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    1- Ecclesiastes.9:4- "There is hope for whoever is among the living, because a living dog is better off than a dead lion". So if and when we are having a hard time, we can say, as long as we are alive there is always hope. Along with our faith our hope, can move mountains. Say to yourself, it is hard right now but, it can and will get better somehow, someway, someday.

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  1. I heard they cost in the thousands. They are so cute, I'd want to take it everywhere I'd go too but that wouldn't be possible. Are they sickly? I heard they can be and very expensive to care for?
  2. I'm with Annie, Shali, that's super cute!! So is your dog! I'd love to have one like that...little. Did she cost much?
  3. If anyone is taking a trip to Houston Texas and need to stay a short while lets say up to a week or up to two weeks at the most, you're welcome to use my bedroom. This can be a couple or parent and child, or two friends! I'd love to host you! We can discuss other matters privately. WELCOME TO HOUSTON TEXAS!!!!!
  4. Going to my meeting tonight, I'll be back later on, if Jehovah willing. Take care, don't hurt anyone...lol 

    1. carlos


      Enjoy your meeting!

    2. Life4u


      You too, enjoy your meeting this weekend. My Public Talk and  WT study is in the  am tomorrow.  Good night all, keep up the good work. 

  5. Yes it does make me question the whole point of the popup, and thus made me seek help. No offense Sis. I was concerned about what was confusing to you. I don't know what to do, more help the merrier, right! Don't feel that way please. I apologize for making you feel like that Sis.
  6. Sorry for the delay, life already hectic and having to do this is like more to my pile because of fear of not doing it right. Anywho, this is what I came up with. When I click on the black box it always brought me to this. After that nothing happens because there are nothing to delete. Then I tried following Qapla's instructions and came up with other windows, not the one he'd shown in his post. I have other pictures but can't upload it. I'm going to have to have someone else look at it for me. Thank you for your help and I'm sorry I didn't get it right.
  7. I will Bro. Thank you so very much. I'm so scared I will mess something up until I'm afraid to even attempt to do so. I'm going to wait until tomorrow to attempt to do what you showed in your post. Hopefully I can follow it right and not mess up. I'm to nervous and anxious to do so now. I hope you understand.
  8. Hi everyone reading this, I'm looking for help in resolving a matter of my PC warning me of my computer running out of space every 2-5 minutes while I'm on anything online. It's annoying, and I have no clue on what to do to fix it. Please somebody, anybody with computer knowledge help me solve my issues with my Windows Explorer PC. Here's a picture \
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