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  1. Thanks for your reply Lauren .. I wasn't asking a question of anyone ... but enjoyed your replies anyway thank you my dear. We seem to be on the same page. It says in the fact sheet there is "no'FDA-approved' vaccine to prevent covid19" I had heard trials for Pfizer won't end until end of 2023 but the FDA site says they don't have a time line. So I agree with you, the sooner the better. See their answer in screens hot below. The FDA site FAQ section.
  2. Yes Lauren exactly. As it's not completed trials it is only authorised for emergency use. If the pandemic subsides and I hope it does ... then they have to pull it from general circulation until it's fully approved.
  3. Hmm yet deeper into their site they state this... or am I reading it wrong? To see the whole document type in Pfizer vaccine fact sheet in the FDA website or on the link you have provided.
  4. Just another few differences between FDA and EUA ... only an FDA vaccine can be used as a subsequent booster on an annual or other basis. Second EUA vaccines can only be used short term once the threat has subsided it has to be withdrawn until trials are complete (est end of 2023 on the pfizer) before it can be used as an FDA vaccine. Morning my friend.
  5. Makes me wonder if your cdc and the FDA are actually communicating with each other as the information on the FDA website says there is no FDA vaccine to stop anyone from getting covid. As I'm in NZ not sure who holds the stronger sway FDA or the CDC?
  6. I know Luce ... so much suffering and heartache even without covid. Love all of you who are standing firm for Jehovah in the most horrible situations.
  7. It becomes quite dicey either way if you have a recent or distant I guess history of blood clots.
  8. I dunno ... Im one who is in the camp of wanting to wait and see. In a perfect world I'd wait until it's FDA approved ... (it's FDA EUA only at this stage*) ... but if you are in the throes of a raging pandemic then it might be a risk worth taking. I, here in NZ, have the luxury of the pandemic being a lesser risk than any potential side effects from the vaccine. In NZ we have the Pfizer vaccine. So unless the status quo changes and it could anytime, I have time on my side. I have so much empathy for those of you faced with an on the spot decision. I know each of you will make the decision that is right for you. * information taken from the fact sheet on the Pfizer vaccine from the FDA (US) website. There is no FDA approved vaccine to stop anyone from getting covid19, but what they are trying to do from my research is limit the severity of covid19, hospitalisation's and death.
  9. Wow Hopefully that's the end of it for us. The worst of the tsunami has passed .. it equated to very high tidal surges and high tides for us thankfully. I think we are just far enough south to escape the worst of things.
  10. We are ok in Whanganui but northland is in chaos people with picnic baskets and going down to the beach how stupid. We are all checking on friends and family in the northland gisbourne region.
  11. We are getting helicopters overhead assessing our coast and river as I type.
  12. Just an update on New Zealand earthquakes. At 2.27 this the first of three current large earthquakes happened. It was 7.1 around the white island vacinity Then at 7.45 ish we were on field service and a 7.4 happened at kermadecs just above NZ Then at 8.30 we have had a 8.0 There is a tsunami warning for north and east of the north island. The rest of NZ is currently being assessed. No reported damage as they were offshore. The Tsunami warning remain our greatest risk at the moment. Bizarrely genet is not reporting the last two but TV new zealand and stuff media is.
  13. What beautiful work everyone!! I'm very taken with the eye of your horse Annie ... very expressive - that's difficult to do. Im working on birdlife and flowers and butterflies - when I think I've improved a little I'll show you all. Hope you don't mind Annie, I've just joined your club. Lovely ideas here.
  14. The other thing relating to love - that has been very profound for me ... is understanding that the world around us does not understand love no matter how much they try - why? Because Jehovah IS love. Only once we understand what Jehovah has done for us via Jesus do we enter into the jetstream of Jehovah's love - while people willingly or unwillingly choose to stay on the other side of the chasm between mankind and Jehovah ... their 'love' is based on how Satan the greatest narcissist portrays it. So vastly different to the love Jehovah teaches. I know you all knew that way before me - just wanted to catch up with everyone and be on your wavelengths.

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