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    My parents started studying in the early 60's

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    Vincent Van Gogh was an artist because he didn't have an ear for music - Chuck Valorz (Retired DO)

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  1. Awesome picture


    1. Tortuga


      Thanks, I was't expecting a reaction from anyone...:blushing:

      The picture is actually about 10 years old but I recently shaved my mustache and since I haven't changed in the last 10 years, this picture is still pretty close...:)

      This picture was taken in Las Vegas, we were having dinner with Heather West, one of the winners from the Hell's Kitchen TV show.


      Heather West.JPG

    2. Krusso


      It is good to put a face on your excellent comments. Your wife is beautiful. Congratulations!

    3. Omoyeme


      Lovely photo. :)

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