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  1. No not no name I still don't understand it I didn't started it just in aired tv
  2. I used to watch I think last year totally spies maybe you would like it I also discontinue because of some reasons also I used to watch daria many years ago but discontinued when daria fell in love. When I grow up there are anime series that are family oriented
  3. I don't watch attack on titan or any anime mentioned but maybe you would like a family oriented anime. I don't follow anime I'm sorry I didn't help out. I used to watch detective Conan but due to conscience related issues I didn't continue my hobby
  4. How to have a successful marriage the counsel for each marriage mate and why Jehovah make marriage for us to be happy but we need Jehovah's help :)
  5. I just searched and there's no such thing
  6. What if you don't have kidney stones? Can wine possibly melt the kidney? Avoid wine
  7. You can watch YouTube of those who visit Japan
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