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    Through a study of Christianity in our local library. The info I found on how christianity became corrupt gradually after the apostles died were revelatory. It took time though before I finally decided to be a witness.

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    Reading, discussions esp one of a spiritual nature, spiritual research.
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    History of the World - under Roman Civilization, Mankind Search for God, What has Religion done for mankind.
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    Kingdom Melodies, Blues and any soft musics with nice lyrics.
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    “Where your treasure is, there your hearts will be also.”—Luke 12:34.

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  1. Is that what you wish the Org should do or what I should do? Sent from my TECNO DP7CPRO using Tapatalk
  2. I can d/l. I did so with my current WLib. In this case of my trying to update, the progress bar reached to 99%, but there wasn't any progress again. It stood on 99% for such a long time, that I hard to "pause" it. And hibernated the computer. Next day, restarted the update, it refused to start off the update. I had to cancel it, then "search(ed) for update" again, and it started afresh. These same thing had happened last month before. The data is squandered, yet I didn't get what I wanted. I recharge my data monthly and manage it throughout the month. But I had to recharge data twice per month because of the update. That's quite an expenditure for me. Yet, I would love it if I had to make such sacrifice, I get what I want. Not to be wasting data I would have used for something else. Now, the data am using now is another recharge that cost N1,500. So I have spent N3,000 for just one month. Am browsing with the second N1,500. So I don't want to waste this money trying to go through that online update again. That will reach 99% and stops there. Normally, my data serves me and my wife for a whole month and beyond, but now, see how our money is wasted. Yet no result. These d/l are huge. For some areas like ours that we don't have these free WiFi in shops, joints, offices etc, its costly, getting an update. I have 2017 DVD. I did update it mostly in 2018. But I noticed this problem from when the update reached 2gig. So, I need an update package, that I would d/l onto my laptop storage system, so that I will update with it. In other words, I want a sure download that won't interrupt on the way and would have to start afresh. That consumes my data because the update is big, one can't afford to waste such amount. Sent from my TECNO DP7CPRO using Tapatalk
  3. Please can someone inbox me the updated Watchtower Library so that I can update mine with it. I have wasted a lot of data trying to do the online update to no avail, I don't want to go through that process again. I don't have more money to risk again. Please, can someone help me with an updated package? Sent from my TECNO DP7CPRO using Tapatalk
  4. Does anyone have this book in soft copy? I would love to read it. This book cost a fortune in my currency. If one can give me access to BAR with his account, I would love it too. Sent from my TECNO DP7CPRO using Tapatalk
  5. Reflection: The One who finds a good mate has found something good, and he receives Jehovah's favor, for true Love is a Gift from Jah! How did you meet your mate, and what's special about her? For me, the interest came up during our pioneer school. Yes, she was spiritual, I knew that even before the school. But she was good with answering the questions and we sat in the same row. We were like twins attending to the deep side of the questions. I knew she had what I needed, but I feared if she will ever agree. But... Sent from my TECNO DP7CPRO using Tapatalk
  6. These was not so previously, but am excited about this news. Go check it out now. Sent from my TECNO DP7CPRO using Tapatalk
  7. There are things I don't understand about web hosting. I thought the HQT can just upload the video, and it automatically appers for us. Do they need to go thru a hosting company? Sent from my TECNO DP7CPRO using Tapatalk
  8. Wow, how did you do it. So funny. Sent from my TECNO DP7CPRO using Tapatalk Wow, how did you do it. So funny. Sent from my TECNO DP7CPRO using Tapatalk
  9. Which? If it is only the gospels, I think it already had all of them before the update. Sent from my TECNO DP7CPRO using Tapatalk
  10. Mine and that of other brothers had the same issue. I posted the issue here, and one brother suggested a funny method of solving it, but it worked for me and for other brothers that handed me there phones in our hall. Here it is: Off and switched on the phone. 1. Open JWlibrary 2. Slide the jwlib home page downwards to update internally. 3. After the update is done, go to publications 4. Open watchtower, or meeting workbook of 2016. (If possible download a workbook there and just flip thru) 5. Go back to the homepage. Wait a little. (Or keep going back to publication>workbook etc. Check the home page again. It took a while before the what's new section updated. And the workbook and watchtower brought up the current issue. When the brother suggested it, it was funny and unlikely, but I tried it anyway, after all I tried all I could, even called branch, yet the problem persisted. I did it, and it worked. I thought it was a coincident, until I did it for two brothers. It all started working. Now, no brother in my congregation has that problem. Sent from my TECNO DP7CPRO using Tapatalk
  11. Oh thanks. Let me go to wtlib and type "The*". If I don't get "Thesauron", I will arrest you.lol1. Sent from my TECNO DP7CPRO using Tapatalk
  12. Where did I hear that the Study Bible has jwpub? How can I get it? Sent from my TECNO DP7CPRO using Tapatalk
  13. I went to a sister who's tablet had the same problem to try this your trial and error method reluctantly. I went to pub, and to mwb, then clicked 2016, then 2017. Went and updated the homepage. Surprised, all the "WHATS NEW" appeared, and the mwb up to 2018 appeared. I can't believe it myself. The sister was happy too. But I don't also know how to explain what I did and why it worked. Thanks Pls can you do the same on TV.jw.org, let's see if annual meeting and Gilead grad will appear? Who knows [emoji38]1: Sent from my TECNO DP7CPRO using Tapatalk
  14. I can't see that on my jwlib. Sent from my TECNO DP7CPRO using Tapatalk
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