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    Mum found the Truth when I was about 4yrs old. I was a rebellious teenager and left Jehovah for a few years, but found my way back when I was about 17. That was many years ago!!
    Stuagu is my brother :)

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    Spiritual: God's Word and Draw Close to God
    Fiction: Jane Eyre (I love her determination to do what's right in God's eyes).

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  1. I have one of these miniature Bibles with the magnifying glass. It's a complete King James version with illustrations. I love it but, unfortunately, impossible for me to read, even with the magnifying glass. O for the eyes of a 20 year old!
  2. Oops! I guess I should have looked up the word "Anglophile" and not just assumed it meant you were born in the UK!!
  3. If they are well cared for orchids will reward you year after year. Once the spray has finished flowering, I usually cut it down by about a third, at about an inch from a joint, and this sometimes encourages it to put out another spray. You have to be patient though! For the first time ever, I have a phalaenopsis which is sprouting three little plantlets instead of putting out a new sprays! Missy ... where are you from originally? I'm in Kent.
  4. Hi Cheryl. They look like Phalaenopsis Orchids. There is a huge variety of sizes and colours. Try this website www.phalaenopsiscare.net to find out about watering, feeding, etc. They are reasonably easy to care for and they flower for months. Enjoy!
  5. O = Ostrich and Owl Deut 14:15 the ostrich, the owl, the gull, every kind of falcon,
  6. M : Mule Psalm 32: 9 Do not make yourselves like a horse or mule without understanding
  7. Wow! This is just FAB! Thank you so much Musky.
  8. Ooops!! I think I need to correct my transcription slightly! I've had another listen to this and I think the third line should read "WHEN our thoughts SURROUND you like a warm embrace" Apologies brothers and sisters My ears and laptop speaker are not what they should be!
  9. I've had a go at transcribing the lyrics from the November broadcast. Not absolutely sure that it's absolutely word perfect because the speaker in my laptop is not very good! We won't forget you! When the wind blows When the rain comes When the ground beneath you starts to slip away God is always near And he cares for you You're not alone Your friends are here We'll help you find your way We won't forget you We are your family We won't ignore you We will not fail to see We'll take your hand, We'll help you stand We'll help you carry on We won't forget you We are your family When the storm's gone When the day breaks With our thoughts around you like a warm embrace Then you come to know That it's really so Love is a bond A perfect bond that time will not erase We won't forget you We are your family We won't ignore you We will not fail to see We'll take your hand We'll help you stand We'll help you carry on We wont forget you We are a worldwide family We wont forget you We are your family
  10. This is an article appearing today on the BBC website. One the whole it is neutral/positive in it's reporting, although it does have some negative and inaccurate comments by a former JW towards the end. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/magazine-28166192
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