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  1. Ahh thank you! Such a good idea. We’ve worked out we can play videos if we press ‘play all’ but can’t choose a particular video on its own. And all the ‘latest videos’ section is still not working either. Hopefully soon! Good to know the brothers are on the case 👍
  2. Is there anyone at bethel that we need to report it to? It’s unusual for the brothers to not have sorted the issue out promptly, maybe they’re unaware
  3. This is such a good reminder for us, how close the great tribulation is! Gave me goosebumps
  4. No there’s not much information at all. I hope the brothers or sisters that were involved are ok. Getting hit by a hammer could prove to be fatal. I hope it’s not true to be honest.
  5. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-5319153/Kent-woman-attacked-three-Jehovahs-witnesses-hammer.html Just saw this on the news. I know the Daily Mail is usually very anti witnesses so might need fact checking. If it’s true, how sad.
  6. We made a family tree on a computer document from Adam, to Jesus. It’s really interesting for us both to research the characters, see which ones overlapped etc. It’s surprising what you can find out.
  7. This is a brilliant topic, thank you. So many good ideas. We’ve started doing family worship with our 13 month old and it’s hard coming up with good ideas. We usually read a story from the bible story book or equivalent, read the verses from the bible, and try to add in a prop to make it come alive, then sing a song. So Noah’s story: we got all of his animal toys out and put them in the ‘ark’ -basically a big tub. For Cain and Abel we got 2 chopping boards out, one filled with fruit and the other with his sheep toy to picture their sacrifices. It’s only 10-15 minutes long but I think he’s enjoying them. If anyone has any other ideas I’d be grateful for suggestions. We were thinking of doing manna- lay a sheet down, and sprinkle Cheerios on it, and we all try and collect it in little bowls. Baby Moses- fill up baby bath, add some ‘reeds’, put a toy baby in a tub and watch it go down the ‘river.’ David and Goliath- get a small and a big teddy to show the size difference. Etc etc.
  8. An update on jw.org https://www.jw.org/en/news/releases/by-region/united-kingdom/fire-20170627/ Four witnesses evacuated, 2 of which were residents of the building. They've completely lose all of their possessions and homes but at least they have their lives. Nice to know they're being looked after.
  9. So sad. Deliberating targeting innocent children... Has anyone heard if all our brothers and sisters from Manchester are safe? One of my friends' daughter is meant to be going to Ariana Grande's concert in London on Thursday! Scary world we live in. Bring on p&s!!
  10. There's an article about the Arctic Ferns too, which is going to be discussed at the upcoming regional convention. I think the main article will really appeal to the public too
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