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  1. Is there a way I can send an encouragement letter to the branch (or congregations) in Russia?  

    1. carlos


      I think there is no longer a branch in Russia. Not sure how to contact a congregation or if it's a good idea.


      But you can send encouraging letters to the brothers and sisters in Russian prisons. At https://jw-russia.org/prisoners.html you have a list of all the JWs in jail or undergoing trial in Russia. Most are in domiciliary arrest or waiting sentence, but for the 52 who are currently in prison (for example brother Bagratyan) the website provides the address where letters can be sent.


      Those letters have to be in Russian and cannot discuss their "forbidden" activities. So no talk of preaching or meetings. But they can contain a Bible scripture or an encouraging thought.


    2. Victoria


      You can write in English to brother Dennis Christensen. It's allowed now and he can read it.

      If you want to write someone else I can help to translate it in Russian.

  2. When I was a kid, I had a small group of friends I’d regularly hang out with. One of which was one little sister that I will call “J” for privacy reasons. She was the youngest in our group which, according to kid logic, means she’s a baby. I believe I’m 3-4 years older than her. You know how kids think; someone who is even one year younger than you is a baby, and someone a year plus older than you is basically a demigod. So I know I didn’t treat J the best since I viewed her as an annoying little kid. Yet, despite my snotty behavior, J always treated me with kindness and love. Even after she moved out of NY, she would send me letters, drawings and pictures. She didn’t forget about me, and showed how much she loved me. The last time I heard from her, she was 11 years old. Eventually, my parents separated, and my mother and I moved out of NY, and I lost contact with J. I couldn’t stop thinking about J. It didn’t take me long after that to realize how wrong I was in how I treated her. And out of all my friends, she was the most faithful, spiritual, and sweetest. She was the best friend I’ve ever had, and I not only treated her poorly, but now I lost contact with her so I couldn’t even apologize. I felt terrible. For the next years, while moving from Maine to South Carolina, I went on a search for J. I tried looking her up, desperately searching for a hint of where she could be. However, I always found a dead end, and I’d get disheartened and give up. This cycle would continue until I moved back to NY in 2012. As some of you may know, this is around the time period where I went on an intense mental journey, hospitalization, and recovery. I went through poor decisions, getting in trouble, went through a few failed relationships, and trying to understand who I really am. Only fairly recently have I gotten confident enough to figure out how my minds works, and coming to terms with a lot of things about me. Jehovah has shown me many times the way he answers my prayers is slowly in a crazy domino effect. I think he does that to prove to me that it is really Him that helped me, and not just by some chance. He did that when I had to go to court against my father, when he helped me take care of the aftermath of when my beloved Cooper passed away, when getting my next dog who was exactly what I’ve been wanting for years, and with financial aid for something I was struggling with since 2010. So hold onto your hats for this next domino effect. I recently decided to give my mother another chance. We’ve had a super strained relationship, and for years we didn’t talk to each other. But after some time, having one on one chats, and me finding some confidence I decided to be less angry and try being friendly towards my mom. A month ago, we went to the store together (which we hadn’t done in 8+ years), and I saw a book called “The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up”. I heard great things about the author, and I was looking at it when my mom noticed me eyeballing it. She asked if I wanted to get it, and I said no because I don’t like admitting I want material things. But she ignored me, and bought me the book anyway. After reading it, I felt motivated to do a deep cleaning of my room. So last week I was following the rules of the book, and I was able to throw away about 10 garbage bags full of stuff. My room felt lighter, and my mental state improved dramatically. (Side note: highly recommend reading that book and doing a deep clean for those who want to improve mentally). The book explained when throwing away things, save your sentimental items for last because that’s going to be the most difficult things to go through. And friends, I’m a hoarder when it comes to sentimental stuff. I can’t seem to throw away gifts or items that remind me of a happier time with friends and family. But after taking some stress pills, putting on some relaxing music, and my Millie (dog) at my side, I tackled all of my sentimental collection. The last thing I took down was a box I had in my closest of stuff from my freshmen year of high school and back. Among the notes I used to pass in school, art projects, and yearbooks were a little bundle of letters. When I opened them up, I saw they were all from J. I had saved all of J’s letters and drawings, and I was so happy to see them again. On the back of one letter was her old address (after she moved), a phone number, and her mom’s email. My heart started racing. I figured the phone number and mailing address would probably lead to a dead end, but I thought maybe the email would still work. I said a prayer, and then wrote a message to her mom explaining who I am, and I’m reaching out to reconnect again. Also I did some Google searches of the mailing address and phone number to see if there was any clues there, but there wasn’t any. After waiting for a bit, I figured the email might not pan out to anything since it was a Hotmail account. And who the heck uses Hotmail anymore! I tried once more to look up J’s name, but I couldn’t find a single thing. I was about to give up when I had a thought. (It was probably Jehovah tapping me on the head saying, “hold up”). Maybe if I look up the mom’s name instead, I’d have a better chance of finding results. Sure enough, that was the key. I immediately found her Instagram, and I nearly screamed. I quickly made myself an Instagram account (something I never thought I’d do lol), followed her and sent her a message through there. I was begging Jehovah for them to see my message and reply back to me. Couple hours later I got two notifications: (1) her mom replied to my message, and she said she remembered me, and (2) J requesting to follow me with a message attached. I was hysterically crying. I had found her! After all these years, I found my childhood friend! The three of us talked and cried, catching up on what happened in our lives and being so happy to find each other again. One of the first things I did was apologize to J and her mom. I said I was so sorry that I was such a nasty little kid, and that I treated J unfairly. They both said they only had good memories of me, and J understood that it was kid logic as well. To my surprise, she had been looking for me too. Once we lost contact, she never stopped thinking about me and worried what could have happened. We were so relieved to hear from each other again. I’m not one to go looking for people, especially in my past. I have no interest, mainly because I’m a loner introvert. But out of everyone in my life, I wanted to find J. I knew she’d still be in the truth, and be just as wonderful as an adult as she was as a kid. I’ve ran into some of my other childhood friends, and they’re no longer in the truth and not people I’d want to associate with. Yet I knew J would still be solid, and I was right. She’s became a beautiful woman who serves Jehovah faithfully, and she’s extremely sweet. She’s also married, and she’s a mom now! And her little girl looks exactly like J when she was a kid. I’ve been in amazement and disbelief this week that I reconnected with J again, and I had to tell everyone because of how happy I am. I’m so thankful to Jehovah for helping me find J and giving me the chance to give her that long awaited apology she deserved so many years ago. I hope this story brings you friends some positivity and reassurance that Jehovah answers prayers in due time. Don’t give up, friends! Keep moving forward!
  3. I have a question:  in my personal study today I’m on the topic of Moses.  Why didn’t the daughter of pharaoh give Moses an Egyptian name?  I remember someone telling me this answer or I read it in an article, but so far I can’t find it.  Any help I’d appreciate it.  Thanks!

