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  1. The first KH I attended was somewhat new, built on land donated by a family (still in use today). Before that the KH was a renovated church. Bathrooms were outside with no heat. Few got up during the meeting for a bathroom break!! The next KH I had visited before we were part of that congregation. They met in a rented upstairs space over a downtown office/store. We had to carry our chairs up and back for each meeting. Eventually a hall was built and has been expanded three times (still in use today). Presently I am in a lovely recent build (about 5 years old). But we have many older ones who have shared with me their stories. A sister in her 80’s told me of the first KH in the area – they bought a tavern in town!! She said she would use the back door to enter. Another sister said if you took out a territory it was a whole town - rural at that. Later the tavern was sold to two sisters who moved the building further out of town and made it their home. It has been pointed out to me more than once by some other long-timers. When the sisters died it was sold and the current owner is a ‘do not call’ (don’t know if he knows the history). Two more KH’s were since built, sold and we are where we are at today.
  2. I find this interesting. I do a lot of printing for the congregation – invitations, etc. I recently did a run of over 1000 meeting invitations ( time & place) for a special cart work activity. A brother told me his printer counted pages so it was very expensive for him to do. My poor little Canon printer plugged along and got the job done in time (all the while it said ink was low). We do order refilled cartridges online (not a cheap as jwhess), but it seems the cartridge is near empty when replaced. We have been doing this for many years.
  3. When you are connected to the internet and the WT Library is open go to 'Help' and choose 'check for updates'. It should then automatically update. It may take a bit of time if it is a big update and depend on your internet speed.
  4. Start simple. Keep it simple. We eloped. Well…I was 18 and not in the Truth. My only wedding pics were the next day for my passport. Forty seven years later we still have fond memories.
  5. We went through a tornado warning last evening during a thunderstorm. First time our phones were activated with an emergency message!
  6. Actually, the special talks are added to the list of outlines and are given again. My husband has had several over the years.
  7. This is how I dress up my view. It's 5:30 in the morning so it's quiet for now.
  8. Wedding? What wedding? I was out in service all day.
  9. Checking this pinned link to websites by JW’s I find many dead links. Just clicking though the Theocratic software most are dead links and several in Businesses offering products are also dead links. Not sure of others but maybe the dead links can be removed.
  10. Minimalism: A Documentary About the Important Things
  11. Three headlines in this morning’s news - State of Maine: South Portland student in custody after making threats against school Threats of violence made to Mt. Ararat High School Cony High School student accused of making threat
  12. We just finished snow blowing, shoveling a foot of light fluffy snow. Getting too old for this!
  13. the still silence of no running vehicles or machinery the variety bird songs breathing crisp fresh air the feel of a new leaf the sound of the voices at the KH as ones arrive touching trees, grasses and flowers holding my husband’s hand
  14. Rather than premade toys how about making a fun project. Cardboard boxes, popsicle sticks, colored paper, yarn, clay, etc. Make a KH – inside & out. Make stick figures with cut-out clothes, yarn for hair, clay to hold things in place. Landscape the outside. Cardboard furniture inside. Windows with curtains. Get creative and so will they.
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