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  1. So now we are waiting this ? ''But reports out of the east* and out of the north will disturb him''
  2. I dont think he will sit there 6 years. If destruction of religion will start before that, he might be released because then everyone thinks victory over religion has been achieved anyway. Lets wait and see.
  3. Oh it's not full annual meeting if I'm not mistaken, part 2 will come next month then?
  4. I hope it really is annual meeting that will come in monday
  5. I meant, if they now fight over chocolate, which is very small thing, GT will be disaster for them because it brings much bigger problems.
  6. I wonder what happens when GT starts, if they now fight over chocolate.
  7. How do we know its not the mushroom and the chemicals in it messing or helping the brain instead of demons?
  8. Do jws in africa must pay bride price? Or is it something worldly people do there?
  9. Anyone know how much donations there is yearly world wide? Any estimates?
  10. Our new magazine is "is the world out of controll". I hope next one is "are priests getting out of controll".
  11. I hope this all happened because she maybe have mental problems, and not because of bad state of heart. Paradise is not only for healthy people. It's also for those are have gone totally ''crazy'' due to mental health problems. But what ever is the case, this is bad reputation for jws. Sorry to hear this happen.
  12. But if Satan would know, or see beforehand when people are going to say peace and security, then he would have some sort of idea when GT will start. Question is, can he see it? He might have better understanding then us about things that will lead to it. But who knows.
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