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  1. I agree. We each can do a little to show Jehovah we want to live in a paradise, even if it's just keeping our own home/yard/car tidy and recycling what we can and not being wasteful and leave the rest until the New World. In the meantime keep our own 'helping the planet' balanced with our need to tell people of what will really resolve all the planet's issues. This reminds me of when some missionaries were sent to a very poor country. They were warned that they would see some terrible sights caused by poverty, but to remember that God's New World is the only answer, so don't get too involved in trying to change the system or trying to help every person they come across. If they did then Satan will fill all their time with charitable works and leave no time for telling people the important message that would ultimately solve it all. Our important promises from God could also possibly help some individuals change their priorities for a better outlook on their poor lives and not wasting time on anything that would be going nowhere for them like false religion or politics or protest movements.
  2. The scandal of the 30 000 stolen children of Spain is back in the News again as the government of Spain has been requested by the European Courts to regard the event of most of the 20th Century in Spain as "Crimes against Humanity" which means that the Spanish Government cannot cover up the scandal by declaring a Statute of Limitations on most of the cases like they have been doing. This meant that most of the cases were declared as 'Out of Date' for criminal prosecution when people had just found out that they had had children stolen from them and trafficked by church-run hospitals/orphanages. https://www.thelocal.es/20181121/spain-takes-first-step-towards-historic-stolen-babies-law It has also been confirmed now that what was once a political policy under Franco, had been such a lucrative business for the religious institutions, that it became a continuous business after Franco's time. It has also come to light that all Catholic countries need to look to their church run hospitals and orphanages because it has been revealed that Guatamala and Argentina definitely ran the same child selling business from their institutions as well. Why is this more than just a scandal of the Catholic Church? The policy under Franco and afterwards was that the hospitals/orphanages had played 'God' in the sense of deciding who would make suitable mothers for children brought up in their country. At first it was children of unmarried mothers, the mother wanted to keep the baby, she may have been wealthy enough to do so, but other members of the family would contact the hospital/orphanage, to ask them to co-operate with the scheme to tell the mother, after she gave birth and indicated she wanted to keep her baby, that it had died and spirit it away for sale elsewhere and leave the mother with a coffin of hospital waste to bury. Later, even during so-called Democracy in many countries and Spain, the orphanages - short of cash - would assess other women. They may have declared themselves as being atheist, communist or another none Catholic faith. In some cases, the government would have arrested the father as a radical or religion that was restricted in that country, so the institution would see the child as easy to remove from the family - no one would stand in their way as they were not favoured in the country. It makes me wonder if any of our brothers in Spain or Latin American Countries or any other Catholic Country may have been duped this way when their pregnant wives went into hospital and came home without a baby, being told it had died. It seem to have gone on on an industrial scale in some places! It's been part of documentaries on our Radio 4 News service this week as a series, following a similar one of Ireland as I showed above.Looking mainly at Spain, Guatamala & Argentina. https://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/m0003jr1
  3. Quite a few towns and cities in UK have taken to urban planting where they grow their own vegetables on spare bits of green land or grow herbs in planters in railway stations and people that live locally can weed them when they can and help themselves to the produce. Todmorden in the County of Lancashire UK led the way growing a variety of food in public spaces. This saved on the carbon footprint of bringing food into the town from far away via truck transport and there was no need to think in terms of industrial growing of anything. Growing what wanted to grow in the area, they found the harvests were abundant. Things learned from the experiment is that a small town can make enough of it's own compost from domestic fruit and vegetable peelings/plain cardboard/leaf litter/soft bush clippings and grass cuttings to feed the local soil. Also, if the compost is done properly, it can bring in it's own varieties of worms. At the end of the compost maturing time - warmth and right mixture is key here - the whole heap was carefully scattered around the planting areas and left. What is being learned is that WORMS DO THE DIGGING they do amazing things digesting organic matter in soil and mixing it with good bacteria and excreting it and aerating the soil while they blindly tunnel about themselves. Gardening and agriculture are now learning NOT TO DIG soil over/no tilling. Let worms do the digging. Unnecessary human digging releases too much carbon and breaks up and kills too much of the the soil microbiome. Hoeing around the surface is all that is needed to kill weeds and expose insect grubs for birds to eat. Deep digging only happens for planting and getting rid of invasive species, not endlessly turning a garden/farm fields over every year and having bare soil between plantings. Bare soil leeches out the minerals, farmers now grow cover crops even in winter that serves as fodder for animals and keeps soil structure together. Once we have learned to work with nature, know what grows best in our particular environment and eat to the seasons to the best of our ability it will reward us with good harvest and also save us much hard work fighting with soil and weather when we are growing wrong things in wrong places on wrong soil with wrong methods.It will save much carbon wasted transporting food to us and buying fake fertilizers that are made from manufacturing byproducts having to be shipped in and regularly dug in and sprayed on crops because we don't know how to let nature feed our soil naturally.
