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  1. You can get some "canned air" and try blowing out the vents on the laptop. They get clogged easily, especially if you set them on a bed, etc. The cooling vents suck in the air and whatever is in it, like dust and lint. As mentioned, laptops tend to run hot and are set to power down if they reach a certain temperature to protect the CPU. Toshibas are especially prone to this problem. It would be best if you had or know someone who has an air compresser, but canned air will help in a pinch.
  2. So she touches up the dress you are wearing before you go to the meeting?
  3. Cute! But I think she looked better with the Borg implants.
  4. Mine would always crash once, the first time it was opened that day. I would reopen it and it would work fine from then on, until the next day. Since the 1809 update, this stopped happening and it opens fine and stays open.
  5. This bug was most likely fixed as Windows 10 is currently updated to the 1809 version.
  6. Duct tape, superglue, silicone caulk, there are countless ways.
  7. Yes, but you haven't received your final sealing yet
  8. I have heard that this app does what you describe although, I haven't used it myself. https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=net.andromo.dev351317.app378439&hl=en_US
  9. A tribute to our new Moderator, Richard: A man and a little boy came into a pet shop carrying a small box. The man stepped up to the counter and angrily demanded to see the manager. The manager came and asked "what seems to be the problem, sir?" The man said "you sold my son this turtle yesterday, and it can't even walk today, I want you to give him his money back" The manager said "I can't understand it, all of our pets are in excellent health! Let me look at the turtle" Examining the turtle, the manager saw that all four legs were just stumps. He said "I can't understand this, we certainly would not have sold it to your son in this condition. But, I will replace it with another one as a gesture of good faith" The manager went in the back room and brought out a healthy turtle and gave it to the man, who thanked him and turned to his son and said "look Tommy, here is a nice, new turtle for you" Tommy said "oh boy!" and grabbed the turtle, got down on the floor, and started sliding the turtle back and forth along the ground like a toy car, saying "zoom, zoom, zoom"
  10. Just an FYI for those who use Chrome as their browser of choice. Sometimes websites are so bright that they are uncomfortable for my eyes, especially later in the evening or after I've been online for a few hours. Some websites offer a "night or dark mode" but very few. I discovered this extension for Chrome a while ago and it works great. It installs a switch in the top toolbar that will toggle any website to dark mode or light mode with a click of the mouse. https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/dark-mode/dmghijelimhndkbmpgbldicpogfkceaj?hl=en Here's a sample of what this site looks like in dark mode:
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