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  1. This looks great! Would you happen to have a document with this information?
  2. There's also an iPhone/iPad app called JWLM in the App Store. I don't think it's the same developer. But what I like about this app is that once you combine the backups, it will tell you what conflicts there are (highlighter color differences, notes, etc.) and let you choose which one you want to keep.
  3. There actually IS an iOS app store for that - it's called JWLM. The publisher is Andreas Skorczyk.
  4. The Public Talk schedule. Right now ours looks like this, which I really like (names scribbled over for privacy issues):
  5. Any update on format of Weekend Meeting template? I really would only use this if it was pretty much exactly like KHS's format and color scheme. . ..
  6. Also, if you have an iPhone, there is another process that's a little tedious but still gets the job done pretty well: 1. Download the app "Just Press Record" by the developer "Open Planet Software". I can't remember if it costs money or not (I've had it for several years). 2. Download the app "Media Converter" by the developer "Junjie Ruan" on the App Store (Again, don't remember if you need to pay.) 3. Download the audio version of the video you want. If there is no audio version, go ahead and download the lowest quality video version. 4. Using "Media Converter", convert the file into M4A (AAC) format. 5. Import the converted file into "Just Press Record". 6. When you click on the file in "Just Press Record", you will see a little icon that looks like a dialogue button. Press it, and it will begin transcribing the entire file!
  7. Personally I was very excited when I received the gold physical Study Bible, but I never use it. I always am writing notes in the digital edition, and I use that for my personal study. I feel a bit guilty about having ordered the gold edition. I excitedly wrote my name in it, too, so it's not like I can give it away.
  8. I have the same setup, with a nice Dolby Atmos surround-sound setup. It looked awesome with the upscaling. My wife and I could also feel the rumble with the subwoofer turned all the way up. I don't NEED 4k, but it would be awesome if that was available. I'm sure the masters were all shot in 4k; color grading and editing is actually easier with 4k footage because you have more pixels and contrast/highlights are easier to manipulate without having to worry about blowing things out of the image.
  9. Nice! We've been having the aforementioned crackling issues during song playbacks as well. Perhaps this will fix it.
  10. No, all of my devices are Apple unfortunately (except for a Windows laptop). But thank you for your helpful response!
  11. As COBE in my congregation, I can confirm that everything on the site from the branch is visible to all elders. Sometimes, however, I will get correspondence from the branch and/or CO that's addressed to me only, or to me and the secretary (the other elders aren't cc'd). Usually this is for administrative stuff which the secretary and COBE are supposed to handle anyway; it's never anything that's strictly for my eyes only.
  12. It's probably very easy to track them down. As Jehovah's people, we are public with our beliefs on purpose. I'm sure a simple search of the term "Jehovah" on Twitter, etc., will give them a whole list of things brothers posted, even years ago. Then a simple track of IP addresses will give them a lot of information. Checking with companies and threatening them to be truthful about who in their employ are Jehovah's Witnesses (we're "extremists" over there, remember), can yield many results as well. And since we are always very open with workmates and classmates about our beliefs, it would be pretty easy to get a list of names quickly. But we needn't be afraid. I long for the time when we are openly persecuted everywhere. That will mean that the end is imminent!
  13. Is there an iPhone version of this anywhere? This looks amazing! Thank you for your effort my brother!
  14. Wow, that is beautiful! Is he leaning on a tree, or is he pulling aside a curtain?

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