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  1. Due to Myalgic Encephalomyelitis aka CFS in the US caused low blood volumes and low blood pressure which in turn caused heart problem ( blockages leading to several heart attacks - 1st was a total arrest ). After 1st heart attack I noticed my at rest heart rate was below 60 quite often below 50. Blood pressure actually went up some to mid range after 1st heart attack. I have had this illness manifesting itself since Thursday Feb 12/04. Yes you do know the day. Here is link for Official 2003 Canadian ME/CFS Diagnostic/Treatment protocol. Needs updating. http://www.mefmaction.com/index.php?view=article&catid=66%3Aconsensus&id=215%3Aconsensus-documents&format=pdf&option=com_content&Itemid=262
  2. Just noticed something about Chris. His wife's name is Emma. Our young group overseer ( just made elder this year ) in apartment just above ours, his name is Chris and his wife's name is Emma. One thing I have noticed about our Chris and Emma on Zoom is that when one wears glasses the other doesn't and visa versa. Of course I had to mention it to him when he dropped off some printed literature 2 days ago. 👽
  3. I have ME aka CFS that horrid US term. If you have ME you will develop heart problems plus maybe diabetes. Before I had the heart showing up my blood pressure was 100/60 but since my 1st heart attack it has been slightly high.125 to 135 over 75 to 85. ME has a lot of muscle pain which keeps blood sugar higher. Lower blood volume isn't good either leads to blockages. I am stage 4 which mostly look fine, just can't do much. Just waiting on Jehovah. Same as everyone else.
  4. Oxygen levels below 95% ? My resting O2 is between 80 and 85% and I may not be asleep. My resting heart rate is between 40 and 55 per minute. I have seen it at 38 beats with me awake. The joys of being ill in this system. I don't have covid.
  5. Sure it is not brandy now from all the fires? 3 years ago we saw all the nice new vineyards, however there have lots of fires since then.
  6. I remember OS2, even had an OS2 computer in late 90s. Plug and play components, no wires. Concept was good but IBM tried doing an Apple proprietary thing with it. Only thing that survived is the smaller round mouse and keyboard connections. IBM is responsible for Microsoft as they chose their DOS basic ( UNIX ) to run on PC Jr. Plus Microsoft was 'supposed ' to be working on OS2 but wasn't and that caused a split between them that lasted for years. One of the worst windows was 98 original. Would not work on Compaq computers at the time and caused one of the largest home computer companies to basically lose so much that HP bought them out. My 12 year old laptop is a Compaq by HP.
  7. Don't feed the bears nor other critters. They like small pets for a snack.
  8. Kinks in Windows? What are you talking about? Windows doesn't have kinks.
  9. I am aware of this, but a lot older than 5-7 years don't have that setting in their BIOS. Then there is the CPU and secureboot factors. I have that bypass info too.
  10. Tried to install windows 11. Early attempts ended up - CPU not supported, TPM 2 not available, SecureBoot not available. Finally got win 11 on 12 year old laptop ( used small harddrive ). it was simple but time consumming. You need iso for win 10 and 11. mount both, copy to separate folders. replace win 10 sources file 'install.wim with one from win 11. run setup. voila.
  11. My wife grew up with A/C in California and trying to get her to open the windows when it is a bit cooler is a struggle.
  12. Ultra White paint could eliminate need for A/C in some areas https://www.engadget.com/ultra-white-paint-eliminates-air-conditioning-211150734.html?ncid=txtlnkusaolp00000618

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