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  1. Br, Jonathan, I am updating an older tablet tonight. As I am sitting here I thought about your comments. I just realized the difficulty in doing what you requested. Many people updating have their WT-Library in different stages of update. Not all update every time. So just limiting an update to specific books or a specific time period might not get all of the updates to everyone. You might be current and only need a Meeting Workbook, a magazine or two and a new invitation. But I am sitting here and updating 2018 and 2019. Your update would not work for me. We could go to an annual update base and then just update a few things but it would only be a matter of 2-3 months and we would all be out of sync again. So I guess, it is best to just load it all at one time. Unless you anticipate an intelligent "downloader" program that scans for what you need and then just loads that portion. Seems unlikely. It was a good thought though.
  2. The speed of the hard drive (or SSD) is only one part of the performance issue. A newer laptop most likely has a much faster processor, more available RAM memory (and even quicker memory), a more useful graphics processor (or even faster processor) and so on. All of these items play a part in response time and performance. So if you upgraded all but the hard drive, it will be faster. Would it be even more responsive if you had added a new SSD...? Perhaps.
  3. Not a big point but we get 4 weeks to invite the public to the Memorial (Mar 23 to April 19). We only get 3 weeks for the RC convention invitations....Have fun....😊
  4. I just go to ebay and buy a cheap Office version that is somewhat out-of-date. I often use version 7 or something like that. It loads and operates OK and Microsoft will still register the product. Only buy a "new" disk or download key.
  5. It is available on JW Broadcasting. https://tv.jw.org/#en/mediaitems/BibleBooks/pub-nwtsv_460_VIDEO
  6. Is there one brother in the area that has a reliable connection (or at least less expensive)? He could download the file from JW.ORG and then burn it to a DVD or flash drive and pass it around to the brothers that do not have ready access to the internet. Some publishers have the problem of actually installing the updates and it is not related to the internet connection. So it is possible to get a good copy of the files and still not get them to install. But if the files were on a disk or flash drive, it would eliminate the cost of internet service while waiting for the install to complete.
  7. But as soon as it is loaded, it looks for the next update (usually waiting to be downloaded). None of these last more than a month.
  8. In another thread there is a question of the legality of video recording individuals without their written permission. I wonder if there is going to be some instructions or concern if the brothers are recorded and the video dispensed without authorization. Remember what happened a while back with the Bethel "fun-night" video and all of the problems that caused.
  9. If Br. Chigozie can't download the 2 gb file from our website how does he download the 2 gb file for manual update from Carlos?
  10. Less than 10 years ago we we told it was not necessary to go out and buy a "digital device". This week's Watchtower study makes this comment: The Watchtower January 2019 STUDY ARTICLE 2 Praise Jehovah in the Congregation 16. What tools are available to you, and how do you use them? 16 If possible for you, use the digital tools provided in a language you know. Jehovah, through his organization, has given us electronic tools to help us prepare for the meetings. The JW Library app enables us to download study publications onto a mobile device. Then we can study—or at least read or listen to the material—anytime and anywhere. Some use this tool to study during a lunch break at work or at school or while traveling. The Watchtower Library and the Watchtower ONLINE LIBRARY make it very easy to research points in the lesson that we wish to explore more thoroughly.
  11. All of the meeting functions work (references, scriptures, etc).
  12. I think they changed the spelling of one of the Greek words....just kidding....😎
  13. Is this the place where we all quote Acts 10:15 about not calling unclean what God has cleansed?....
  14. Br. Minwoo, the answer to your first question is YES. You can install the 2016 or 2017 DVD as normal. Be sure to choose the auto-update. If you don't you can search for the updates from the menu manually. There will be more than one update involved (at least 2 or more). Then the installation will act normally and update (about once a month). If you have the 2016 or 2017 disk and just copy all of the files and folders to a USB flash drive (thumb drive) and then insert that into a tablet or laptop, it will show the "setup" files to install. The program thinks it is a DVD. It works well for those with no DVD player attached. Downloading the ISO file is very convenient (if you have a reasonably fat internet connection) but it is over 2 GB in size. At my slow speed, it took more than an hour and my internet dropped once so I had to start over. When it is downloaded, it will install on Windows 19 but you will need and ISO installer program if you are trying this on Windows 7. When it is finished, it still needs one or two updates to complete the install.
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