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  1. The videos are coming exactly now I need them. We are looking for ways to expand more our ministry and I caught myself to be afraid about some issues. I praying a lot to Jehovah, continuously, to open the door. The reminders from the videos it could be a part of the answer.
  2. It's not necessary to download all the material that it will be available on JWL. In fact I think it's almost impossible. Even now I have downloaded only the necessary stuff for ministry and meetings. Otherwise the app is becoming too slow although if you have a device that accepts SD card and store there the datas. I have an external usb hard disc. It's capacity is 120GB and in there I have downloaded all the material of tv.jw. All the videos in their best analysis are taking about 70-80GB, at the moment.
  3. I'll make a scenario. My friend Kostas* in New World is rejected by Keren-happuch but he finds the true love in Bathsheba. Bathsheba is thinking but finally she says the big YES! She wants to share her life for trillions cosmic years with Kostas. But after their wedding, David and Uriah are ressurected. Two elders immediately are visiting Uriah before he touch the Bible and learn the whole truth. Elders are trying to help him but Uriah needs explainations from Bathsheba. And he's going to find her... The same time David wanted to meet his old love, that for her sake commited grievous sins. So they are all meeting in the same place..--- *Some names have changed
  4. I suppose yes but even though he's the kind of person that you can't realize if he's joking or not. Anyway I wished him good luck and if he rejected by Job's daughter he can search in many other beautiful ressurected women that they are mentioned in Bible like Esther, Abigail, Bathsheba, Tamar, etc etc (of course he will have to face possible reactions of ex-husbands).
  5. I have a friend that he told me that he remains single because in the New World wants to ask from Keren-happuch (Job 42:14,15) to marry him. That means to be insistent on your goals 😁
  6. "Dumb, Dumber, Dumbest and the Stupid" I cried 😂😂🤣
  7. So true! The matter is not just to give an encouragement but also if it's suitable for the moment. In Pr 25:11 says: Like apples of gold in silver carvings Is a word spoken at the right time. The article in w15 12/15 par. 7 comments: Our words may be just what our hearer truly needs, but unless we discern the best time to speak, their meaning could be lost. I can lllustrated in my mind like this: The encouragement is like a golden apple but I must learn how to offer it. I have the ability to throw the golden apple on the head of my brother, but I will hurt him! So if I gave an encouragement in a wrong way or a wrong time, yes, I will believe that I have encouraged him but in fact I would cause damage. In pioneer school we have been told to be very careful when our discussant starts saying "too much" about personal matters, etc. Maybe later he will regret about he didn't control himself and he revealed issues that the elders should know. Propably he will feel like a naked person in front of your eyes and he will close the door of your communication because he feels ashamed. In this case if he starts talking about sensitive issues, stop him and encourage him to talk in an elder. If he did so, again refuse to listen.
  8. Sorry, I'm not connected so often in the forum and now I saw this topic. As a native greek I agree with the sisters and brothers that replied to you. Mavros (male) or Mavri (female) is just the colour or the people that having dark skin. On the contrary, lefkos (male) or lefki (female) are the white colour and people with light skin. A small detail to this, there are two words in greek that describes the white colour: Aspros & lefkos (male). They have a very small difference each other and there is no importance to mention it. But the point is that there is no meaning of racism if you describe someone's colour by using this word. I can't find a reason why that brother that you mentioned in the 1st post, said such a thing.
  9. I've noticed that this is not the revision of NWT. It's the 1984 edition (bi12) of the greek scriptures. https://www.jw.org/tpi/pablikesen/baibel/
  10. Hello everyone and thanks for your interest. It's a tragedy, a kind of shock, something that we can't imagine. At the moment 81 persons have killed, 187 are injured and an undefined number of people are missing. Although some families of brothers abandoned their houses, it's good that nobody of them have lost their life.. at the moment. Thanks again and please add also those families in your prayers with those who are suffering now worldwide.
  11. Trump says 'big results will come' with Putin http://www.euronews.com/2018/07/17/trump-says-he-has-confidence-in-us-agencies-on-russia-misspoke-in-helsinki 🤔
  12. While I installed the JW Library app in a friend's cell phone, a message appeared that the Study Bible of NWT is now available but yet there is no greek study bible available for downloading. I trying to reinstalled the app in my tablet and the same msg appeared in greek. Does this mean that the study bible is really available in my language and soon it will be appeared in downloads tab or this msg appeared generally in every language?
  13. Sorry sorry, sorry... I made a general comment, not applying to you personally. It was a kind of joke that's why I used the smiling emoticon. Sorry it was a failed joke.
  14. Well, we will be able to improve it. Having perfect minds we can improve its range, passengers' capacity, make it absolutely silent, etc etc.. Of course if you insist on using horses and waggons I don't think you will receive a shepherding call by Abrahaam and Job in order to discipline you 😁 Anyway, in New World I'm dreaming that I'll cooperate with my brothers in new technology projects.
  15. I watched that video about a new flying vehicle. I thought how much friendly in environment could be that. No need for asphalt, no highways, no bridges upon bridges, no traffic, no pollution
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