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  1. Yes, the ET flight that crashed on Sunday. Out of respect for the family's privacy and and sensitivity for their grief at the moment, I would prefer not to discuss this further. (P.S. Congregations are made up of friends 'out of all nations and tribes and peoples and tongues.')
  2. Just heard from friends that one of our sisters (from a congregation in Rome) was in that plane. We pray for comfort for her family, congregation. May Jehovah remember her in the resurrection. (If this is the case, I am sure we will hear about it on the breaking news on JW.org.)
  3. Wonder whether the USG suspected something would happen on 10th: https://et.usembassy.gov/security-alert-demonstration-in-meskel-square-and-the-oromia-region-8-march-2019/ Then had a change of mind: https://et.usembassy.gov/security-alert-addis-ababa/
  4. With Jehovah, We Are One—Lingala - Record posting of original song after the broadcast!! I guess the English one may take some time though. Please don’t take the mp3 version down yet. https://tv.jw.org/#en/mediaitems/LatestVideos/pub-jwb_201903_9_VIDEO
  5. Wonderful article on the snare of pornography and what we can do to protect ourselves against it and memories of it.
  6. Even the wisest of men could not master these wonderful creatures called women, at their worst! I wonder how often he needed to stay at the ‘corner of the roof’ or the ‘wilderness’ rather than face one or many of his quarrelsome and irritable wives! Nice one, Alex!
  7. Yes, we are all joined in prayer. May it go as Jehovah wills. The trial will go down in history as ‘'A Litmus Test For Religious Freedom'.
  8. Thanks Johan. I uninstalled it, then reinstalled. I now have my notes but no bookmarks. No prob.
  9. @The German did your bookmarks and notes transfer to the 2018 RNWT? Mine didn’t...
  10. Jehovah must’ve known what I needed...from the re-enactments on showing honor to one another in marriage to the music video....I have had a good cry. I needed it.
  11. @Dismal_Bliss Argh! Google Translate....how it has got me saying strange things at the meetings! Try this one: https://www.deepl.com/en/translator#de/en/Dieser Becher steht für den neuen Bund%2C der durch mein Blut in Kraft tritt
  12. Wikipedia already updated....wow! https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bible_translations_into_German
  13. Br. Lösch emphasized that the new Bible is primarily for the ministry; he encouraged us not to read the new Bible with a view to criticizing the translation. He also said it is not an aid to learning Hebrew/Greek. On a personal note, it impressed me to know that Br. Lösch 'practises what he preaches'. (Those in attendance would recall that he really emphasized the need to read the Bible daily. Not regularly!) He admitted that he reads the Bible every day, with the goal of completing it every year. You have already read some of the tips he gave for effective reading, such as not doing it before bedtime (goodnight cigarette illustration). One that stuck in my head was not listening to audio recordings of the Bible while driving. He recommended listening to Awake recordings etc instead. I was touched that the FDS really want us to hold the word of God, a love-letter from Jehovah to us, with the highest regard!
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