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  1. If they are professing Christians and love the Bible, you might show them this verse: A lot of believers in Bible prophecy expect the "Beast system" to soon arise and boy are they right, even if Jared Kushner is not the Anti-Christ 🤣 The Bible makes it clear what will happen to those in the Great Tribulation who think they need to fight against the Wild Beast. We need to be prepared for persecution, imprisonment, even torture and death. Jehovah and Jesus will reward us for our endurance and faith.
  2. Or so says TASS, the "Telegraph Agency of the Soviet Union". There is something that seems contradictory about this. The article says But if you look at the official documents and the JW-Russia site, it says Seems to me that there is more to the story here. Russia knows how to make a mockery of the human rights system and evade any responsibility for any of their actions. They probably found a nice legal loophole out of this issue. The ECHR can only do so much. I saw the photos of our brothers. They probably fell down the stairs though, you know how it is.
  3. What's very interesting is that this individual terror attack is developing into a catalyst for a lot of destabilization and hate. https://www.newshub.co.nz/home/world/2019/03/chelsea-clinton-blamed-by-student-for-christchurch-attack.html There's a lot of gunpowder in this story. A Muslim Somali-American Congresswoman complains about Israel's influence on American politics, which can easily and quickly construed as anti-semitism by some. The other side quickly interprets that as blatant islamophobia, even blaming such opinions for the massacre. This is a great example of how quick a political statement can explode and how important our neutrality is. EDIT: Also, expect the unexpected. The room is filled with hydrogen gas. All it needs now is a spark, or actually maybe, that's precisely what just happened, who knows.
  4. Here's something interesting in this regard from the murderer's manifesto
  5. In my humble opinion, he talks a lot to gain public confidence, and his islamic patriotism largely contributes to his political success.
  6. Enjoying the gift of music together with our furry subjects
  7. German media is hailing today as a historic day! As we speak, several major corporations are bidding on the right to toast us all in a giant, transnational microwave. You might say that in a way, Hell is real, it's been slowly developing on the Earth since 1914...

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    2. ChocoBro


      It'll be a few years before they actually roll out 5G in Germany, but still, it is amazing how happy everyone is to live in one big microwave oven as long as they can have self-driving cars, smart fridges and waste more time on their "smart"phones while on the road... driving in their self-driving car. Nobody knows what the outcome will be but there are plenty of studies that aren't too optimistic.

    3. Thike Salvmu

      Thike Salvmu

      Yeah, it ain't looking good. These things must take place however.