    1. carlos


      Maybe she did and Moses is just the name he went by among the Hebrews.


      On the other hand, maybe Moses name was actually Egyptian. There are pharaohs named Thutmose and Ahmose, so maybe Pharaoh's daughter named him Mose or something-Mose, and coincidentally that name sounds similar to the Hebrew word for "taken from water".

    2. booboo


      The etymology of this name is a source of debate among scholars. In Hebrew, Moses means “Drawn Out; Saved Out of Water.” Historian Flavius Josephus argued that Moses was a compound of two Egyptian words meaning “water” and “saved.” Today, some scholars likewise believe that the name Moses is Egyptian in origin but feel that it most likely means “Son.” This argument, however, is based on the similar sound of the word “Moses” and some Egyptian names. Since no one really knows how either ancient Hebrew or Egyptian was pronounced, such theories are speculative

    3. comtemplate


      to add to the same things Carlos and booboo said it is also possible that it means son of a God since the Pharaoh's believed they were the embodiment of different gods Thotmoses son of thot Ramsus (son of Ra) 


      side bar I've thought it could be possible that Jehovah manevuered the meek man Moses to speak to Pharaoh since he too was the son of a God (the daughter of a Pharaoh and this could be why he was allowed in his presence

      And of course we know then when Pharaoh became fed up with Moses he told him the next time you see my face you'll be killed.

