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  1. There are a lot of things in the world that I do not know why Jehovah created them that way. Tobacco plants, mosquitoes, etc. All of those things work together in God's purpose. We are told that we do not have to fear wild animals in the New System. Jehovah stopped the hungry lions from attacking Daniel. I hope he stops the hungry mosquitoes when they are around me. I don't know all the uses for pine trees, but Jehovah does. I do not know why the universe is so vast, but Jehovah does. Why is there so much variety: in fruits?; in vegetables?; in trees?; in animals? I don't know. I don't need to know!
  2. I am not pro-vaccine I am not antivaccine Everyone has to make up their own mind whether or not to get the vaccine. I am fine with that. The GB has definitely strengthened what I already believed about the vaccine. I have to go with the science. This will probably be my last comment on this post. I see no reason to post anything else.
  3. I have searched all through various reports and I can not find one verifiable death from the COVID-19 vaccine. So far the reports on VAERS have all been coincidental rather than causal. There are plenty of websites that talk about the vaccinations and deaths, but, I have searched many of them, and I cannot find one time that a COVID vaccine was actually the cause of the death.
  4. Someone may have already answered this, but I haven't had time to read every post. The way I look at it is like a race. When your body gets infected, the virus starts multiplying and the your body starts producing antibodies. If the antibodies are produced fast enough you may never have symptoms. That's why some people were asymptomatic. They could spread the disease and never know they had it. Many people (probably most) have immune symptoms that may not work as fast. There bodies just do not produce antibodies fast enough, so they get sicker. It also depends on how much of the virus gets into your body. A small amount of the virus means that your body has more time to produce antibodies. This might produce a milder form of the disease. What all of this means to me is that I want a head start in the race. Vaccines cause an immune response that produces antibodies ahead of time. If you are in a race, do you want to start at the start line? Or. since you can legally start 50 yards ahead, would you rather do that? Because in this case, if your opponent wins, you just might die. As the vaccines wane somewhat, you are still better off than the unvaccinated, but the booster increases that head start you have. Yes, I definitely want the booster. As a matter of fact, my wife and I already had the booster.
  5. Some anti-vaxxers point to VAERS as evidence that the vaccine is dangerous. With VAERS, if a 90-year-old man gets a vaccine and dies a month later from natural causes, it gets reported to VAERS. It doesn't matter what the real cause of death is, doctors are required to report it. Some time later research is done to decide if the vaccine caused the death. So far there have been zero (0) confirmed deaths caused by the vaccine. I repeat: The research done so far has not shown any deaths caused by the vaccine. But anti-vaxxers act like if anyone dies after having the vaccine, it was caused by the vaccine. It doesn't matter that the car they were riding in was totaled. Just blame it on the vaccine. The way to prevent new strands from developing is to get vaccinated and not let the virus grow in your body.
  6. I believe in the safety and efficacy of vaccines. I also believe that people each have to make their own decisions. I don't even ask people if they are vaccinated, because it really is not my business. If I have to have a worker come to my house to repair something, I will ask if he is vaccinated. If he will be inside the house working, I have a right to know.
  7. I don't want to get off-topic, so I sent you a PM.
  8. Answering your question might be getting off-topic for that post.


    The best way to verify address is through the USPS site.  I have attached a video I created to explain the way to use USPS for verification.  Some addresses on DATA-AXLE actually do not receive mail at the address.  Sometimes people do not put-up mail boxes at their street addresses, but may get mail some other way, such as a PO Box.



