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  1. My JW.ORG is always on Safari even though the new IOS-15 allows me to make Chrome my default browser. I can use Chrome to get to the website if I open Chrome first and choose the JW.ORG from inside the browser. but when I close it and reopen it the browser goes back to Safari.
  2. All of my devices, Win10, IOS15 and Android8 have updated to zoom version 5.8.0 (my Ipad / Iphone were the last).
  3. Sometimes deleting and reloading one publication can speed up the process but usually it is just more waiting. If all you have is the Daily text, you could delete that and then reload it. No harm is done if it does not instantly fix the problem.
  4. Sr. Roberta, you cover a lot of history in just a couple of paragraphs. Well done. Many of the modern day servants of Jehovah do not understand the "Laodicean Messenger" title. This is in reference to the Revelation to John. In Rev 1:20 Jesus says he has "seven angels" or "seven messengers" (since the word ANGEL literally means messenger in both Hebrew and Greek). So the bible Students felt that Jesus had assigned 7 periods or 'epochs' with a messenger for each one. The messenger would be the leader or main speaker for Christianity for that period. They started with the apostle Peter as #1, showed the apostle Joh as #2, and continued down through history. Arius, Waldo, Wycliffe and Luther. That made a total of six. then as the work opened up and blossomed in the "time of the end" the seventh and last messenger appeared to lead and direct the work. That seventh messenger was CT Russell. Since each of the seven congregation in Revelation chapters 2 and 3 were named, the assigned leader was given the name of the congregation. The seventh and last one was Laodicea. So Br. Russell was the "Messenger of Laodicea". Their focus was not on a period that extended another 100 years and it focused too much on the man being used by God. But the effort they put into using the scriptures to analyze the times in which they lived was understandable
  5. Our language translation total has just gone up to 1037...We are making good progress,
  6. I know the elders received information about 2022 but i was not aware that it was for public announcement.
  7. Br. Peter, you made me think. i have been assembling personal computers (PC, XT and AT style) for sale since 1984. Started with DOS 2.0 and later Windows 2.0 but I never remember seeing a Windows 1 (dot anything). Do you remember a version before Win 2.0?
  8. Login and the screen should show a variety of options available (varies with the assigned duties). On my screen, the list to the left side ends in the menu item "login in to inbox". when you go there, it has instructions if it is set up. It also has a large block of FAQs like "How do I set up my Inbox?" I would start there.
  9. Are you referring to the "jwpub" email inbox? Can he login to the JW.ORG website for appointed brothers?
  10. I remember when the publishers were told not to renew their subscriptions to the Watchtower and Awake to save the shipping, handling and postage. We were told to get our magazines at the literature counter. I am sure more changes are coming.
  11. I have no knowledge of how "old" or how far back...but some CPU/BIOS combinations have the ability to turn on the TPM2 equivalent in the BIOS firmware settings. Windows 11 accepts this.
  12. This morning, I made a mistake in mixing up the Study Watchtower with the Public version. This got me to thinking. It has been 13 years since we separated the issues. In January of 2008 we officially started printing the Public edition on the 1st of each month and the Study Edition on the 15th of each month. There were still 24 individual magazines for each year (same number as when they were combined editions). At first there were picture covers on the Public versions but a "stylized" Watchtower picture on the Study copies. This cover was reminiscent of the "old" 1950s WT. Later the number of Public magazines were reduced to six issues and later to 3 issues. The magazines were reduced from 32 pages to 16 pages. I was wondering how the members here felt about the separation and later the reduction in number and size. Is there a feature you like now or one that you miss? Do you think the distribution of the Public Edition will continue to grow or will it stabilize or slowly shrink as we develop more and more digital-electronic offerings and focus on Bible Studies?
  13. There are several points we (as JWs) should be aware of concerning the "Pyramid" marker. This was the "Bethel Graveyard" purchased by our Society to bury Bethel volunteers and their wives plus traveling overseers. This marker was located in the center of all of the plots. Brother Russell had selected the design before his death. It is officially noted in the Watchtower and in the Annual Meeting report. The AM was held on the anniversary of Russell's death (so pushed back to October 31, 1921). The AM report document (brochure) had the pyramid and gravestone printed on the covers. It is true that we no longer place any importance on this "pyramid" message, it was a central feature of our ministry for 40 years. It is also worth noting that at the end of next month, it will be 100th anniversary of this particular Annual Meeting.

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