  4. So I’ve been doing my personal bible study, and decided to start back from the basics.  From Adam and Eve in Genesis to Revelation.  On this journey, one day I did the family tree of Noah and his sons’ descendants because I was getting confused just by reading the names in the scriptures.  I needed something visual to look at.  It was so much fun that I downloaded a Family Tree app (since I don’t think I have enough paper 😂) and began making a Biblical family tree chart starting with Adam and Eve.  Seeing all the names, doing the research on some of the little fun facts of lesser known descendants, and connecting the dots of how things came to be has been fascinating!  I look forward to every night to my personal bible study to add to my Biblical Family Tree and understanding more of the importance of each person.  I’d also love to know what little projects you friends have done for your personal bible study!


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    2. paulc


      Hugh O’D,  I like your study on which month different things occurring for Gods people, it so interesting.. any other tidbits?  

    3. carlos


      Van, this is very interesting. I think it deserves it's own topic rather than just a status update.

    4. Hugh O'D

      Hugh O'D

      paulc other titbits. Lots of things but what's important?


      1) Ex40:2 The tabernacle was also instituded in this month.

      2) Joshua 4:19 Israel crossed the Jordan in this month

      Frankly, if Nisan is the month of Armageddon and entering the New System I won't be surprised, but there is nothing in the Scriptures saying that.

      7th month

      1) Adam probably created

      2) Leviticus 16:29 Day of Atonement

      3) 2 Kings 25 Land of Judah abandoned

      4) Ezra 3:6 Pure Worship resumes in Jerusalem

      5) Jesus probably born

      Again, some of these are patterns, others may just be conincidences, there's only 12 months for things to happen in and some months you just want to stay indoors. The list goes on. Agape 

  5. The waves of grief has hit me again.  Missing my dog, Cooper, who passed away in January.  Been really struggling lately.  I’ll be okay, it’s just hitting me past couple weeks again.  The other night I literally cried on my bedroom floor uncontrollably, and today I had a mini meltdown.  Grief is no joke..

    1. ChocoBro


      I understand how you feel, sis. Sometimes, I visit my Mom's house and as I go through the door, I am hopeful of my buddy coming running across the corner to great me with a vocal "meooooowww" ... boy how I miss those gorgeous blue eyes and that look of absolute devotion. And sometimes I look outside at the flowers that are on top of his "grave" and the only thought that crosses my mind is "I miss him..." I will never get a pet again in this system that will be the same. Ever.


      Don't ever let anybody tell you that it is extreme to love or miss an animal companion. Jehovah created us as their stewards and created them as our devoted underlings, to cherish and care for. Not dissimilar to the way Jesus and Jehovah cherish us, despite how far beneath them we are in so many ways...

    2. Hugh O'D

      Hugh O'D

      Dear Sister Van, I'm really sorry that you're going through such a hard time just now. Truly grief is no joke, all the times that we want to hug and pat our pets and can't, it hurts us physically as well as emotionally. Do keep taking care of yourself and remember that Jehovah understands fully how you feel, after all he made us to love and care for our pets. You will get through this because Jehovah is "grasping your right hand" (Is. 41:13), and in the meantime your distress is "distressing to him" (Is 63:9) so do keep throwing your burdens on him, because he does care for you. May Jehovah grant you comfort and move others to provide you comfort at this difficult time also. Your Brother, Hugh Agape 

    3. nanceebgd46


      I had a cat named Chloe ...for sixteen years...I loved her so much and when she

      had to be put to sleep...I sobbed and cried until I couldn't cry anymore...just as if a

      loved friend had died...so, I do understand how much it hurts!


