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  1. Ha! Now that’s a very interesting explanation of that illustration in Luke 16:1-8 and lessons we can apply today.
  2. Brother Lösch read 2 Kings 5:13 (when discussing the example of Naaman) and that automatically reminded me of Luke 16:10… During the pandemic, we have received several very simple (but life-saving!) directions from the Governing Body and the local elders (e.g. shelter in place, wear masks, stock-up on supplies etc) and we would want to obey these just as we would obey their direction to go to the attic/basement or whatever other direction we will receive during the great tribulation. It is just as important!
  3. Wow! You have such colorful birds in your area. Their plumage is just amazing!
  4. Wow! I had no idea it cost that much! Now it makes more sense why it's better to share links.
  5. Are the potato chips packing material to keep the air safe?
  6. All millions of us ? It'll be kinda crowded, don't you s'pose? 😊
  7. You got me looking for either Wile E. Coyote or his dynamite blaster .... beep beep!
  8. https://www.jw.org/finder?srcid=share&wtlocale=E&lank=pub-mwbv_202109_3_VIDEO This is very useful. Our FSGO endeavours to share at least one JW Library tip at every FSM. Glad to have a video to refer back to. Looking forward to considering this at the midweek meetings.
  9. Over the last couple of days, social media is inundated with people setting up GoFundMe pages, asking where they can take water, feminine hygiene productions, clothes, shoes, shovels etc, with some being rejected….I must say that as JWs, we have a very organized system of passing funds through the worldwide work account and then the necessary help being channeled where it is needed the most. It’s good to have a current (and local) article that I could use to answer this FAQ about JWs: https://www.jw.org/finder?srcid=jwlshare&wtlocale=E&prefer=lang&docid=502013256&par=0.

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