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  1. I think the two topics were related. Would you really want to eat an animal if you knew it was watching you from heaven?
  2. I have an old Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 with KitKat 4.4.2 that I use strictly for service. I updated the JWLibrary and it looks good so far, I haven't found any issues running it on the older OS.
  3. ....another opportunity to chew the fat about...chewing fat....
  4. If animals get resurrected, I would only need one cow and I could have the same steak every night....
  5. I heard that scientists created a 4 leg chicken but couldn't catch it....
  6. There are several good pictures of Jesus available, just pick one...
  7. He should name it and send it to school. That's a big boy...
  8. It looks like the GN brochure will play the downloaded videos without streaming them..
  9. It does seem to be a contradiction. Wine apparently can reduce the formations of stones by 20% So if my math is correct, if I drink 5 times as much wine, I'll never get kidney stones...
  10. It's never too late to start a rigorous and regular prevention program.
  11. I think it is important to avoid problems as much as possible, so today I plan to stay home and avoid kidney stones... *** g99 1/22 p. 29 Watching the World *** Cutting the Risk of Kidney Stones Researchers tracking the diets of more than 80,000 nurses in the United States between 1986 and 1994 found that some fluids may be more likely than others to help a person avoid kidney stones, reports Science News. Of the 17 beverages studied, tea decreased the risk of kidney stones by 8 percent, while regular or decaffeinated coffee cut the risk by about 9 percent. The moderate intake of wine helped lower a person’s risk of kidney stones by 20 percent or more. “Strangely, an 8-ounce glass of grapefruit juice daily boosted the risk of stones by 44 percent,” the study showed. “No other drink had such a negative impact.” Dr. Gary Curhan, a nephrologist and epidemiologist in Boston, was quoted as saying: “Modifying beverage intake might make a difference,” but only as part of a broad treatment strategy.
  12. Sinning is missing the mark and my cat has sinned on the floor a couple of times....
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