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  1. Yesterday I had mandatory training on LGBT diversity. All federal employees are receiving training on the subject. The main idea is that we should never assume sexual orientation. Then I thought : it always can get worse! Until when my dear God?

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    2. Luezette
    3. JudyO


      I just read where Disney has been asked to give Elsa (the character on Frozen) a girlfriend ( in the sequel--Frozen 2).


      I always think of Lot's day--we're pretty close, don't you think?

    4. rbrown1205


      I have had training (barely) on what to do when a student starts a fight in class.  The training was to get between the children and separate them.  I can't do that, sorry.


      Training to make a person more empathetic towards the members of the LGBT communities that one encounters in work could be considered to be an extension of our Christian training to treat all people well and fairly - "work what is good toward all".  It doesn't mean that we have to approve of their lifestyle, but if a cashier sees that a male obviously gay couple is buying condoms,  the cashier will treat them politely and ring them up.   She would do the same for heterosexual couples who are not married.


      It is that well-worded article in the Watchtower about Conscience in the Workplace again. It stated something about when we find that our work shows a dramatic increase in the time that we spend at work on people or practices that we conscientiously cannot agree with or support, that would be the time to find other work.  Like when a store becomes almost exclusively about selling guns or if most of a restaurant's clientele are LGBT. 


      We will probably get an update on that article soon.

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