      After awhile, you'll be able to remember the good times you had, and how much

      she uplifted my life.:sunshine:



  6. Meet my new fur baby, little miss Millie! I got her just before the virus hit, and she’s been quite the blessing. She’s been keeping my household in good spirits, and keeps me company as I hide in my room. I’m so thankful this little girl picked me to be her mommy!
  7. Hi all! I would like new and interesting illustrations on the importance of Jesus’ ransom sacrifice to use. I know the illustration of the train switchman, which is really good. Any of you have any that you like? Long ones, short ones, I’d love to hear them all! Thanks!
  8. I’m looking for antiviral face masks, but can’t find them anywhere.  With all the flu germs and viruses spreading around like crazy, my friend can’t go outside (autoimmune disease).  I want to help her out so if anyone knows where I can get antiviral masks please let me know!  Thanks!

    1. Stormswift


      Hi there Van. Please pass on my best wishes to your friend. Here in NZ, where there is no reported virus - we are still running out of masks too - uable to buy abroad or locally. However, it seems the Govt. do have supplies for when something like we are seeing happens. Perhaps it may be a good idea to talk to your friend's health service provider ... as they may have stock for someone in her position. 


    2. kejedo


      I have several auto-immune disorders as well as severe allergies and anaphalaxes. I asked several of my medical docs about masks. They said the typical paper medical masks are designed and meant to block germs and viruses. I have used them this season. No flu shots for me, and caught none this year. I, personally do not find that they protect me from fragrances which seem to have a floating, wafting molecule that settles on the paper filter and seems up front and personal. I can smell it more and still have adverse reactions. I have been told that if I wear one to the local Hall, I will be sent home.  Just sent an email to the Cong Secretary about this. At this moment his wife is the worst perfumer in our hall. Once she hugged me and I had to immediately leave the Hall. Was tearing off outer layers on my way to see if I had to go to the hospital or if I could make it home.  Sometimes I have to leave the meeting and go straight to the E.R. Sorry to go OT. Hope the masks work for your friend. In our area, if a medical worker does not get the flu shot, he/she must wear the typical med mask while on duty. They say it keeps from spreading out or catching (in).


  9. I measure every Grief I meet

    With narrow, probing, eyes – 

    I wonder if It weighs like Mine – 

    Or has an Easier size.

    1. happiness IS

      happiness IS

      Poem by Emily Dickinson. 


      While she was extremely prolific as a poet and regularly enclosed poems in letters to friends, she was not publicly recognized during her lifetime.

      Sad, I should start reading her poems.

  10. My dog, Cooper, passed away today.  I’m devastated.

    1. Show previous comments  7 more
    2. booboo


      Brother Darin, I know what you mean, I feel the same way to.  

    3. Victoria


      I am so sorry to hear that.  It's really painful. May Jehovah, the God of all comfort,  be with you.

    4. happiness IS

      happiness IS

      Those of us who were privileged to own a pet are grieving along with you. 😧

      Cooper was such a wonderful gift from Jehovah. Remember the good times he had with you. 

      I still cry for my Mikki. It has been 5 years since she left me. Waiting for the New System to meet my new toy Manchester terrier/chihuahua mix. 

      I have my meeting tonight and my nose all red and eyes puffy.  

      All my love, Van


      5 facts about the 5 stages of grief. Click to learn more about the 5 stages of grief and how to cope. #griefquotes #coping #with #grief #quotes




  11. My dog, cooper, is 15 years old.  Since he’s a little old skinny man now, I’ve decided that I’m gonna start making home cooked meals for him that’s healthy and puts some weight on him again.  I found a couple of healthy recipes, and mixed in some vitamin supplements for small senior breeds, and he’s been loving it!  I’m a happy momma seeing my baby enjoy his new food, and that he’s healthy for him.  

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. Tcvancoops


      FOUND IT!!!  Sweet, next batch of food for my baby will now include some liver!  Whew, my boy eats better than I do lol

    3. Myew


      Just be careful not to give too much liver, as it can lead to Vitamin A toxicity.

    4. Tcvancoops


      Yea, I’m just giving him a little, especially since he’s so small

  12. Freiheit

    1. Sheep


      That sounds better. :encourage: Glad to hear it.

    2. Tcvancoops


      There’s still tears, but it’s a step in the right direction.  Hopefully

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