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  1. I should add - tap on a tag to see the 'pencil'.
  2. If you are in the personal study page (gem icon) you can add an emoji by tapping the pencil on the top right and choose 'rename', then add an emoji with the name.
  3. https://www.jw.org/en/library/videos/#en/mediaitems/VODOriginalSongs/pub-osg_75_VIDEO
  4. We know we lost over 19,000 JW's to the virus but do we having info on severe reactions or deaths from vaccine amongst JW's?
  5. When I posted that Bethel is a closed environment I was referring to currently. That was not the case when this pandemic began. Bethels were buzzing with activities - tours, visitors, ones coming and going from assignments, temporary workers coming in, Bethelites attending their respective congregation meetings and field service activities and more. Just like the rest of us. The decision to go into lockdown came just before congregation elders decided to cancel meetings and field service. Then the governments (New York became a hot spot) started putting up restrictions like limiting gathering in person to 10 people or less. Then the Governing Body made universal decisions for the worldwide brotherhood. The lockdown has hopefully kept the Bethel families, as well as other special full-time servants, safe. Lifting of government restrictions, especially for the vaccinated, is what is allowing them to meet in larger groups.
  6. Keep in mind Bethels are closed environments - no visiters and no outside visiting. The environment around us is different.
  7. Having spent enough time observing people's hygiene we wipe/clean/disinfect whatever enters our home/car. This is not just for Covid-19 but all the other nasties. How many recalls do we have for e coli, etc. Why? Poor hygiene. Go for a walk - along with avoiding goose poop (they don’t care), we have laws on picking up after your dog (enough don’t) - cigarette butts, gum, snot rockets, spit and who knows what else - we spray the bottom of our shoes before they come into our place -we don’t have an outside to leave them. Those sneezes / snot rockets then get wiped by a hand, maybe shook off, wiped on the leg - then what do they touch? Watch them in the grocery store. This happens more than you want to know. That is just the beginning. Restrooms-forget it. They say money is one of the dirtiest things- why? How many hands it passes through. How many hands do your groceries, mail etc. pass through. It is a dirty world. I’ll err on the safe side.
  8. https://www.wmtw.com/article/can-i-stop-wearing-a-mask-after-getting-a-covid-19-vaccine/34925971 "It's also not yet known whether the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines protect people from infection entirely, or just from symptoms. That means vaccinated people might still be able to get infected and pass the virus on, although it would likely be at a much lower rate, said Deborah Fuller, a vaccine expert at the University of Washington."
  9. The direction was that the branch would handle these letters.
  10. Tried that - no go. We were able to watch the videos from the links within the workbook but just don't touch the media icon.
  11. Yes - when I click media for the MWM the JW Library closes out. Seems to be only this week, the next two weeks open fine.
  12. Mormons - I haven't actually seen them at a door, but I have seen them more than once on the sidewalks.

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