  4. This is reminiscent of the spies that came to the UK, sitting with Putin on Soviet TV and in their media, claiming that they were in the city of Salisbury as tourists to look at the cathedral despite the fact they were followed by local CCTV security cameras in the city going in the opposite direction towards the home of Mr Scripal (the spy who was poisoned with Russian Novichok that also damaged a few other people as well). UK Newspapers had uncovered the fact they were Russian army people acting undercover and Mr Scripal was on their hit list for providing information about the Soviets to the West.It was so obvious who the Russian men were it seemed either amateur or blatant how they did it and the UK newspapers even took their photographs to where one of the men was born in Russia and his old relatives identified him as well. But these false reports were not for the benefit of the West, they were fake news to placate the ordinary people of their own country who they hope don't have access to any other opinion. As I posted with news item links previously, these 'torture' tactics have been in use in Russian Police stations and prisons for many years now and are a regular matter for human rights courts outside Russia to complain about. They seem to be ignored in Russia as unwanted interfering, unless the cry is so loud they have to make a show of arresting some police/soldiers (like in Yaroslavl 2017) and making out that those Police/soldier actions were 'rogue' and not 'policy' to placate people again. So sad when the Witnesses were good quiet obedient tax paying citizens in a country so rich in art and culture and now it is becoming more isolated and inward it will lose tourist income because of actions reminiscent of their dark past being uncovered and not dealt with properly.
  5. Sad fact is that Amnesty International, a UK charity that watches human rights abuses, has reported Russia's torture of prisoners for years since Putin came to power. This incident with the brothers is just the pinnacle of a long series of such nasty activities in Russia: https://www.theguardian.com/world/2000/oct/15/russia.chechnya 2000 https://www.atlanticcouncil.org/blogs/ukrainealert/torture-in-eastern-ukraine-and-what-comes-after-it 2015 https://www.raamoprusland.nl/dossiers/rechtsstaat/398-torture-is-common-practice-in-russia-s-gulag 2016 The latest one that actually led to investigation and prosecution of prison guards was a nasty incident very similar to what happened to our brothers, but to a prisoner (not a brother) in Yaroslavl in 2017. The United Nations sent in the evidence and complaints as video evidence had got out to the media of the man being stripped beaten and waterboarded repeatedly.
  6. Roos box like deer and cattle head butt. It's part of their territory claiming and mating rituals. Paraglider was likely a stranger on their territory. Skippy the Bush Kangaroo was a kid's show I used to watch in the 1960s - the theme tune is now pestering my mind as it was a very catchy tune! There was a famous none-fiction comedy novel about a kangaroo called Matilda who was taken to New York on the Boxing Circuit in the 1960s/70s and won many fights.It was first written to amuse Prince Rainier the 3rd of Monaco by Paul Gallico. People likely know that author from a charming movie decades ago starring Angela Landsbury - Mrs Harris goes to Paris (with Omar Shariff) or another movie -The Poseiden Adventure. I read his sad wartime book The Snow Goose as part of the school curriculum studies. I have reason to believe that he may have worked for the Secret Service in the UK as well.
  7. If I see a house that is very minimal and very clean and tidy i think the people don't have a mind of their own. The house is an impersonal show house and not a home. Interesting people may have a bit of untidiness going on because they have ongoing projects and other interests happening in their lives. Tidiness is something else though, It's more about good storage and being more organised with what you have. A sister who makes and fills dolls houses for a hobby and part-time job - she is disabled, so at home a lot - showed me a spare bedroom in her house. It had a wall of little cubby holes/partitioned shelves, full of useful tiny bags of bits and pieces that she uses as sources for miniature furnishings. It was fairly tidy, but she was busy making a fabulous Persian inspired Dolls House with fancy carpets and lanterns that was going to be wired up for electric lighting, so we could peer through the windows at the wonder of it. My parents and Grandmother were artists as a hobby, so paints and pots of brushes were often left out beside paintings that were drying ( oil paintings are built up in layers then varnished and take weeks to dry) on easels -. Interesting untidiness. I am so glad that there is more recycling happening in our town now. I hate waste and can't throw out anything I thought someone else might be able to use. I do tend to hoard stuff in that category until I find a home for it or recycle it. Hoarding can make tidiness and issue if I'm not careful. I think this habit is because my late Grandmother and Auntie were the same. They lived through 2 World Wars and the Great Depression of the 1930's in UK and rationing & poverty makes people very frugal and careful and not wasteful. I have inherited button tins - most of the buttons cut off old clothing and kept.Some buttons over a century old. A bedding box of cloth scraps - I recognise bits from dresses that relatives had made decades ago. There's even fine silk in the box - collected up in the streets by women after Air Raid Sirens had given the All-Clear.Silk taken from dud incendiary bombs that came down under silk parachutes on the town during the 2nd World War.Used to make underwear because such fine stuff couldn't be bought in wartime.
