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  1. @jwhess we have same problem as you mentioned above (#11 comment) and we saw the same solution. Am so happy about the 'see more' button.
  2. @Qapla Thank you and all you others for keeping us in your prayers. I am ok. Windy and rainy here today. I am in Central LA, a few hours NW of @april in NO. and New Iberia - not too far from New Iberia actually. Had Ida moved a 'hair' West of Chauvin/Houma area we'd have been in the same shape as the others. My heart and prayers go to all in the affected area. Our disaster family here is already preparing/making plans to travel to SE LA. Our SO got a call yesterday and asked if he was available for disaster work and of course he/wife are. They are ready and will leave as soon as the brothers are ready for them. Jehovah takes care of his loyal ones. Please keep all of them in your thoughts and prayers. There is a search mission, I guess that is the correct word to use, taking place and areas that the recue units have not been able to enter - actually approximately 40 people stayed in Grand Isle, south of N.O., and there has been no contact due to the high water, no cell phone service, etc. Governor Edwards just announced he will have the Federal Government use whatever drone effort they have to survey Grand Isle and other areas they are just covered in many feet of water. My granddaughter and greats are here from the Baton Rouge area. They can't even get back to their home. There is no gasoline available; no electricity, even if there was gas. Governor said they plan to 'truck in' gas from other areas. Hospitals and all are using generators but they will soon run out of gas as well. Some SE LA hospitals were able to fly out a few ICU patients. Hospital roofs have been blown off . This is amid all the Covid patients. People in my state have not been compliant with the vaccine much less social distancing. People will NOT heed the warnings. Reminds me of the WT lesson Sunday before last. Last night a news reporter was reporting from Bourbon/Canal Street in New Orleans during the storm and a car drives past him! People do what they want to do. Such a shame. So, keep your go bags ready. Yes, we have survived many hurricanes but you never know how it will turn out. Who knew Ida would set/sit on top of the towns of Galliano, Chauvin and Houma and Laplace for literally hours with more than 100 mile/hr winds!! Ida was a Cat 4 for six (6) hours! It may be classified as a Cat 5 after investigation. So, let's keep everyone in our prayers, be patient with one another and continue to show love to our brothers and sisters.
  3. Sister, I am so sorry to read this. It is truly heart breaking. You all will be in my prayers. Very soon this will all be over and we will see our loved ones happy and healthy. I know Jehovah will give you the strength you need in this time of distress. We love you. Sr DeborahG
  4. bane band: (one of many definitions: a restraint put around something to hold it together. )
  5. mace mane: a growth of hair covering the scalp of a human; or long coarse hair growing from the crest of the animal's neck
  6. wale male......... what can I say? LOL, just teasing. adj 1: being the sex (of plant or animal) that produces gametes (spermatozoa) that perform the fertilizing function in generation;
  7. gawk hawk.....a bird of prey (this is only one definition)

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