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  1. In times past, one of the articles I read where the authorities were seeking to take a certain member of the congregation or to hurt them, several of the sisters formed a ring around the brother. He was able to slip out a side door and escape. Jesus also employed this method, perhaps not with sisters around him but allowing the confusion of the situation to permit him with a distraction to flee. In the event it would have caused more harm to those with him, he readily went with them. I found it interesting the comment about martial arts above, I have more to say about that, but need to cut my response short for now. Immobilizing and fleeing is the purpose of self-defense. Or at least this is what I was taught.
  2. I walked the high school running track today with my granddaughters, for a total of 3km, we could have done more, but it was lunchtime. Water 2L. Cals 1700, a bit high for the day.
  3. I had joined a gym online during covid to try to stay motivated. Some of the cardio activities I enjoy are dancing and walking. I sometimes do jacks, box squats, leg lifts. standing leg raises, and then incorporate weights. I find my heart rate skyrockets much more significantly if I'm doing weight bearing exercises. I also use youtube videos for in-home walking. Leslie Sansome, Joanna Soh, and Keomi are some of my favorites. I walked 25 km last week, but that's a very minimal amount. My focus is more on protein intake, water intake, and maintaining a certain caloric value. I am a menopausal woman, so that also adds a layer of 'fun' to the mix. I seen a shift in my weight loss pattern when I dropped coffee, and sugar. These days I'm doing 100g of protein, drinking 2L or more of water, walking 30 minutes per day (sometimes less, sometimes more) I've noticed a huge jump in my energy levels by ensuring these things get done. I also supplement with a multivitamin and iron.
  4. Stay awake. Keep your garments. Perform holy acts of conduct. Things we do, things we don't do. Don't let the demons tamper with your Christian identity. 


    1. Vinnie


      thanks for posting the morning worship video, it is a good one and the reminder is always timely

    2. ReadYourBible


      I was reading through the thread 'What convinces you personally the GT is about to happen' and came across it, glad you enjoyed. Here's another from my gleanings. Stop, look, listen and live. 



  5. Hey Carlos, I see that Tortuga started a study project thread (could you put my milanote post in with it - I didn't see it before I posted) Thanks, Sharon. 

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    2. ReadYourBible
    3. carlos


      Thanks, Sharon. It's merged now. (tu) That's an interesting way of studying.

    4. ReadYourBible


      Yes, it allows you to keep all your thoughts in one place.

  6. So, I've always kind of been old school about study projects. Write them, or just read and make a few notes. But I found out about a free storyboard program called milanote, and wow. Not sure where I heard about it, but its a cool little tool and I wanted to share it with you guys in case you wanted to storyboard any of your study projects. This is one where I've kind of put down all the things I need to work at, focus on. It's kind of hodge podge, but I started with one focal piece and then it grew out from there. If I'm to do x, then y must happen kind of deal. I hope no one is weirded out by my using some of our publications pictures in my personal study project. This picture I've attached is the actual story board I created. ❤️ It's kind of what I started to do with my bible study project, where I looked at each scripture and then found references for it - but then the brothers brought out the study bible! They'd done the work for me!
  7. Thanks for mentioning that by the way. If I'm being honest, I didn't even notice faith was missing from the list 😢 

    1. Witness1970


      I tend to be a little strange.  I pay attention to detail.  Often I notice things that are completely inconsequential.


      It's nice that you are working on things for the convention.  Jehovah surely appreciates what you do.


    2. ReadYourBible


      Thanks, we're trying. Normally I'd say I notice details too, but this one went sailing on by. I counted the number of beads to see there were nine but didn't look the paper over that thoroughly since we'd be making our own. We've made nearly 50 of the little heart/bead combos (we'll be doing 90, the other sisters are doing 90 each too), I haven't printed out any of the associated cards that will go with it. I was thinking to use the boxed off section in the article I attached below. I was thinking maybe the bead thing attached to it would make for a better gift rather than just a strand of beads. That way if a person doesn't like the bead thingy, they could use the listing of the fruitages as a bookmark. I'll probably laminate it but that won't come until all the beaded pieces are done. It's a cute project, and the grandkids are really enjoying it. 


  8. Why did you leave out faith in your list?

    1. ReadYourBible


      It's a do-dad we got offline, we didn't make this picture. Thanks for pointing out the flaw though. Without faith none of these is possible. 

    2. ReadYourBible
    3. ReadYourBible


      Sorry sheep, yes this could be confusing. I had a little post up that had a project from pintrest. The pic was from someone else (it didn't have faith on it - I completely missed that it wasn't there) We're making this project for the convention - a sister and I are doing a bunch of little things to give away, eventually. I thought I posted about it somewhere, but maybe I didn't? (Ah nope, found it, its on my status post before this)

  9. So, after being known by the same name here for what seems to be eons, I decided to change my name to something I need to be reminded of. *laughs* As well, a little photo, of a project we're working on for the upcoming convention. 

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    2. ReadYourBible


      Sorry, I've been meaning to change it for ages. But couldn't think of another name! Then I was like, what do you struggle most with? Why do you come here? Sometimes I'm struggling with something, so I will come here. Then I thought, how many times have I thought to myself 'ReadYourBible' lol and bam, my new name was born.

    3. M.J.


      So who are/were you?

    4. LoneWanderer


      She's THE Sharon 😎

  10. Changed my profile photo. It says "Me looking outside to see what chapter of Revelation we're doing today."

  11. I hope you don't mind Louisa, I shared this on my facebook ❤️ So encouraging.
  12. In the last five years, I went from a full-time employee in a high-stress job, to found a tumour in my chest, then went back to work. Had a full hysterectomy (no wimpy laparoscopy for me, always gotta do everything the hard way) after they discovered a pumpkin sized growth in my uterus, my husband lost his job, twice. His Dad died, and mine had emergency surgery. My aunt died. Adopted two children, and then moved one province over and 1400 km away (it was a fantastic move) Got bit up by the family dog and needed 18 stitches, had to put him down because he had a brain tumour. Started homeschooling during a pandemic. I have to say Jehovah ❤️ is good. He's sustained me through one trial after another, and I haven't lost my sanity yet. NO WONDER I'VE BEEN CRANKY LOL!

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    2. Lance
    3. Norbro


      Yes, hang in there, sis! Sorry to hear of your hardships, and you're right, it's no wonder if you've been cranky. What a great witness it is in the "court case" between Jehovah and Satan that you are remaining faithful!

    4. comtemplate


      wow you've been through so much! hold fast to your mind.  you may need to Treat yourself from time to time.  you're mind is all we have in order to keep serving Jehovah. (Alhzeimers is big in my family) take it from me 

  13. I was looking at this article today. Was feeling a bit irritated over some of the attitudes and I couldn't quite place why the anger. This article helped me to put some of that into perspective and help me regain my balance.
  14. Be the woman at the well. Although you have many failings, the right people see through your faults and respect you for your honesty. Be a Jael. Sometimes the tent peg IS the only way to get the job done

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