    4. campanula
  8. I'm afraid after talking to an elder yesterday, my reason for concern has been more or less confirmed. There is no actual plan or routine, it is all more or less "play it by ear". I hated to say it but I told him in a similar situation to Christchurch, our KH is a deathtrap. There is no secondary escape route if a shooter parks his car in the side-road like he did in Christchurch, the whole thing becomes a turkey-shoot. The only response was why do I "worry" so much about it if the likelihood is so marginal that it will affect us? So I'm dropping the subject, I've voiced my opinion but the response from all sides is I'm too negative, too critical, too paranoid, lack trust in Jehovah or whatever. I didn't build the house without the parapet, but I certainly did point out it's missing. If something should happen, which OBVIOUSLY I don't hope, the blood wouldn't be on my hands. These things are well thought out at Assembly Halls and Convention Sites. The problem I'm pointing out is relatively typical of my KH and congregation. Sorry, but that's just the way it is 😑 I'm not saying everything is bad. But we have a problem with a laissez-faire attitude in regards to a bunch of things. Actually, you'd be surprised how much beneficial things can be learnt from a 2-4 hour basic training, from verbal de-escalation responses to non-violent threats to group responses to active shooter and stabber scenarios. One of the problems of Christchurch Al Noor mosque was the fact that everybody ran frantically into a corner away from the gunman and a single individual tried to rush the shooter, with little avail. A coordinated, spontaneous group effort would have saved countless lives. Not blaming the victims here, just to make a point that with the right mindset and a little mental preparation as opposed to a laissez-faire attitude, you can make "the best" of such a terrible situation. You don't need armed guards at the door, that's a strawman argument that, as you probably knew, I never aimed to steer the discussion to. Another thing I keep hearing is how our doors are shut after the meeting begins. I really don't understand why that keeps getting floated. In Christchurch, the gunman went into the mosque guns blazing while a group of people stood at the open entrance. Our doors are open until the very last second before the song starts. Again, not planning for anything apart from our own expectations of how we think the situation would play out. But again, as I said, not my responsibility. I guess every congregation does what they thing is the right amount of effort and where they should prove, in fact, to be negligent, I hope Jehovah fills the void.
  9. I didn't mean to focus on the negative at all. It's just that since this thing happened on Friday, I believe it is shrewd to expect such things to happen. The FDS urges us to avoid large crowds where possible. Why act as if a terror attack or lone-nut shooter on our KHs are completely out of the question? Especially since Satan has a particular hate for us. I don't worry this will actually happen but as they say, hope for the best but expect the worst. The general attitude in my congregation is that there is a slim chance anything bad will happen in our region as opposed to Mexico for example (this kind of attitude is also the reason hardly anybody has a go-bag). I don't agree with that attitude. I treasure my brothers and sisters and want them to actually be safe.
  10. Forgive me if I sounded overly critical. I go regularly to the cleaning and maintenance events. I see the overall attitude towards the LDC requirements, you do not. I'm not saying my congregation is generally careless, they just often have a hard time seeing the necessity of things, especially when changes come around. Sent from my S60 using Tapatalk
  11. Security cameras and locked doors can help, but the most important thing is having trained and vigilant personnel handling the equipment and a plan on how to react when an active shooter scenario develops. In our Hall, I really can't imagine the brothers doing the security have any form of de-escalation let alone anti-terror training, and I sincerely doubt we have an escape plan in place if I look at how lax we handle the LDC maintenance requirements. If we had a security camera facing the parking lot I imagine the brothers handling the audio equipment would probably have an easygoing mentality about it as they do with a lot of responsibilities, sadly.
  12. This whole thing is a joke, though not the one you are referring to. The media is saying things like The "funny thing" is that this isn't a white power sign at all, it is a 4chan insider that refers to an orchestrated trolling campaign / prank where members "flooded Twitter and other social media websites...claiming that the OK hand sign is a symbol of white supremacy,” as part of a campaign dubbed "Operation O-KKK" - read about that here in wikipedia As always, the media is proving to be helplessly clumsy and ignorant of internet meme culture in this subject. The OK sign is NOT and never was a white power sign. This guy was all about memes and cynical references. At the beginning of the massacre live-stream, he played on his playlist a song well-known in alt-right internet meme culture as "SERBIA STRONG / REMOVE KEBAB" which is actually a Serbian song of unknown origin that praises Karadzic and the Serbian struggle for "freedom". On one of the shooters gun, he had written the words "KEBAB REMOVED". His initial words before he started the massacre, "Remember lads, subscribe to pewdiepie" also an utterly unconnected internet meme What matters about all this is that it starts giving a more detailed picture about what actually went on in the head and heart of the perpetrator. It indicates that hate was not as much the motivation for this horrific deed as indifference and cynicism, maybe disdain coupled with a large portion of gallows humour. The comments on videos on youtube pertaining to the massacre as well as the new memes that have popped up on the internet in the past few days reflect this exact attitude. An attitude of complete indifferent cynicsm, completely disconnected from humanity pervades the comments. From sarcastic quotes on Sadiq Khans "part and parcel" statement in the wake of the London terror attacks to kebab removal memes, the scary thing is you can't even call this thing "hate". It is worse than that. People keep mentioning Anders Behring Breivik, but Breivik, at least in my opinion, mass-murdered out of hate and out of political motivation, this guy Tarrant, at least in my opinion at the moment, murdered just to be "trolling for the lulz" For a very interesting read on the subject, I recommend this article: https://www.theatlantic.com/technology/archive/2019/03/the-shooters-manifesto-was-designed-to-troll/585058/?fbclid=IwAR1nthaHDFes7AJQVJVpphnps_zVFV3JYInm2EdVQdK6TlP5cuBtZpgmJS0
  13. Yes but I referred to ISIS in this specific case because according to reports they already announced revenge attacks. Since our meetings are regular and well-visited, and our cart witnessing in arabic language has not gone unnoticed, I would expect a KH to be a viable target in case they wanted to target a Christian gathering. Sending a gunman into a Church could be a futile endeavour, since those are mostly empty except during Easter and Christmas maybe.
  14. Feels like that's comparing apples to eggs. What happened in the concentraion camps was a government sanctioned form of persecution that ended up violently in individual cases, mostly with the intent of breaking others integrity. This is a random act of indiscriminate violence by some sick individual on a large group. The man came into the mosque guns blazing and didn't make any demands or statements. Nothing like of this magnitude of indiscriminate hate has been carried out on us to the best of my knowledge, though I know that one person in Austria did try in 2009. He wasn't able to fire a single round because he got his leather gloves stuck between the trigger and the trigger guard. After he went to the car to grab a different weapon, some brothers took him to the ground. I don't know why I would want to keep calm in such a situation.
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