  9. The term "natural immunity" is misleading. Some people use it to mean post-covid immunity, but immunity after being vaccinated is also "natural immunity." They both use the same immune system which Jehovah created to protect against the disease. We seem to be stuck with the Anti-vaxxers use of the term "natural immunity" since it is so pervasive. More than a third of COVID-19 infections result in zero protective antibodies “Natural immunity” fades faster than vaccine immunity, particularly after mild infection “Natural immunity alone” is only half as effective as natural immunity plus vaccination https://sciencebasedmedicine.org/natural-immunity-covid-19/
  10. Hope; You and I agree on too many things for us to be at odds on this. The governing body tells us that the vaccines have proven safe and effective for the GB and Bethel families around the world. They do not tell individuals that they should take the vaccine. That is a personal decision. I used to say that I could either believe certain news anchors and politicians OR I could believe the science. Now I would have to say that I can either believe those news anchors and politicians OR I can believe the GB. I believed the science before, but now I believe the GB. That being said, I do not tell people what they should do, and that includes vaccines. I also do not judge anyone for their choices. That is their personal decision. No one has to explain to me why they choose a certain way. They do not actually have to tell me what choice they made. It is not my business. I think if you read my entire earlier post you will find that we are still agreeable on most things. My way of explaining it may leave a lot to be desired however.
  11. If Vern hasn't seen any deaths, I can see why he would not be concerned. My older sister told me about several family members who have had COVID, about 14 in all. 1 died from COVID, 2 survived COVID and then died due to organ damage from COVID. There are several forms of coronavirus. I read that about 30% of common colds are caused by coronavirus. Some forms of coronavirus are more contagious than others and also more deadly. VERN said that he worked in a group of 600 people and none of them even had COVID. About 15% of people have had COVID. Going by averages, out of 600 people you would expect about 90 people to get COVID, but the thing about averages is that they are averages. If you have your head in a hot oven and your feet in a refrigerator, on the average you are comfortable. So maybe VERN was in a group that did not fit the average. It takes some of these websites over 2 years to compile data on health statistics and death rates. I have heard that the death rate for 2020 was higher, not just because of COVID, but also because of other diseases. Preliminary death rates for 2020 can be viewed here: https://usafacts.org/articles/preliminary-us-death-statistics-more-deaths-in-2020-than-2019-coronavirus-age-flu/#:~:text=In comparison%2C 2%2C854%2C838 people died in 2019%2C meaning,per 1%2C000%2C the highest death rate since 1943. 2020 had the highest death rate since 1943. The local hospital in my town has had to add refrigerated trucks because they could not hold all the deaths in the morgue. I have heard from friends in some areas that COVID-19 has been all over the area. I personally do not know anyone in the area who has died, but a drive by the local hospital reveals that the deaths are for real.
  12. It was mentioned to me that the brothers in my new congregation (I moved here in 2016) had wanted to put the territories on the internet for over 10 years, but none of them had the time. I was asked to put the territories online. I researched the websites that brothers had designed. I asked an elder what he thought and he said just choose one myself. I had no knowledge of those sites. I was given access to some proprietary data to use. Territory Helper said it cost them $20.00 per congregation per year to maintain the site. Territory Assistant said that there site would always be free but they do accept donations. I chose Territory Assistant. It took me about 3 days working full time (I am retired) to get all the territories on the website. I simply used the same territory boundaries that had been used in the past. As I look back there are some territory boundaries that I would have changed, but we have already made out new wall maps from the web site and changing them now is not going to happen. They are just minor details anyway. We have new wall maps, new territory map cards on full page sheets. The territory map cards have QR codes that can be read so that the publishers have the information on their devices. At present is just sending PDF files extracted from DATA-AXLE or from a GIS site for the county. Using DATA-AXLE, I can have a well-formatted letter-writing territory (PDF file) for the Service committee in a few hours. Getting a territory with more complete telephone numbers takes much longer. The work I did making territories in PDF format is what prompted the elders to ask me to do the website. I have personally sent Territory Assistant a donation for use of the website, but did not ask the congregation for a refund. Territory Assistant does not need all the publishers to have access to the website, but just to read a QR code to have the information on their device for the territory for door to door work. At present, the Service Overseer just assigns territory to the publisher and sends them a PDF file (either letter-writing or complete) for the territory.
  13. Thanks! I was going to add that fact, but something else came up and it was too late to edit it..
  14. About 13% of the people in the US have had it. The death rate was about 2% before the vaccines and around 1% now (because the ones who had underlying health problems have now been vaccinated). 13%, 2%, and 1%. That doesn't sound like a lot. But when you consider 330,000,000 population in the US, it means over 45,000,000 have had the disease, and over 750,000 deaths. Without masks and vaccines things would have been much worse.
  15. I had a nephew who survived COVID and then died from the damage done to his organs by COVID. I had a brother-in-law who had tests done on his heart before he got COVID. His heart was in great shape he was told. After having COVID he died with heart problems. That disease leaves a lot of unseen damage.

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    My story is quite long. I first became involved with Jehovah's Witnesses in 1958. My father began studying with the Witnesses and I sat in on all the studies. My cousins would come to visit but I preferred to sit there in the study while my siblings and cousins played outside. We had just begun to attend the Kingdom Hall when my father was diagnosed with Leukemia. After staying in the hospital for a while my father died in January 1960. I was almost 11 years old.
    My mother returned to the Baptist Church and took me, my two younger sisters, and my younger brother along. I had two older sisters that were more or less on their own. I still believed what little I had learned and when asked to read a scripture in high school (in 1965) I read Psalms 83:18.
    In 1969, I was visiting at my older sisters house. She had gone shopping with my mother. I answered a knock on the door. It was a circuit servant and the congregation servant's wife calling. I accepted a bible study.
    Over the next few months, everyone in my family studied the bible. I was baptized in 1970 and got married in 1972. My wife and I attended the Kingdom Hall fairly regularly, even though I had a crazy work schedule, until about 1980. We slowly drifted away from the meetings.
    There was a time when I would get home after working all night and go to the meeting with virtually no sleep.

    After 1980, I rarely attended meetings at all. We were just drifting along. We did almost nothing about he truth until late 1987 when we moved to another state. We started attending meetings and studied for a while with an elder there.
    In 1989 we moved to another city and attended some meetings there but were never regular. I retired in Oct, 2010 and started attending meetings regularly. That was one of my goals that helped me decide to retire.
    My daughter bought a house and my wife and I moved there with her after her husband died. We stayed there for over a year and then bought a house close by in June 2012. Since moving that time we both have been attending more regularly.
    My determination now is to stay with the truth and live my life for Jehovah.

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