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  1. I'm guessing that this is the BBC theory that is being downplayed... The above video certainly qualifies as 'fear mongering' in my books.
  2. Apparently, the danger of the above scenario happening has been relegated to possible but not probable.
  3. I have been getting a steady stream of reports on my Volcanoes & Earthquakes app stating that earthquake swarms are occurring at shallow depths under the Combre Vieja volcano on La Palma, an island in the Canary Island chain, off the western coast of Africa. Today, I was informed that the eruption alert level was raised to yellow. There are dozens of volcanoes erupting earth wide EVERY DAY, and I don't usually get alerts for them. This made me wonder what was so special about this particular volcano that it would warrant my app sending me daily reports. So I Googled it, and this is what I found: Now I know what is so special about La Combre Vieja volcano on La Palma Island off the western coast of Africa.
  4. I found this four minute read article to be quite informative. It discusses the Delta variant's effects on vaccinated versus non vaccinated and whether or not vaccine boosters are the way to go...or not. https://finance.yahoo.com/news/delta-variant-unvaccinated-and-vaccinated-people-are-not-in-the-same-ballpark-in-terms-of-risk-141843308.html?
  5. Yet another cry for peace and security? A call for the toothless UN beast to finally be given some actual TEETH? Or just the same ole same ole? Time will tell. Well, at least another cry for security. "safety" "security" Security by any other name is still security.
  6. Originally, they had given it wings too and a large horn in the middle of its forehead, like a unicorn. But then they realized the four legs were enough of a stretch. There are limits to even evolutionists' gullibility thresholds.
  7. Forgot to add that Dr. John Campbell attributes a country's high numbers of Covid hospitalizations and deaths more to BAD BEHAVIOR, than anything other factor. He claims that, even in countries with low vaccination rates, the numbers of hospitalizations and deaths are lower because their citizens are continuing to practice social distancing, mask wearing and hand washing.
  8. It is certainly very evident here, in Michigan's Upper Peninsula. I drive the posted speed limit. People behind me will pass on curves, hills, oncoming traffic. I almost half expect to get shot by one of these insane speed demons some day, just for forcing them to drive the legal limit for a few brief moments.
  9. An active day for 5.0+ earthquakes and it's just getting started. Ten 5.0+ quakes in one 24-hour period would be a lot and there have already been nine reported. One 5.0+ quake near Fiji occurred at a depth of 593 kilometers, which can cause shallower, even larger quakes in the surrounding region. Will be interesting to see what the final 5.0+ quake count for the day will be. 🤔
  10. Wow, Sister Elizabeth! That is getting a little too close to home, hey? It took nearly a day, but the USGS is now labeling the ten mile deep, felt 3.0 quake "unconfirmed" and is now claiming the originally reported 10 mile depth of the 3.0 as "unknown". Since I seriously doubt it was a quarry blast at that depth, a fracking quake or a spontaneous-combustuous-coniferous, I am guessing the USGS is about to claim the 3.0 quake was just another one of their 'computer glitches'.

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    Married to an unbeliever for the past 45 years.
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    Michigan's BEAUTIFUL Upper Peninsula
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    Yes. May 3rd, 1975

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    The story of how I found the Truth exceeds the space allowed. : ( So I have posted it on the "How Did You Get the Truth?" thread, instead.

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    Looking at Jehovah's creation that is visible to the naked eye and using my binocular microscope to view Jehovah's creation that is not visible to the naked eye. : D
    Writing short stories and poetry, jigsaw puzzles, horseback riding, hiking, camping out in a tent and sitting around a campfire, calling in the owls, bird watching,star gazing...pretty much all outdoor activities--except when the blackflies and mosquitoes are bad. lol
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    Jehovah's letter to mankind and all of the other books provided for us through the faithful and discreet slave.
    The Potlatch Family, an old Scholastic book that I enjoy rereading from time to time.
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    All of the Kingdom Melodies.
    The Bee Gees, Michael Bolton, Foreigner, most all soft Rock. Good melodies and beats but bad lyrics= no listen.
    I love Douglas Spotted Eagle's flute music and Al Hirt and Herb Alpert's trumpets and Kenny G's alto sax. Rodrigo's Concert de Aranjuez, Pachelbel's Canon. If it's beautiful and it's soothing, I enjoy it.
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    Being an avid ecologist, I find great comfort in Jehovah's promise at Revelation 11:18b "...and will bring to ruin those ruining the earth."

    I keep threatening to have a T-shirt printed up that says: Nobody has to DRIVE me crazy. I'm close enough to WALK. LOLOLOL Or, "Why FARM? When there are so many easier ways to NOT make a living." lol Or, "We have a lot of breakdowns on the farm. Some of them are even mechanical." lolol
    Being a writer, I also like this one by Stephen Leacock: "Writing is not difficult. Simply get paper and pencil and write as it occurs to you. Writing is EASY. It's the 'occurring' that's HARD." lolol

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