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  1. Yes. If you have it set to go to the external SD card, then the downloads will go to the card.
  2. It may depend on how you try to play it. Don't use the arrow at the top to play the audio, try the headphone icon on the chapter list...
  3. I guess it will be Losch, Herd or Splane and it will be about DR, LDC or Branch construction. ...and there will be a BBQ...
  4. We don't accept blood transfusions....
  5. I would like the Study Bible audio files to include the Study Notes. I think it would be nice to use the current audio files for the NWT but dub in the Study Notes and create enhanced audio files for the Study Bible. The information in the study notes could be read at the end of each verse. I think it would be nice to listen to a chapter from the NWT first, then listen to the chapter from the Study Bible with the Notes included.
  6. No Windows 11? That might mean there wont be a Widows 13....sneaky....
  7. I have an old Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 with KitKat 4.4.2 that I use strictly for service. I updated the JWLibrary and it looks good so far, I haven't found any issues running it on the older OS.
  8. I heard that scientists created a 4 leg chicken but couldn't catch it....
  9. There are several good pictures of Jesus available, just pick one...
  10. He should name it and send it to school. That's a big boy...
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