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  1. Please friends accept my apologies. Have all a good day
  2. Guys, even I have never seen you face to face, I love you all very much. You are my family and if we disagree in 1 issue, I know that we agree in all the others. Again I insist on that it's not a matter of conscience. The FDS has written already clearly a lot about it. It's up to each of us if we want to follow or not. On my part I don't have to add anything else. It's like I am in a cinema with other brothers and some of them they are choosing to see an inappropriate movie. If my friends still insist on watching this film, I have to depart. I will feel uncomfortable, they will feel uncomfortable too. But this is what we have to do. Anyway, thanks again you tolerated me.
  3. John, did you remember the video with Sofia and Chaleb when Chaleb was playing with a toy that named "Sparlock"? Do you think that the meaning behind of that video was that the FDS says that this kind of entertainment is a matter of conscience? Guys, I'm talking to all of you that you say me directly or not that is not good to apply my conscience to others. I do not! You have the right to do anything you want. But if you saw someone to support or saying something that is wrong, would you let it pass by thinking that it's his problem and conscience? I apologize all those who I offended but I can't close my eyes.I believe that you would did the same to your friends.
  4. I said before that I don't want to judge any of you. I don't have this right. But I can't say that these kind of movies are just matter of conscience. Friends, we don't help others promoting these thoughts.
  5. John, maybe my bad english doesn't help. I gave a general example. If there was a movie about a person who used to rub a "magical" crystal sphere and talking with spirits, would you watched it? That's my question.
  6. I can help you: You can ask this brother if he watched the "walking by faith" movie that produced from our organization. If he's saying "yes" then you can ask him: "Why? It contains a lot of violence". But in the back of the DVD cover it says that this film does not promote the violence. However it's not the same with a film showing spiritualism like "Aladdin". In "Aladdin" it passes the meaning that spiritualism is something funny.
  7. Sorry, totally disagree. It's a scene film showing and promoting in a "nice" way spiritualism whatever you say. In this case, yes, I can't say it's a matter of conscience. Of course each of us we have the free will to choose our kind of entertainment. I personally, won't judge anyone. But saying that this is a matter of conscience.. No, I won't say this.
  8. I just referred in two general examples. Not in specific movies.Two scenes that could be seen in any movie.
  9. Still I can't believe that watching this movie is just a matter of conscience. It's definitely a movie not suitable for Christians. For example, there are two protagonists in two different films. The first one rubs the lamp and a spirit comes out willing to fulfill desires. In the second film the hero rubs a crystal sphere and a spirit comes out foretelling the future. Would we said that in the first situation we're watching a kind of fantasy and in the second an act of spiritualism? Aren't they the same thing? In this case, don't we deceive ourselves with false reasoning?
  10. That's the point! The prophecy in Is 2:2 doesn't mention about people from all the lands, but people from all the nations. Also in Somalia, the good news have been declared until 1990. The "1992 Yearbook" says a possible reason why there are no Jehovah's Witnesses in Somalia today: "Unfortunately, the economy and the security of the country deteriorated so much that many foreigners and even local people left the country. By the end of 1990, all the publishers were gone too. This may have been providential, since the 1991 civil war turned the country upside down, with random killings terrorizing Mogadishu". - yb92 p.164 Jehovah protected his people there!
  11. The destruction of Notre Dame has no relationship with the future destruction of Babylon the Great, but when I saw this picture: I recalled this one from the book "Pure Worship": Edit: I am not happy about the destruction of Notre Dame as I wouldn't be happy of the destruction of Acropolis, Haya Sofya and other buildings of the humanity heritage. Only Jehovah has the right to do so in his own time.
  12. The videos are coming exactly now I need them. We are looking for ways to expand more our ministry and I caught myself to be afraid about some issues. I praying a lot to Jehovah, continuously, to open the door. The reminders from the videos it could be a part of the answer.
  13. It's not necessary to download all the material that it will be available on JWL. In fact I think it's almost impossible. Even now I have downloaded only the necessary stuff for ministry and meetings. Otherwise the app is becoming too slow although if you have a device that accepts SD card and store there the datas. I have an external usb hard disc. It's capacity is 120GB and in there I have downloaded all the material of tv.jw. All the videos in their best analysis are taking about 70-80GB, at the moment.
  14. I'll make a scenario. My friend Kostas* in New World is rejected by Keren-happuch but he finds the true love in Bathsheba. Bathsheba is thinking but finally she says the big YES! She wants to share her life for trillions cosmic years with Kostas. But after their wedding, David and Uriah are ressurected. Two elders immediately are visiting Uriah before he touch the Bible and learn the whole truth. Elders are trying to help him but Uriah needs explainations from Bathsheba. And he's going to find her... The same time David wanted to meet his old love, that for her sake commited grievous sins. So they are all meeting in the same place..--- *Some names have changed
  15. I suppose yes but even though he's the kind of person that you can't realize if he's joking or not. Anyway I wished him good luck and if he rejected by Job's daughter he can search in many other beautiful ressurected women that they are mentioned in Bible like Esther, Abigail, Bathsheba, Tamar, etc etc (of course he will have to face possible reactions of ex-husbands).

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