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  1. he probably was referring to the future event ('soon') when nations turn on God's people.
  2. what would it take to give more "teeth" to the UN? any speculations?
  3. well, I don't seem to have a 0.5 bro 😁 but still I would extend my love for him and invite him to Jah's one united family that's the best I believe I could do afterall…
  4. absolutely distressing... May God give peace to you all. Agape
  5. about 6 to 6.5 hrs max. on holidays, me my wife n our lil one would sleep almost till noon 😁
  6. Another one about to bite the dust... https://schiffgold.com/key-gold-news/after-a-decade-of-monetary-stimulus-germany-on-cusp-of-recession/
  7. only thing going up the coming recession is gold. gold is going to hit the ceiling or blow off the ceiling once stagflation sets in. the dollar still hasn't fallen yet because of its world's reserve currency status. but that's going to change pretty soon... I think this will culminate with gold going ballistic > worst economic misery (stagflation) > attack on the harlot, stripping her off her wealth (gold) > then we all know what awaits us after all this madness :)
  8. one more thing... in the 2008 recession the Fed came to the rescue by artificially low (0%) interest rates and printing cheap money (QE programme). that inflated this gigantic bubble. this time they're out of ammo. if the Fed raises interest rates its going to prick the bubble a lot faster whereas if the choose not to and lower interest rates back to 0% and start QE-4, then there is going to be hyper-inflation while the dollar tanks. countries like Venezuela, argentina, Zimbabwe have experienced such but its going to be much worse for the US.
  9. the US economy is most likely to enter a recession by Q2 of 2019, all except dow and s&p 500 are down >20% its just a matter of time when these follow... anything below 20% is deep in bear territory. the coming recession will make 2008 pale in comparison coz this time its not just a housing bubble, but in almost everywhere - auto, service, loans, stocks you name it. the air is already coming out and what are the odds that the longest bull rally is going to be proceeded by the shortest bear market?
  10. Me too I lost my dad when I needed him the most. I cry a lot sometimes.
  11. Please watch the documentary "A Plastic Ocean" (2016) by Craig Leeson. That shows just how much hard we need that 'Reset' button pressed
  12. My grandpa and grandma began as colporteurs in the 1930's and now both in their late 80's are wishing that this will be the last memorial they get to go. Grandpa always says he wants to see the start of the GT before he dies. I pray for his wish to be fulfilled every single day... Hope this system winds up soon.
  13. Remember this 'unification' of nations for the declaration of p&s is part of Satan's last effort to destroy God's people before Jah intervenes at Armageddon. Satan wants a unified "gog" that will be hell bent on his wicked agenda to do it...
  14. Wow what a great talk! Truly rings some bells for us. Btw this just came to my mind, so thought of sharing it here. I remember, long back during the Iraqi invasion of Kuwait, led by Saddam Hussein, an Arab reporter asked him (Saddam) what prompted him to invade Kuwait and his reply was that "allah" appeared to him in a dream and repeatedly told him to do so. Since we know that Satan has entrusted his demon princes to share with him in ruling the earth now just like back in Daniels time when the "prince of the royal realm of Persia"...stood in opposition to the angel commissioned by God, could it be that the p&s be initiated through a gathering of world leaders at the UN alongwith the relative bad guys like kim and rouhani and they make 'peace' with trump? If so then that would mark a great portent by Satan's princes, acting together for the final war, and deceiving the masses to believing that the elusive world peace is now a reality. Thats my 2 cents there... we can wait and see how things unfold...
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