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  1. Dr. John Campbell's Sunday Update. Aspiration (pulling back on the syringe PRIOR to injecting the vaccine, to make certain the vaccine is being delivered into the MUSCLE and NOT directly into the bloodstream) is EXTREMELY IMPORTANT.
  2. Praying all our brothers and sisters make it safely through this record storm. 💜
  3. Thanks for sharing, Brother Gregg. You have a great eye for composition. 👍 Sorry, put an extra g in your name.
  4. Actually, there have been seventeen Governing Body updates since Covid-19 began. Nine in 2020 and eight, so far, this year.
  5. Unbelievably beautiful--and yet creepy. Famous 2003 Hubble Photo: I I actually like the amateur photographer's pic better.
  6. Mount Aso in Japan blew its stack a couple of days back. The resulting pyroclastic flow caused the volcano viewers to flee for safety. I know how terrified they must have felt, cuz I had a hard time not jumping up out of my chair and fleeing, myself.
  7. Oh...my...even more breathtaking with the pause function. They are ALL incredibly beautiful, but, my favorites are Dark Night 💜 and Rio Samba💜.
  8. Too much beauty for just sixty seconds, Brother Lynn. Will have to rewatch with my mouse on the pause button. Thanks for sharing the eye candy. 💜
  9. Learn something new every day. I'd never heard of a 'Virga Rainbow' before. https://earthsky.org/earthsky-community-photos/entry/43798/
  10. In his last update, Micheal Janitch/Dutchsinse forecasted there would be an increase in the magnitude of quakes on La Palma.
  11. Battling overwhelming odds. But I shall fight to the death to save my human from the annual invasion of the 'Killer Leaves'.
  12. News for Monday, October 11th... Woke up to find two Volcanoes and Earthquakes App updates on my phone and this seismic activity report on the Volcano Discovery website: https://www.volcanodiscovery.com/la-palma/news/144005/La-Palma-volcano-eruption-update-high-lava-effusion-rates-new-lava-arm-at-the-sea-speculation-about-.html At least the ROA-OAR has lessened a little.
  13. I wasn't correcting you. I use dark mode and your post looks like this on my phone: Nothing but black. On my desktop, I can usually highlight and see if something appears. But all I could see on my phone were one or two words and then...nothing.
  14. Back in 2016, my Mom's electric wheelchair tipped over and she broke her right femur in the fall. For months and months I made the 200 mile roundtrip to visit her in a rehab facility. Along the highway I traveled, there were some daisies growing out of a giant slab of stone. I stopped to take some pictures of it because I thought the photo would make an interesting poster...someday. Well, I was just going through the thousands of photos in my PICTURES file, and I came across the flower growing in the rock, and I decided that, if I could figure out how to operate my new picture viewer app, TODAY was that 'someday'. And here is the end result: Hope you find it encouraging. Also, please don't hesitate to create and share an encouraging poster of your own making. 👍
  15. An extremely strong, extremely deep earthquake means that even larger, shallower quakes can be expected.

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