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  1. As the poet Alexander Pope wrote, "Hope springs eternal in the human breast."
  2. I just received and installed another WTL update. It was 2 GB in size and skipped to number 2107. What happened to update 2106 and why did we have 2 updates just nine days apart? EDIT: I just noticed that the BUILD # has changed as well.
  3. Yes that was the solution but I wonder how many average printer users knew how to do that. I was just irritated and offended enough to quit the HP line of printers. I dd just buy a used HP tablet/laptop because of the price. Every time I press the "function" key in combination with an "F" key that is supposed to turn on an "action" sequence, I get an error that I have not downloaded some special enabling software from HP. I will pretend that I am not irritated (for now).
  4. Zoom has a button to improve your appearance. I guess I will not be able to use that at the hall. (are we getting off-topic?)
  5. A few years ago HP changed the firmware in their printers to reject any ink cartridge that was not a genuine HP product. It would not print with any other commercial cartridge even with a new "chip" for ink volume. I could not use any professionally refilled cartridges either. So I swore off HP and went to Canon I have used these printers for more than 5 years and I use refilled cartridges in them. If Canon starts causing me grief I will have to find another brand. Side Note: when I first began to sell computers, I was a dealer for Panasonic ribbon and ink printers.
  6. Much of this is based on 150 years of printing. It took many weeks and months to plan, write, prepare and print an issue of the Watchtower in 1879. So a release date or deadline was set for each issue. Later, about a hundred years ago when we began to study the magazine as a group, we needed to get the same issue delivered to all recipients (in the English speaking world) in time for their personal study and then the actual meeting date. In the days of horse-drawn vehicles, the most common form of magazine delivery to individuals was the US Mail. In rural areas it might take an extended period of time to deliver. So getting it back from the printers and out to the subscribers by the first of the month was a difficult task. If the January issue was going to be studied in January, many publishers would not have received it yet (let alone studied and prepared it). So the January issue is studied at a later date about a couple of months further into the year. At that time, we did not have simultaneous translation of the magazine. My Korean friends were about 4 months behind. So when they attended the Watchtower Study in English, their magazine had not even been printed yet.
  7. It was not a specific article, but our RC "basement drama" was all about being attacked in our homes.
  8. I looked a 5 AM and did not see an update but it is here now. Update 2105
  9. How many times do we all hold on to something (idea, phrase, etc) that is not accurate or "up-to-date". Just the other day someone used the expression "Broad and Spacious" road leading to destruction. The scripture in Matthew describes the Gate and the Road, It is a broad "gate" and a spacious "road" in Matthew 7:13. The same is true of the following verse. Narrow describes the "gate" and cramped describes the "road".. I started my journey with Jehovah's people using the King James version of the Bible. For me it I remember the phrase as "Wide is the gate and broad the way". Similarly I readily recall the following verse as "Strait is the gate and narrow is the way"...the proverbial 'straight and narrow' expression. I try to update both my talks and my expressions (and thinking) for the benefit of the audience,
  10. Br. Ashley, it may just have been a typo but no state (of the 50 US states) are on the map at Level 2 (Yellow). Maryland and Connecticut are the only two at Level 3 (Orange). Everybody else is Level 4 (Res). The latest map is dated 10-13-21. A couple of Caribbean nations (under US Branch oversight) have Level 2 status. The US is a total hotspot. And our state of Ohio is one of the worst. Back on August 1st, Ohio was Level 2 (Yellow) and many (nearly 15) of our nearby states were still in Level 1 (Blue). What a change 60 days can make.
  11. We had bought the booms and they were on the property but we never had a chance to get them assembled before we closed down. Our LDC inspection last week had a "check box" about having the boom mikes. I showed the brother the booms and he said he would pass it but to be sure to get them installed before any meeting was approved.
  12. We have 3 or 4 threads on the new M1 Macintosh computers getting JW Library. That only affects a few. This subject affects us all. Maybe the moderators will try to merge some of them in the future.
