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    Confused, so you don’t have to be.

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    S.E. England
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    Via my fleshly brother, who was studying. The Truth hit me like a slap in the face! Finally everything made sense.
    My wife, Emma, and I were baptised 21st Sep 1991 at the Surrey Assembly Hall. (We now both have CFS and listen to the meetings over the phone. Our ministry is 'the widow's mite' and we are grateful to Jehovah for his understanding.)

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    The Bible!
    The sciences. But they make my brain ache.
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    My favourite non-spiritual book is probably The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy. Though I haven't read it for decades.
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    Careful chosen guitar music.
    Kingdom songs!
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    The conclusion of the matter, everything having been heard, is: Fear the true God and keep his commandments, for this is the whole obligation of man. Ec 12:13

    So Peter was being kept in the prison, but the congregation was intensely praying to God for him. Acts 12:5

    “Don’t quote me.” - Me

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  1. I’m not sure how cumulative that 2GB update is. Last night I turned on my PC for the first time since about January and it downloaded the 2GB update. Then when I came back a little later it had downloaded another. I didn’t check the size. (Why are these files so big? Must be some reason that they can’t do delta updates.)
  2. For some reason a bunch of daffodils came with our groceries. #AccidentalRomantic #HappyAnniversaryForAugustDear
  3. Amusing parrot story, https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/av/uk-scotland-highlands-islands-47543898/meet-kara-the-parrot-who-enjoys-trekking-and-teasing-dogs
  4. No. And it’s not available as a PDF so an automated comparison is not possible, methinks. What have you spotted? 🙂
  5. I’m not sure if he is about to spring forward or fall back.
  6. BBC News: Russia laws ban 'disrespect' of government and 'fake news' http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-europe-47488267
  7. I think it’s funny that we’ve all been ‘watching the DVD screensaver to see it bounce exactly from the corner’ and then right at the last minute the number goes down. 😆
  8. A laptop here was stuck in a boot-loop purely because the battery was dead, even when plugged in. It sprung to life with a new battery. But it sounds more like a hard drive failure or something. You could try replacing the drive if you have another.
  9. Just had another wobble here. I guess 3.3, a bit stronger than before. i thought the new boiler was playing up again! edit:3.6 Further south this time.
  10. 320KB Some of my notes are things I learned here. So make up your own minds about quality. 😁 (Edit: I’m joking. They are all great or I wouldn’t have pinched them.)
  11. Something that our son said confused him for a while was from the reference Bible, 2Ch 34:14: “Now while they were bringing out the money that was being brought to the house of Jehovah, Hil·kiʹah the priest found the book of Jehovah’s law by the hand of Moses.“ He thought they had also found “the hand of Moses”!
  12. I assume Location Document Year. etc can be clicked to change the sort method?
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