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  1. I had a gloriously wonderful day.(tu)


    Weather allowed me to drive in to the meeting.  


    Frost crystals made the already beautiful scenery even more breathtaking.


    Was able to bring a visiting sister and her unbaptized daughter along.


    Found out the daughter has her fill of the world and wanted to return to meetings to regain her happiness. :D 


    Awesome WT study!!!


    Visited with my 95 years young twin sister.


    Got invited to some friends' house for lunch.


    Enjoyed the afternoon sharing upbuilding experiences.


    All in all, a spiritual BLAST of a day!!! :) 


    Thanks, Jehovah. ❤️

  2. I've lost over six inches on my waist. Good thing I put all my slim meeting clothes in storage. I just have to clean and iron them and I'm good to go.
  3. Thanks, Brother Chew!!! Hope you had a wonderful time on your vacation!!!
  4. I chew Dentyne Fire. No aspartame. Great tasting. Taste doesn't last long, though. Have to keep popping fresh gum in.
  5. https://www.wvlt.tv/content/news/Massive-sinkhole-causes-Louisville-KY-zoo-to-close-could-be-related-to-TN-earthquake-506775731.html
  6. Some are thinking this sinkhole may be related to six earthquakes in Tennessee last week. Much of the zoo sits on top of Mega Cavern. Both the zoo and Mega Cavern are closed until deemed safe.
  7. So much emotion expressed in so few words. It truly is quality, not quantity, that counts.
  8. The most fun I ever had in my entire life was dancing the Virginia Reel at my Sister Sister's wedding reception. I also love line dancing, Greek dancing, and Flamenco. In college, I worked behind the scenes on a play. (Philadelphia Here I Come) One of the actors taught us how to Greek dance between rehearsals. So much fun!!! My favorite group sport!!! LOL I taught myself how to line dance from watching exercise videos. LOL My fave line dances are the Electric Slide and the very similar Boot Scootin' Boogie. Alas, my husband HATES to dance and will not dance. But he never goes to family gatherings with me anyway. And, except for my Brother Brother at the wedding reception, I don't dance with anyone but my hubby. So, I dance at home all by my lonesome.
  9. Wow! Awesome bit of poetry, Sister Norma! I am looking forward to reading more of your work. Very moving. I was able to identify with so much of what you had expressed. Thanks for sharing YOU. ❤️ ((((Sister Norma))))
  10. It was only available in the highest KB, 720P? 440MB, I think. I didn't care. I would have downloaded it even if it was a billion MB. It will be so interesting to see what awaits us in the New World. Because these broadcasts always seem to exceed even my wildest imaginings. I tell myself they can't possibly get any better than the last one. But they always do. ❤️
  11. English is finally up!!!!!! https://www.jw.org/download/?fileformat=All&langwritten=E&pub=jwb&issue=201903
  12. Has the English version ever been this late before? It's almost 2:30 in the afternoon here and still nothing. Is this the correct URL? https://www.jw.org/download/?fileformat=All&langwritten=E&pub=jwb&issue=201903
  13. Good Morning, Sister Donna, and Brother Vincent! Good Evening, Sister Lucy!
  14. My NoRootFirewall provides me with a free VPN but I believe it is only used by the app. By having a VPN, NoRootFirewall lets ME control what apps can use Wi-Fi and when...what apps can use Data and when... what apps have permission to contact their mother ship, or not. I love having control over my apps. Before NoRootFirewall, and the VPN it provides, the apps were controlling me...and using up my Data.
  15. Well spoken! er, typed. You have really nailed it. I turned to KETO because absolutely everything else I tried failed. If both of my knees weren't completely shot, I could have walked the weight off. But that is no longer an option. Going KETO led to my discovering that I am insulin resistant. Dealing with my insulin resistance has solved 90 % of my health problems. Even if living KETO were to be proven unhealthy in the long run, Living without KETO was proving to be a whole lot unhealthier...for me, anyway. In fact, I was dying before going KETO.
  16. I did some research and discovered the article. I was wrong. The brother said he wrote music for Mission Impossible and Mannix. He didn't say he composed the shows' theme songs. So it wasn't Lalo Schifrin: So it is Brother Golson and not Brother Schifrin mentioned in the article I was remembering. Well...it was 40 years ago that I read the article. It's a wonder I could remember anything at all about the article.
  17. There was an AWAKE! article years ago discussing the evils of the music business. The brother who was sharing his first-hand knowledge in the article didn't give his name, but he did name some of the music he was famous for composing. One of the pieces he composed was the theme to Mission Impossible. Well, since Lalo Schifrin wrote the theme to Mission Impossible, that would make him the person in the article and the person in the article was our brother. So...by deduction...Lalo Schifrin is a witness, or at least he was back when the article was printed. I hope he's still in The Truth.
  18. The skunk was eating the drowned escargot and must have gotten drunk that way. Drunk skunks are mean. It tore up all of my aluminum pie tins and tried to chase me. Couldn't run in a straight line, though.
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