  8. The thing is that the whole of human-made agriculture is wrong and we will learn a whole new way of providing ourselves with food in God's New World. God would never encourage monocultures of crops, they are not sustainable in the long-run and mess up biodiversity; deplete soils; concentrate pests and diseases and wipe out wildlife. The garden of Eden was not acres of monocultured fields to sustain Adam & Eve and all the life around them and Jehovah did try to teach them how to keep it subdued and harmonious, but they turned their back on that wonderful education. Native Indians in America kept up a good tradition, in that they moved around and planted food by a '3 sister system' of ground edible plants under mid-range height edibles shaded under tall edibles. This 'companion planting' suppressed weeds and each plant helped the other like what happens in nature. Then after harvest, they moved the plot elsewhere, so the soil didn't get exhausted of nutrients. Jehovah put up with what the Israelites did on the land, but insisted on every 7 years and 50 years of letting the land go wild/fallow/uncultivated, so that it could rebalance itself and recover it's biodiversity of wildlife, soil microbes and fungi. It shocks me that until a few years ago UK was pretty good with livestock, but then economics got in the way, so rearing cattle intensively got going a few years ago and they became more interested in breeding quickly for size and milk yield rather than quality of life for the animal or quality of meat or dairy. This lead to animals being fed waste from confectionery and bakery factories and growing obese cattle with body fat of poor quality, lacking omega 3s and other healthy essential fatty acids for themselves or feeding humans. Basically breeding cattle to be like sick diabetic humans. Meat & dairy from them is unhealthy, spreading their inflammatory illnesses caused by poor diet to humans - even methane off-gassing is worse for badly fed cattle on grain and rubbish rather than old ways with grass/silage/winter root vegetables.If you were fed food more difficult to digest than normal, you would off-gas more wouldn't you!! That's aside from some countries feeding their cattle antibiotics and hormones to get them to grow quicker - or literally swell up with fat because they are sick and inflamed with the chemicals.Then we eat the fatty animal who. like all mammals, stores the excess toxins & hormones it can't excrete in it's fat, so we eat or drink (in dairy) from them and accumulate for ourselves hormone or toxin driven cancers! Thankfully, there are still some small scale farmers sticking to grass-fed long living herds whose meat & dairy is so different from supermarket dyed watery fatty meat and dairy - worth paying a little more to get. Free ranging chickens and pigs live in woods/jungles/'the bush' in nature and whatever they 'give off' helps trees and plants, so should be a carbon footprint that's so small because it would be completely recycled. Sheep are always free ranging and difficult to rear intensively and so greatly help keep the countryside clear of weeds and thorny brambly stuff that they eat, that managed properly they can do more good to create wildlife meadows for nectar insects that help birds and small rodents,as well as serving a useful purpose to us with their various types of wool. So who cares about their carbon footprint it's recycled carbon by creating diverse carbon absorbers in the long-run too. Carbon is only bad when humans make it bad by deforestation, pollution and mismanagement - separating carbon/methane producing from carbon/methane absorbing or unbalancing the ratio of them.
  9. 40% women on the building site, 60% working on plant machinery - diggers, cranes, etc.Volunteer hairdresser onsite. How many other building sites have that? The building awards and innovations of the building are impressive as well.
  10. I liked the phrase " Are we wise enough to be humble enough to 'bear praise without injury'? You don't think that getting praise can have negative connotations.We are so imperfect we don't realise that we could react wrongly to what seems a good/nice thing.
  11. You always think you will or won't do things under duress, but none of us can know - look at faithful Peter! Brother can hopefully take comfort that Jesus knew Peter's heart and forgave him. Likely the Inquisition/Investigators' spy networks already know who/where the brothers are anyway and are just trying to break people's faith by being nasty scary bullies. I can only think that once the bans are announced, that I can think of people's names and contact details that are not important any more - they've moved or died, so though true , no longer relevant. Certainly worried about when the brother at the AGM said to hide your books - I'm such a hoarder that I have my library back to when I was a kid and my assembly notes! Some hidey hole that will be! - Must try to let go and rationally convince myself that they aren't really part of me or I don't have to regard them as 'heritage I have to keep' (some were my late Mam's) since some brothers threw out our old Kingdom Hall's library now that we haven't a Hall and are sharing one at the moment !
  12. This was why my husband came out of UK's RAF as a conscientious objector. He saw this going on there. In fact a British clergyman becoming a pastor in the RAF can automatically get the high rank of Wing Commander - good wages and perks as well. My husband was reading the Bible himself - he was not a JW when he got honorable discharge as a conscientious objector from the Royal Air Force, Swinderby;Scanton;Finningly;Catterick. They were sad to let him go as he had had 2 promotions and they said he would have made a good sargeant. 2 years later (1977) he was called on by a local pioneer and Circuit Overseer and his study was started, 6 months later baptised and pioneering a year after that - been an elder a number of years now.
