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  1. Is this the right way to address a bug? Any experience?
  2. Ok, open the Good News brochure in JW Library and tapped the 3dots (Android!) in the top right corner of the screen. Then I tapped the video (with cloud symbol) and choosed the video quality (resolution) 720p. --> Download After this the video was playing. Switching to Airplane mode, the video doesn't play anymore. 😐
  3. Where is the original instruction to use the GN Brochure? I just know this: Videos Now Embedded in Good News Brochure Digital editions of the brochure Good News From God! on jw.org and in the JW Library app now include videos that supplement the material. If you have already downloaded the Good News brochure in JW Library, go to PUBLICATIONS > PENDING UPDATES to download the latest version with embedded videos. I can't believe that there is any instruction saying: Don't tap on the embedded video. 😉
  4. I don't like workarounds. 😎 I prefer the original purpose 🤓
  5. Since a few days we have in the German version of JW Library App the GN Brochure with videos. My sad experience today with my bible study: Couldn't start the video ("What Is the Condition of the Dead?") directly out of the brochure! Need internet connection! It doesn't work neither I played the video before at home (by wifi). I thought if I play the video at home, the file will be saved automatically on my tablet (Android). 🤔😕 Any explanation?
  6. Hallo Manfred, ich kan auf meinem Android Tablet weder bei den Bibel Sprachen die revidierte Ausgabe finden, noch wenn ich nach deiner "Problemlösung" vorgehe. Schade, heute Abend beginnt unsere Dienstwoche, und ich hätte gerne die neue Ausgabe digital genutzt...
  7. Thank you very much for your help Regarding the setup list with the topics: Does anyone have something like this?
  8. In what JW Broadcast did we had the video song "If You Could See What I See" (cart song). Do anyone have something like a setup list of the broadcasts? Thanks for your help.
  9. I know the distance from Tuvalu to Germany is about 15000 km. But I thought the Internet is rather fast. 1758 + your 6 = 1764
  10. Griaß di Astrid, there is that too in German? Thanks a lot, Ruben
  11. Hi, I'm searching for a list when our video songs (at jw.org called "Original Songs") have been published. I.e. "Your word endures forever" - Broadcast 2017-01 Thanks, Ruben
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