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  1. This is a very nice newspaper article 👏👌👍 i can’t even imagine that such unbelievably kind article could be written in France and would include addresses, invitation to download and such. It seems to me that it was written by a JW : I am sure it is not….
  2. By the way Anne I am going to try “nasi byriani” (thank you for enriching my vocabulary 👌💕) : I will search for the recipe and try to find all the spices included first to then prepare it.
  3. I tried with one pod in my hot beverage : I let it sit for a minute or two to soften and then I removed the outer shell - there were 11 seeds hidden in the shell. It reminded me of bro. Schaffer’s talk on how generous Jehovah is. I must say : the smell of cardamom is very nice and delicate. I will use it again.
  4. I’ve just read sis Ying Ching’s comment: I will try one cardamom seed in my hot drink.... don’t know if one is enough to get the flavor.
  5. I’m curious: how do you use it? I’d like to try cardamom but don’t know how to use it...
  6. As one friend expressed in this thread, viewing this whole Capitol event was quite “disturbing” because of what the building stands for in people’s minds and hearts. However, as Bible’s students, we should expect such things. If we remember what mountains represent at times : human governments or institutions that seem as solid as rocks, strong and permanent as mountains. And suddenly, they shake, on the verge of collapsing. People may feel there is no more security, no more help around, and their world is kind of disappearing. What a disappointment! What a shock! How grateful we are to be enlightened by the Scriptures and to know about the highest Mountain there is in the universe, which is well established on top of all other very fragile mountains, as they surely show As more disturbing events may unfold in the following days, we should remain calm, neutral and cautious as serpents.
  7. I like it too ! And also the end of his talk : Be ready to meet your God ! It gave me goosebumps! Can someone please explain the meaning of that word "checkmate" in Bro Noumair's sentence ? Is Amos checkmating priest Amaziah by his boldness ?
  8. I was re-listening to the 2016 annual meeting : Part 3 / Br. Jackson : Expect the unexpected / min 48:13 What a powerful talk ! Without any doubt, Jehovah can act beyond what we would expect ! That has been the case with our brothers this week in Erythrea.
  9. A couple of days prior to their release, I was reading the 'Imprisoned for their Faith' report about all our brothers imprisoned in Erythrea and other countries. The report about Erythrea states clearly that "their imprisonment amounts to a de facto life sentence". "Most of the imprisoned male Witnesses are incarcerated indefinitely, with no hope of release until they die or are near death." What happened this week is a miracle undoubtedly. The moment when they meet again with family members and brothers/sisters must have been a moment of very high emotion. To me, it looks like a resurrection. What we will feel when we will welcome resurrected ones will be immense, an emotion never experienced before.
  10. I am not sure about that because a letter from the branch (France) was read to us 15 days ago to let us know that a special effort had been made to translate the magazine about the Kingdom in new languages (including Corsican) as part of the branch territory. Besides, I check the website very often to see if new languages that I am interested in are added and Corsican was one of them, because I can understand it when I read it... Anyway,...
  11. Corsican (Corsu) is among the new languages added : a few videos, tracts and foremost the Watchtower magazine for the present campaign 😍💕 Language spoken in Corsica, a Mediterranean island that belongs to France; official language is French but island’s natives are very proud of their culture and language. The same occurs with other regions in France or other European countries. The Bible is in French.
  12. Perhaps there is a brother/sister who work for the Water district and learned about it. As soon as he/she knew, he/she informed the brothers of the situation via our internal links (elders, CO, Branch) ; the information was taken seriously by them out of concern and love for the brothers in Minsk.

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    I was raised as a JW and got baptized when I was 17.

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    Interest in other cultures, languages, and people. One of the learning ways is by travelling...!
    I studied the Inca, Aztec, and Mayan civilizations; the one that is outstanding to me is the Inca's.
    I'd like to know more about the civilizations from Mali (Africa), China, and about the Japanese culture, and many more... Time is missing...
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    Proverbs - When I was a teenager, I was very impressed by the term 'inexperienced'. I didn't want to be inexperienced as a youth. I was asking Jehovah in my prayers to give me understanding, and His help so that I would never forsake Him. I loved Solomon when he was faithful to Jehovah, and especially when he requested from Him understanding - I was telling myself: this is what I want to ask Jehovah as well, understanding and wisdom, and conduct myself with integrity.
    The so-called minor Prophets
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    *My favorite songs are #2 (Jehovah is Your name) and #76 (How does it make you feel?)
    *Traditional folk music from around the world because it mimics nature, simple and natural life, the way we were meant to live.
    *I like Latin American traditional music (harp from Paraguay, flutes from the Andes,...) and the joyful Mariachi music.
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    The movie about Hezekiah: 'O Jehovah... I trust in You'
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    "...Please, let me fall into the hand of Jehovah, for his mercy is very great; but do not let me fall into the hand of man." David, 1 Chronicles 21:13

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