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  1. well then they will find out just how boring i am
  2. this was in today news https://sanfrancisco.cbslocal.com/2021/07/08/earthquake-northern-california-bay-area-shaking-eastern-sierra/
  3. the worst printer ever is the hp envy pro 6455 3 in one try to print and it comes out faded or not at all and that with new ink in it
    a wast of money
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    2. Vinnie


      All Ink Jet printers printers will eventually let you down. How many times do you really need colour?  I have a simple black and white HP P1102W laser printer. It's a work horse and l've had it for years. Inkjet printers easily clog if it's not used almost everyday. Laser cartridges use a dry powder and can last for years without too much ill effect.  

    3. bobby


      yeah but this the first time i have ever had a problem is why i got the ink printer and have going a 

      few years out of it, this one i didnt even get 1 day out of it 

    4. Vinnie


      yeah, one day would burn anyone up

  4. a lot of robocalls today they started at 6am
    calling about every 2hr
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    2. JkentBZ


      Must be a California thing.  2 of my friends in Sacramento complained of the same thing yesterday.

    3. EccentricM


      "We are the Borg... ".

    4. Lewis


      I’m also getting them at 6am as well, sometimes even at 5am, good thing I’m up at that time. 

  5. so........... sad https://www.ktvu.com/news/frys-electronics-is-no-more-permanently-closing-all-stores
  6. so... I have 2 outlets and an outside porch light that is not working called the apt office and they sent someone they tested it the 2 outlets and they said there working so i unplugged the tv and plug it on to another outlet on another wall the tv works hmm

  7. this looks cool been playing on PS4 i heard you can visit friends base
  8. i use to have it with cream and sugar but now its just black do to my diet
  9. in th past it was PC games then i got on console games but lately it been PS4 games
  10. i think that is only for those who had jobs. he has never worked and is on SSI
  11. I have a friend that is deaf even throw he has a hearing-ad He has a very hard time hearing people The apt complex manager that he lives in has ask him to do some Things he does not understand what they’re asking do to the mask And hearing loss, he got an eviction notices he thinks that it’s because He didn’t take of the stuff they ask him do. Don’t the apt complex manager have to accommodate him and wright it out The know of his problem with hearing
  12. OH.... i didnt see that thank you for pointing that to me i will be careful and look more
  13. https://www.dismantledevolution.com/watchfilm?fbclid=IwAR23ZTpgCqG6f7vvumG9X-AHc3nyaM3BAUtLMmWjaxwFPMDtCLkFiM1kkUM got this form other web page It also several recently discovered research areas on how things devolve rather than evolve, and how different humans are compared to other animals, and why there isn't enough time for the various species to form, etc. It can be watched online for free today (only this weekend).

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