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  1. Jehovah knows our anxieties and problems. He helps us to face the stressful life by providing us accounts in the Bible showing even though we face stressful situations, Jehovah will help us endure.
  2. We need to ask what sort of person we are and what changes we need to do to please Jehovah. We can’t possibly do it unless with Jehovah’s help. Before each study period, beg to Jehovah by means of prayer for his spirit.
  3. Married men needs to show love in his wife by putting her ahead of his own. Fathers are expected not to abuse their children. Instead, he wants to his children to feel safe and secure by his expression of love and approval towards them.
  4. We appreciate our brothers and sisters who stick with us during our trials.
  5. Jesus proclaimed liberty to the captives by freeing mankind from enslavement of sin. Jesus sends the crushed ones away free by providing spiritual enlightenment because we are enslaved by traditions and mistaken beliefs.
  6. We imitate Jesus love by putting other’s needs ahead of our own. We will show compassion for people in our territory, teaching them the good news of the Kingdom.
  7. Anointed ones receive holy spirit from Jehovah making their heavenly hope clear to them. When they doubt if they are one of the anointed, most likely they are not the chosen ones who will be made up of 144,000.
  8. Jesus had friends that he shared the truths about Jehovah and they live with it. Jesus encourages them by appreciating what they had done and naming them as his friends.
  9. Jesus gave his life by being obedient to Jehovah. He desires to defend his Father's way of ruling, the most important issue - the vindication of Jehovah's sovereignty.
  10. Jehovah guides the faithful and discreet slave from the start by the year of 1919 when it is first established. Since then, they never fail in providing spiritual food for all of us. They have people who helps them to provide abundant spiritual food at no cost. By means of Jehovah's holy spirit and the faithful and discreet slave, good news had spread out across the globe. So, the spiritual food that we receive in our meetings comes from Jehovah and the faithful and discreet slave.
  11. Our prayers are important in our relationship with Jehovah. We need to be in harmony with his will because our heartfelt prayers are like sweet-smelling incense to him.
  12. Jehovah lovingly free the slaves temporarily on the Jubilee. Those slaves may owe a lot of debt and they gave their possessions even theirselves. Jehovah lets them return to their homes or families something they may not be able or have a chance to experience.
  13. Deciding when to have a children is a personal decision of the married mates. Husbands will make sure to take care of his children and his wife even if it may be helping his wife in some demeaning tasks.
  14. We can be confident we will be successful in our spiritual battle including the wicked spirit with Jehovah's help. We need to do what Jehovah requires us, pray to him and use his word to see ourselves the way he sees us.

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