  13. Persecutions and labour camps have been going on for decades in North West China. It isn't really about Muslims or any other religion, it is about the fact that this area of China's border has a lot of none Chinese people in it. Uighars and Khirghurs are not Chinese. Eastern Turkmenistani people aren't Chinese either. There are many ethnic tribal groups there with different cultures that are not Chinese. China does not like this fact and sees these none Chinese people as a threat. The Chinese were more stringent with their one child policy on these none-Chinese people. Chinese Government had cities built in areas of these tribes, but not for tribal peoples, but to move many Han Chinese (true Chinese in their eyes) people there and slackened the one child policy laws in those cities. It was slow ethnic cleansing, but it was too slow.They did let some Uighar young people go there, but only for re-education to lose their culture and marry Han Chinese or make it difficult to marry anyone doing military service or factory work in one sex dormatories. Now that the Western Nations are having problems with some types of Muslims committing terrorist actions, the Chinese are using any protests by North Western Xinjiang inhabitant tribes as an opportunity to call them Islamic terrorists and arrest masses of them to put into camps/labour camps. This is not religious persecution as some tribes are not Muslim - Buddhist (they also persecute buddhist Tibetans as well), but their problem is that they are not Han Chinese. Due to this persecution, some tribes are getting armed to rise up, giving the Chinese Government more excuse to clamp down on them as 'terrorists'. China is getting more protectionist this way. The reasoning though is similar to Russia's persecution of us i.e: These peoples are different from us - we cannot control these people as they are not in our image, so we have to suppress them to stop them as a threat. So China also does to us what it does to all those 'different' ones who won't act and believe what Chinese totalitarianism wants them to do and believe. https://www.amazon.com/Wild-West-China-Taming-Xinjiang/dp/0813535336 A well known International UK reporter wrote this fascinating book about China's imposing itself on the people of Xinjiang and the camps and persecution/oppression of them that had been going on for decades back then when he wrote in 2004.
  14. There was an interview with unnamed Secret Service Personel here on the radio in UK. They were saying how torture tends to be pure bullying. They know that they are not interested in any useful information from it because statistics tell most Secret Service people of whatever country, that under torture: 1. people will say anything to distract from the Truth. 2.People will give out - not the Truth, but what the authorities want to hear to get themselves less torture. 3. Stay quiet so the bullying will go on and be just that and fruitless. Sad fact is that most Worldly prison services are pretty useless at protecting it's arrested citizens from bullies - even here in UK.Going on the run seems to be the better option, but not easy in a country with so much surveillance and other people eager to report 'undesirables' according to their propaganda. I pray that the brothers do find freedom-loving open-minded people willing to hide/protect them like many that hid the Jews and our people from the Nazis.
  15. The UN is empowered to turn on and destroy Babylon the Great, but Gog is the coalition who gets together to attack God's people after Babylon the Great has been dealt with previously. Brother Sanderson wasn't discussing The King of The South because this part of the prophecy, for today's powers (we know about history's previous incumbents), hasn't become obvious yet/emerged enough to be significant for us. Britain is in a bit of a mess at present over Brexit and it's ruling parties have so much infighting, trolling each other and defecting from each of the parties - They are all weak with weak leaders that USA is despairing over Britain.EU officials are disagreeing with anything the UK brings to them to negotiate leaving the EU and native and foreign industries are leaving the country because of it . Not exactly a great alliance for USA to work with at the moment. Maybe after the Brexit is over and maybe after another election, things may reorganise and Britain may start looking like an ally for a superpower again - If Britain is the only other part of this alliance. If a pro-Remain in EU Prime Minister gets in from the other parties at the next election and calls a second referendum and wins because it was a slim majority win for leavers last time - What if the EU then has a part with KOTS as well, to make it a more powerful alliance? Or if a new PM gets in that stays out of EU and forms better alliances with Commonwealth nations instead?? It's all a bit foggy at present as this country is a bit of a political flux, and much of it's military might has been drastically reduced due to austerity cuts. After launching an air-craft carrier without being able to afford any air craft for it, some in Parliament are now suggesting saving money by converting old English Channel car/truck ferries into warships. This has caused a lot of sarcastic laughter/satire at the thought of this. These big old monstrosities are notorious for rocking in heavy seas and trucks snapping their chains and crushing other vehicles and each other. Reporters asked us to imagine these lumbering old things chugging to the Soviet border. Opening their bow doors and discharging a heap of crushed scrap metal of tanks onto the Soviets. That would give them a laugh! We will have to wait to see how KOTS emerges from all this. Also Russia is allying more with China against Western interests as well. so could they be part of KOTN too or just allies to it?
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