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  1. This was informative and as you 've mentioned its sad but I'm not surprised.
  2. Remember the cause of world war I ... it was the Archduke that was killed and it caused all countries to become involved. Do you think anything drastically different will develop on the world scene from this Journalist's loosing his life in such a horrible manner?
  3. https://a.msn.com/r/2/BBFoENT?m=en-us Interesting, the head of the church is calling for the world to unite.
  4. The timing of all of this is remarkable. I wonder if Trump even knows what was the cause of his own involvement. There are so many hot spots going on right now, there's N Korea and China in the background, and now Syria and Russia in the background. Not to mention other countries in the middle east... wow, there's a lot going on right now.
  5. But if there ever was a nuclear bomb that went off and killed people, I could see that the whole word would change from that point forward and the masses of people that rise up would want peace and security from all governments...
  6. http://www.abc.net.au/news/2016-10-08/chinese-communist-partys-crackdown-on-religion/7912140 Looks interesting let's keep watching to see what develops.
  7. I laughed out loud too!!! I think it was the popcorn and waiting like what's next....that was funny
  8. I'm going to try to make a robot that does nothing but gardening and while I do other things... I will have the robot I've built arrange things the way that I want it to.
  9. I think I know what you meant, That you are now curious and you'd like to know who I am so if we were to see each other in public, we'd talk and express to each other who we are. I have been an TESOL teacher for 3 years. Thanks, that's a really sweet compliment. I'll have to post better looking pics of myself in my bio.
  10. lol... dancing makes the day pass by a little faster... lol Venus
  11. http://edition.cnn.com/2016/05/17/asia/geraldine-roman-transgender-philippines-interview/index.html So, this is where things are headed ... seems as if it never stops, just continues to go deeper into society. It seems like there's an excitement or affixation or curiosity with this now. I'm watching the world scene ..
  12. Even though there are quite a few people wanting to undergo this operation, I can't see the survival rate being too high since it's an experimental surgery. The ones that survive I'm thinking they will be in a vegetable state. I just can't see it.
  13. Here's my question, is it actually going to be a 5 foot arch erected? or is it going to be a laser artist's rendition? Either way it's disgusting but wow the effort going into this is bewildering (and I never use that word)
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