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  1. Russia has systematically declared war on Jehovah’s Witnesses, including non-Orthodox minorities in general. While true that other minorities are targets, the police and the judiciary have been specifically harassing our Brothers for months on end - years - all over Russia. The fear is intensifying that all preaching work may be forbidden in Russia soon. It's understood prophetically they will be the targets at the very end, but here they seem to be a priority target above all others. Sickening! Our brothers seem the most resistant minorities in the country. As previously seen, they can rely on lawyers who defend their rights tooth and nail and certainly hope for a sensible outcome with Jehovah's help. Will banning preaching work make it easy for Moscow to crush all the other religious minorities whose defense means are much more limited? Wondering. DATE: 03-06-2019 - Russia Confiscates $30.4 Million Property From Jehovah’s Witnesses: https://www.worldreligionnews.com/religion-news/russia-confiscates-30-4-million-property-jehovahs-witnesses
  2. Justice Scalia often had a tendency to rule on issues from the bench by interpreting the Constitutional language based on the "original meaning" or rather he interpreted the Constitution's legal terms based on the time it was written - very cut and dry. He did not attempt to change the original legal terms of the Constitution unlike various other justices who claim the Constitutional terms had/have "evolved" and needed a new "interpretation." He was well-known, highly admired and respected by many for having stuck to the original interpretation when legislating. Other Justices suggested that the U.S. Constitution should be abolished and a new one implemented, such as the one used by Africa. Scalia found this appalling. Whether or not some might consider him conservative, neo-conservative, Libertarian . . . or whatever I don't think matters. He was well-respected not only for his approach to legislating but for also attempting to remove power from the hands of Justices . One of the things I remember him saying, and I do not recall which issue he had to rule on (perhaps it was the gay marriage debate), but stated that he didn't think that "nine non-lawyers" should have to rule on an issue he felt did not need to be legislated. He just did not believe the Justices should have that type of power.
  3. BRICS is planning on creating its/their own New Development Bank to rival World Bank. Things are heating up for sure. Here's an update on one of ISIS Jihadi John but how many Jihadi Johns are there? http://www.cnn.com/2015/11/13/middleeast/jihadi-john-airstrike-target/index.html
  4. Uh-oh! "A federal judge Thursday declared a Kentucky county clerk who opposes same-sex unions on religious grounds in contempt of court for defying his order and sent her to jail until she complies." http://www.wsj.com/articles/defiant-kentucky-clerk-to-appear-in-court-over-refusal-to-issue-same-sex-marriage-licenses-1441295805
  5. 08/05/2015 Update on MH370: https://gma.yahoo.com/mh370-part-found-reunion-island-missing-plane-175854267--abc-news-topstories.html
  6. The earlier comments by folks alleging Lubtiz was a recent Islamic convert claimed it was directly related to his six-month absence from pilot training and his Muslim girlfriend. But, those claims have not been substantiated. While various German websites are the ones asserting he was a recent convert, they aren't providing any credible sources and nothing has been made public (that I have read) to support those allegations. The Daily Mail reported that the investigators had made a significant discovery at Libitz's home but are refusing to reveal the details. Daily Mail also announced that investigators did not find a suicide note. Seems something more sinister is behind this personally motivated tragic event.
  7. Various persons are reporting/commenting on different news sources that co-pilot Andreas Gunter Lubitz was a recent convert to Islam and he "pledged to commit Jihad for Allah." These folks are also stating, among other things, that German authorities are well aware of these and more details about Lubitz's life but are not releasing this information to the public. I suspect that if this information is factual it will ultimately be released soon. This type malicious demonic act is beyond depression and suicide.
  8. I am reminded of this every time when researching specific subjects or topics on the Watchtower Library. I live for the next issue of the Watchtower and Awake. The Ezekiel, Daniel and Revelation books are just a few favorites. And how can we ever lose out when all the literature is free?! For those who have a true desire to want to know the truth, what an incredible gift . . . and in so many languages. Some folks even use the information for school projects. And, it's available to most everyone around the world, not just our brothers and sisters. No other organization in the world could EVER match the useful and literary content. Jehovah has blessed his organization in so many endless ways for the benefit of most everyone around the world and mostly everybody can benefit from the Society's incredible literature. What more can we ask for in terms of such valuable literary works?
  9. Sister Vernalee - Thank you so much for even taking the time daily to place the Daily Scriptures here. In this digital critically saturated world, it's easier for some of us to look at these Scriptural reminders at the click of a button. Always very encouraging. Much obliged.
  10. Last year high schools were showing a video to students in Science classes involving a debate between Creationist Ken Ham and Humanist scientist Bill Nye as to the age of the earth. Sadly, Humanist Nye won the debate with flying colors. A main reason scientists are put off by religious fundamentalists is that they think creationists are quite nutty with attempts to prove the earth is only 6,000 years old. The even sadder truth is the fact that students are adopting Nye's educational scientific, blended with common sense, reasoning about the age of the earth and giving more credence to humanism/atheism. These days more and more younger folks seem to think humanist/atheist scientists make better sense than those who actually believe there is a God. Satan works in many, and any, way(s) he can in this nutty, crazy, and robotic-thinking world.
  11. Perhaps that is the reason so many folks are now calling it NATO (North Atlantic Terrorist Organization).
  12. Luezette said: "I don't have a problem with today's text naturally just something . . . how is it that Eve had a problem with pride in the Garden after Satan spoke to her . . . ." ___________________________________________________ Good morning, Luezette! Your question is a fair one. ;-) Pride, similar to arrogance, connotes a "bad sense" and all disobedience has pride as its roots. Just some thoughts.
  13. Hello again, Jerry. Good thing I don't know some of those extremists. . . No, no please do not misunderstand. This discussin isn't about disliking the government for some of its necessary regulations. This is about the ridiculous nature of those scientific cow flatulent reports (which had me cracking up at first) and the attempt for govt. entities to tax based on those silly reports. ScienceDaily, among various other science magazines, published one of those reports. Nothing skewed about the discussions; they are factual. Time magazine also reported that based on those scientific reports even the UN proposed a global levy on livestock’s methane emissions in 2010. I'm pretty sure most of us understand that government regulations are necessary, but not when it’s making and finding extraordinary efforts to tax but I know you know that. But setting aside all that and back to the original post, one of the things we (my family and some members of our Kingdom Hall) do is send some family members and Brothers in Canton some pollution masks. We typically send them (especially to those less financially fortunate) a box or two from time-to-time containing industrial strength masks (the ones with the metal nose-bridge/with a value) which are more hardcore than the typical surgical masks. 3M makes some of the best masks. The better quality masks can be more costly there because of the demand, so they are always very appreciative when they receive them from us.
  14. Oh, I am oh so sure (and having not read the EPA article for which you refer) that the man-made pollution outweighs the percentage contributed by natural means by far, Jerry, but in reading some of these scientific articles/reports on cow flatulence they lead one to believe there is an urgency to curtail natural methane pollution - a bit sensationalized. At some point, it's all about money . . . Sadly enough and on another note, China isn't the only country that is a product of severe pollution so is India. My friends and family who live in China tell me they are used to it by now, but I certainly can't image ever getting used to that. Yes indeed, Jehovah's Kingdom cannot come soon enough.
  15. Good thing Beijing (or China in general) has agreed to curtail its pollution. Recently, China was given $millions worth in grants for pollution research to work on curtailing the country's severe pollution problem - a little too late though. Sad.
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