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  1. I've also been reading this book via Kindle. I'm about 20 pages in, I try to follow the ID community as closely as I can via the Discovery Institute. I also enjoy books and articles written by "Reasons To Believe" an OEC Think Tank. This book goes a long way to discredit the very mechanism by which evolution claims to function. His example of the Brown Bear-->Polar Bear was interesting. Devolution: The break down of already complete and fuctional genes when it serves to improve survival. That's the opposite of what the Neo-Darwinistic Model predicts, and it doesn't break the "Kind" barrier either in that case.
  2. Hi! I met my husband in Charlottesville in 1970..There were a number of college students who studied and came in the truth..(about 10) some still there or nearby..David Giltinin, Hardy Johnson (Scottsville) and maybe others..Do you know them? We live in Daytona Beach, Fl. now..in the Port Orange congregation. Some SKE students are assigned to attend meetings here..maybe we will get to meet you!

  3. Agreed, Jehovah knows how everything came to be, he hasn't shared all of the details with us yet, but we get the idea 😊
  4. Potentially, yes, they could be off on their timeline. However, it could be close to correct, not an exact science. Whether Adam and Eve lived 6,000yrs ago or 60,000yrs ago doesn't necessarily have any bearing on the authenticity of the Bible's account, therefore not an issue involving salvation. Nor does our reading of the flood account, whether regional (still kills all humans except Noah and Family) or global. So, the research in the article could potentially point to either event depending on how you read the biblical accounts and the genealogies (gaps or no-gaps?). Either way, science is catching up to what the Bible has said all along! Hmmm, I wonder how Moses knew....?
  5. This reminds me of some of Reasons To Believe's research. There's a fantastic book with alot of interesting research on this topic entitled: "Who Was Adam: A Creation Model Approach to the Origin of Humanity" written By Fazale Rana and Hugh Ross.
  6. Just hot water and the same 3 blade razor for the past 6 months, sometimes the electric if it's real short. They wouldn't get a dime from me
  7. My sister avoids razors like the plauge, keeps those legs nice and prickly
  8. I know 😉 I read the ENTIRE beard thread back then.
  9. I would say go for it, but experience tells me to go with the local congregations customs bucking whatever that custom may be is futile, somewhat painful, very frustrating, and mostly unproductive. I tried back in the days just before the infamous article made it's debut! 
  10. I saw it in the theater, I actually really really enjoyed it. Was very moving.
  11. I love this thread. Very encouraging. The account from 1 Kings is outstanding. So many have given up so much..but gained so much more. Our God is generous.
  12. Very interesting. Curious to see what kind of success he has in implementing that policy. "Mormons" is such a big name, it overshadows "Latter Day-saints" in the minds of most people.
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