eternity to learn. One of the first will be a nemesis of mine, I have never been able to learn music, my first love would be to learn how to play the Flute, Piano and Guitar.
  • My favorite books
    Well uh, Duhh. Um.... let me think... ;) The Bible and publications that discuss the time of the end and our future.
  • My favorite music
    I have never been a fan of much of what this world calls music but I like softer relaxing music or music that can be played in a group. I enjoy singalongs and groups of Friends when they play together, I look forward to many sing along's in our future and being able to chime in with my own instrument. PS: I also look forward to my voice being a music instrument, not that does not keep me from using it anyway, I am sure my Brothers/Sisters at the hall are happy it is drowned out by the many others. ;)
  • My favorite movies
    We really enjoy the JW broadcast. The only station to have a chance at existing in the future.
  • My favorite quotes
    I have liked many along the lines of.... If you do not try, you will never get there. Even if you fall on your face your moving forward. "Never give up, never surrender... full speed ahead."- Galaxy Quest. The main theme.... Keep on moving forward, keep on trying.

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  1. Finally got around to searching for Amatuer Ham radio and this was one of the first to pop up. We have a few ham Brother here in Eugene, OR. We use to have a small repeater but let it go as we did not use it much. We now have another Brother studying for Technician and General. So that got me enthused enough to start studying for Amateur Extra and so a search here to see how much other activity it out there. There used to be a Brother WA4UQQ that organized the Brothers and even printed a JW ham directory. Then JW Hams gathered at W2BN.org but since the branch started to do more about taking the lead for emergencies it was not really needed. As far as I know they still do the daily text on HF freqs both from US east and west US coast at two different times. I heard them once but my old radio and the string antenna I had could not get in and once I passed that on to another ham to see what he could do with it I never did spend the resources to get an HF rig that really would work. Yup a General who never got ino HF and here I am practicing for Amatuer Extra as somthing to do. I see Ham radio being used in the new system to communicate world wide. Can you imagine phone wires or cell tower every two miles to communicate? Off to see what else I can find Amatuer Radio related in the forum threads. - Update Edit: Not much, the other thead I found was old and closed. Look forward to some replies, 93 - 73's K7VIQ clear
  2. Pain and learning difficulties have kept me from progressing much in music. My first theocratic goal song Christian Dedication has suffered due to lack of practice. I also tried a rough trial of Greensleeves lesson today from the Second year lesson plan of Piano Video Lessons. It was horrid sounding. I did added a comfy pad Kathy made for my mobility chair that has velcro straps that also fits my piano bench today and it works great. I hope it will hopefully encourage me to be willing to sit in front of my keyboard more often. The bench is a heavy duty bedside table Dad made for me as a child, it just the right height for a piano bench. One day soon I look forward to being able to truly learn how to play. I look forward to a theocratic song lesson books and videos as well as time to get togather to teach each other how to play music that we will want to play togather in the new system. My music rather limited but once more hopeful with AcousticAchord.blogspot and our music page on or family web site
  3. I look forward to the new system when many of us now who don't have the time for music can learn it and those that wish to dance to it can dance to their hearts content in many varied styles traditions all pleasant to listen and watch. Soon, Oh so Soon.
  4. My music progress update: I continue to practice piano for a several minutes almost daily using PianoVideoLesson.com I am in Unit 3 of Year 1. As I am a slow learner is goes slowly. I wish there was a Theocratic music lesson plan as I would REALLY love to be learning music by starting with the new original music and kids songs rather than simple secular music first. Besides the secular music in the Year 1 Lesson plan I continue to practice 'Christian Dedication' on my own. As I keep at trying to learn I am also saving for a digital piano rather than the off sounding learner eMedia 61 Kb I am using. Our piano progress introduction
  5. Prayers in behalf our Brothers in Russia as the court deliberates on hearing on the 'merits of the case' today, December 7, 2017, at 2:00 p.m. This would be a spiritual boost not just for our Brother at the 'Administrative Center of Jehovah’s Witnesses, located in Solnechnoye, near St. Petersburg.' but all of our Brothers in Russia. https://www.jw.org/en/news/legal/by-region/russia/hearing-to-begin-20171205/
  6. Kathy and I have talked many times about growing and training trees to support a tree house to live in. I had not thought about growing my own cane to make flutes.
  7. Our guitar has been living in its case. I have been on a honeymoon learning piano since I got it and have really enjoyed it, After all it is a hobby for me to enjoy and not take too seriously in the times we live. But music a part of our lives and it is somthing we can share now and will continue to share in the new system togather. I look forward to having the ability to play many of the kingdom songs... right now I would be happy to play "Christian Dedication". I hope you have opportunities to have some kingdom singalongs with your local Brothers.
  8. Sounds like you had a lot of enjoyable experiences while music. I am sure we ALL will enjoy hearing them, as well as playing togather in the new system when your hands work once more.
  9. Eugene, OR did a cong. adjustment and one cong was removed so a redistribution of Elders, Pioneers and publishers could be made.  In the process congs were all renamed. 

    1. Pallen


      Territory was also redistributed. I look forward to supporting the new arrangement. The Elders and Servants of the Eugene congregations even did a video of why is needed to be done and welcoming others to support the arrangement.

    2. carlos


      My parents' KH recently had a similar redistribution and it has certainly been a blessing for all involved, even if some were not very happy at first.

  10. Thank you, We enjoyed posting about our lives togather on our Family Website to get a headstart on sharing our lives with our Brothers and Sisters. Note: We also have Our Music Hobby page there as well for those interested.
  11. Ok I'll bite on this thread: I am just beginning to learn to practice piano on a entry level keyboard using a "Piano Video Lessons" course I found on youtube. I purchased her first year .pdf course documentation and am the second of 6 units. My first theocratic goal song to learn is number 52 "Christian Dedication" a favorite of my Wife and myself, as we used it for our wedding. Another favorite tune of ours is Greensleeves, I have re-written the original "dated" lyrics to be a song to my wife that I look forward to being able to play for her. My singing career is spent at the Kingdom Hall. I also have a classical guitar I want to learn to play but it is going slower even though I started it first. In the new system I want to learn to play all kinds of flutes.
  12. I thought it would be nice for the musicians to have a place to post their music profession or hobby. Let's get the conversation going: What music instrument do you play? How long have you played? How/Where did did you learn to play? Do you play for income or hobby. Want to share a picture of/with your instrument? What Kingdom songs do you like to play? Do you sing vocal as well? No matter what room in the house it may be. Perhaps you're waiting to the new system to play! What is your first instrument you want to learn then? Hopefully this get some conversation going.
  13.  I have taken on learning to play Piano.  It is only a start on an entry level keyboard.   It is a good thing we have a thousand years to learn to play.  One day I look forward to playing along with all our Brothers.  

    1. Intercore


      Nice goal! It's so good when you're able to play any instrument. I play piano and I'm happy! :)

    2. Gregexplore


      I grew up around piano, my grandma run the theater and often I was sitting through rehearsals listening to piano etc 

      My favorite instruments are piano, drums and violin... :)

      My grandma has died and I am looking forward to the resurrection and future family gatherings around the piano.

  14. I am just beginning to learn to practice piano on a entry level keyboard using a "Piano Video Lessons" course I found on youtube. I purchased her first year .pdf course documentation and am the second of 6 units. My first theocratic goal song to learn is number 52 "Christian Dedication" a favorite of my Wife and myself, as we used it for our wedding. Another favorite tune of ours is Greensleeves, I have re-written the original "dated" lyrics to be a song to my wife that I look forward to being able to play for her.
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