  13. Obedience and submission. Our brothers are dealing with strong convictions. If an officer of the police say "put your hands behind your back"...we do this. If they handcuff us in this position we do this. If they abuse us because we are incapacitated we accept this. When America had the draft in the 1960-1970s...My Pioneer partner was called up. He tried to find exemptions and legal alternatives. they found him guilty and sent a Federal marshal and a State Trooper to arrest him. He was at work (grocery store) in the vegetable aisle dressed in his white apron. They marched in, showed the warrant to the manager and grabbed him. They bent him over the display, handcuffed him with hands behind his back and marched him out of the store with out his coat or belongings. He was legally a criminal on the "run" because he did not complete the required oath-taking ceremony. If that is what "freedom-loving" American officers do, can you imagine the attitude of those in more totalitarian regimes will attempt. Did my Pioneer partner resist or fight back? No, of course not. Did he feel hurt, afraid or certainly embarrassed? Absolutely. Was he found guilty? Yes he was. Sentence 2 years in a Federal High Security prison in the Midwest. Every where we acquiesce to official authorities (if we do not perceive a Biblical reason to refuse). We can use physical defense against criminal attack, muggings, robbery or assault. But when we are charged and the officers use force we can complain to lawyers or officials but it will not arise to a level of personal combat to try to gain freedom or better treatment. The 1991 Awake made these points. *** g91 7/8 pp. 12-13 Self-Defense—How Far Can a Christian Go? *** Also, God’s Word commands, ‘Beat your swords into plowshares’ and, “Seek peace and pursue it.” (Micah 4:3; 1 Peter 3:11) How can Christians seek protection in firearms and at the same time live in harmony with the Bible’s requirements? In any case, the attacker is likely to be quicker on the draw than the victim. Jesus rejected armed resistance. True, he instructed his apostles to carry two swords to the garden of Gethsemane, the place where he would be arrested. But why did he do this? Having weapons, yet not using them, powerfully demonstrated that Jesus’ followers should not resort to carnal weapons. It is noteworthy that having a weapon available, Peter impetuously used it. Jesus strongly rebuked him for this rash act with the words: “All those who take the sword will perish by the sword.”—Matthew 26:36, 47-56; Luke 22:36-38, 49-51. ‘That is all well and good for owning firearms,’ someone may say. ‘But what about learning the martial arts for self-defense, such as judo, karate, and kendo?’ Ask yourself, is not the object of this instruction to fight or hurt others? And is not such training really equivalent to arming oneself lethally? (1 Timothy 3:3) Even practice sessions have resulted in serious injuries and fatalities. Romans 12:17-19 offers wise advice in this regard: “Return evil for evil to no one. . . . If possible, as far as it depends upon you, be peaceable with all men. Do not avenge yourselves, beloved, but yield place to the wrath; for it is written: ‘Vengeance is mine; I will repay, says Jehovah.’” The Greek word Paul uses for “evil” (ka·kosʹ) could also mean “destructive, damaging.” Hence, Christians are to keep from all thought of vindictively damaging or harming another person. Rather than impetuously expressing his own wrath, a Christian fully trusts in God, who says of his people: “He that is touching you is touching my eyeball.” In harmony with this, God promises to ‘annihilate the wicked’ in due time.—Zechariah 2:8; Psalm 145:20.
  14. It won't be in our neighborhood. We have too many unvaccinated people in the area, we are in a "Red" zone risk level and brothers in our congregation are still getting Covid as of this week.
  15. Sr. Elizabeth, My Research gide does not need updating so it is difficult to show what it looks like. Br. William Chew has a good explanation in the "Computers" section of this site. Here is a link (and I added a screenshot of his explanation. https://jwtalk.net/topic/32973-updates-to-jw-library-ios-android-windows/page/170/?tab=comments#comment-845259
  16. Here is an example of a download failure due to an out-of-date OS. I just did this today.
  17. Makes us all feel a little sad for the users of the older (pre M!) macs...🤒
  18. In our "Computer" section there is a list of all of the operating systems and the version limitations that are now being applied. Everyone should make sure of their devices being able to keep up with the new releases in the future. Now is the time for upgrading. The instructions on JW.ORG says... "In order to keep JW Library secure and reliable, we cannot continue to support all older operating systems and devices. Occasionally, we need to raise the minimum requirements to run the app. Therefore, we recommend that you update your device to the latest version of its operating system. "
  19. As the GB Update said, the pandemic is not the worst thing to happen to humans and it won't the the last. Harder times are ahead. Just imaging (briefly) what Satan would like to do to you if God had not restrained him. Jehovah promises "life-saving acts" for our group, his servants as a whole but not necessarily for every individual in the group. But for the faithful, he does promise the opportunity to live in Paradise with the possibility of everlasting life. And the personal test on all of us...will we pray for those persecuting us and ask Jehovah to forgive them?
  20. The information is in JW.ORG under the "support" tab in each version of JW Library. I just put them together on one page.
  21. Several have mentions changes and limitations. these are the latest from JW.ORG
  22. Numbers were mentioned. The current count in the United States (everybody not just witnesses) is 721,000 deaths and about 45 million infected. If we just use those figures the death rate would be less than 2 percent. BUT it is still 3/4 million dead bodies. In the US these numbers include those who got sick before effective treatment was readily available. HOWEVER, if treatment had been available and taken with the current effectiveness, most of those 721,000 would probably still be alive. So various groups can downplay the numbers, but there are a lot of people who could have avoided getting hospitalized and dying if one of the prevention measures was taken. Not 100 percent but a very large number. That is why the GB allows in person meeting for US Bethelites with full vaccination. That is why the GB allows them to travel, that is why the GB allows them to return to work. The unvaccinated are not allowed to do so. Our LDC sent notice that only vaccinated members can work on-site. The list goes on. No one is telling any individual publisher what they have to do. But we can and will tell them what they can't do. Br. Shawn stressed the need to "obey Caesar" and we know the scriptures emphasize "Honor the King".. Research on "honor" includes being submissive. These are direct scriptural orders from God (not the GB). So if there is reason (medical or other) that prevents this action, so be it. But NONE of us should try to use a "religious" exemption because it is not against the policies of our religion nor is it against a Bible command or principle. Br. Shawn cautioned against taking a stand in opposition to government directives, encouragement or even mandates by our public comments. That is a scriptural concern. Please be careful.
  23. My Windows 10 JWL update worked fine during the meeting tonight and in my research later this eveining.
  24. We can tell how happy the Mac users are now. We have 3 active threads on this great news. Congratulations to those who waited patiently...💗

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